2020-21 Russian Men's figure skating


Record Breaker
Dec 28, 2005
International figure skating competitions may not take place this year. Russia is preparing for the Cup and the national championship

As two sources familiar with the situation told SE, it is highly probable that the ISU will not be able to hold a single international competition until the end of the year. The main obstacle is not even the coronavirus pandemic, but the legal norms that states have introduced to curb the spread of infection.

ISU is making efforts to find countries that are ready to accept competitions with open borders, but there is no certainty that all athletes will be able to come to them and return to their places. The Russian Figure Skating Federation has already notified Russian athletes that with a high degree of probability the 2020/21 season will consist of the stages of the Russian Cup and the Russian Championship. Control rentals and special “challengers” will also be held, but the season will be at least until the end of the year domestic. Sources estimate the likelihood of such an outcome at 80-90 percent.


Senior Team: Dmitry Aliev, Petr Gumennik, Artur Danielian, Makar Ignatov, Andrey Mozalev, Alexander Samarin.
Reserve: Mikhail Kolyada, Roman Savosin, Anton Shulepov.

Junior team: Kovalev, Lutfullin, Samsonov, Yablokov, Semenenko
Reserve: Kutovoi, K. Sarnovsky, Kunitsa

Boys team (novice): Belyavsky, Knyazev, Kondratiuk, Lukin, Fedotov, Vetlugin
Reserve: Kolesnikov, Lazarev

Basic principles for the admission of athletes to participate in the basic All-Russian competitions of the season 2020-2021, including Russian championship and championship 2021.

Due to continuing restrictions in the context of conservation risks of the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, cancellation of ISU the vast majority of international competitions, including junior Grand Prix series, and a fundamental change in format the stages of the adult Grand Prix, as well as in connection with a number of strict regulatory restrictions when conducting all-Russian competition, the Executive Committee of the FFKKR made the following decision, aimed at maintaining the conditions for the implementation of full competitive activity by leading adult and junior national teams of the country and their preparation for the main international starts - European, World Championships and Olympic Winter games.

For this purpose, the following basic principles have been developed and criteria defining and regulating the procedure and requirements admission of athletes to participate in the main all-Russian competitions the current season, including the Russian championship and championship in 2021.1.

1. Principles and criteria for admitting athletes to participate in the championship Russia 2021 (Chelyabinsk, December 23-27, 2020).
Only those will be allowed to participate in the Russian Championship 2021 athletes who took part in two (2) stages of the Russian Cup 2020 under the MS program, based on the amount of points scored on these stages (current table of scoring for places in stages Cup of Russia - Appendix 4 Regulations).
Note: Participation in the Russian Championship may also include athletes of junior composition of candidates for the national team are admitted team of Russia who have reached the age of 14 on July 1, 2020, who 2 participation in two stages of the Russian Cup this year under the MS program and who have collected the required amount of points based on the results of these stages.

2. Principles and criteria for admitting athletes to participate in the championship Russia 2021 (Krasnoyarsk, February 01-05, 2021)
Only those who are eligible to participate in the Russian Championship 2021 athletes who took part in two (2) stages of the Russian Cup 2020 for the CCM program, based on the amount of points scored on these stages (the current table of scoring for places in the stages Cup of Russia - Appendix 4 Regulations).
Note: To participate in the Championship of Russia without additional selection Juniors who have scored points in stages can be admitted Russian Cup 2020 the right to participate in the Russian Championship 2021 this juniors can participate in the stages of the Russian Cup only in one categories - either for the CCM program, or for the MS program.

3. Basic principles of distribution of candidates to the national team countries of the main squad for participation in the stages of the Russian Cup in 2020
Due to the complete cancellation in the season 2020-2021. junior Grand Prix series ISU and a fundamental change in the format of the adult series Grand Prix, it is planned that 5 stages of the Russian Cup - Rostelecom 2020 should take over the function of preseason international tournaments, which were the main control competitions for candidates in national teams of the country.

1. To carry out the distribution of athletes-candidates for the national team the Russian team to participate in the stages of the Russian Cup in accordance with existing principles and regulations of the ISU for the distribution participants at the stages of the Grand Prix.
2. As a basis for the distribution of athletes by stages of the Russian Cup accept the results of the 2020 Russian Championship in Krasnoyarsk.
3.Considering the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, introduce the following restrictions at the stages of the Russian Cup in 2020 by the number eligible athletes:
- in competitions among adults according to the MS program - up to 8 sports couples, 12 men, 12 women and 10 dance duets;
- in junior competitions on the CCM program - up to 18 boys and 18 girls in single skating, up to 8 sports pairs and up to 15 dance duets.
4. Distribution of athletes-members of the main and reserve teams national team of the country to participate in the stages of the Russian Cup is determined by the Bureau of the Executive Committee of the FFKKR on the proposal of the main coach of the national team, taking into account the opinions of personal coaches and the leadership of the All-Russian Coaching Council.

• In connection with the complete cancellation of the ISU Junior Grand Prix series for participation in stages of the Russian Cup among adults, juniors may be admitted, who have reached the age of 14 as of July 1, 2020
• To participate in the stages of the Russian Cup among juniors for members of the main the junior team does not require selection for regional competitions.

Source (pdf): https://www.fsrussia.ru/files/docs/selection_principles_2020.pdf



Record Breaker
Dec 28, 2005
Kirill Davydenko: “We work as needed, without afterburner”
June 16, 2020

Two weeks ago, Russian skaters resumed training at the Olympic base near Moscow in Novogorsk. A little later, other athletes began to work in Kislovodsk and Sochi.

About how the preparations for the season, its features, work on new programs, his student - the world champion among juniors Andrei Mozalev, the essence of the coaching profession in an interview with Olga Yermolina for the FFKKR website were told by coach Kirill DAVYDENKO.

“During the quarantine everyone yearned for ice”

- Kirill Anatolyevich, how did you perceive the news about the resumption of training at sports bases?

- Of course, they were waiting for this. During quarantine everyone yearned for ice. It is clear that all these months we were engaged in general physical and special training, but all the same, ice will not replace anything. I was warned in advance in our federation about the collection in Novogorsk if the ice rinks were not opened in St. Petersburg. The day before, the deputy director general of the FFKKR Galina Petrovna Golubkova called, said: “Get ready,” and our dreams came true.

- Since the quarantine has not yet been completely lifted, have you decided to get from St. Petersburg by car?

- Yes, in order to avoid unnecessary contacts, the situation with the coronavirus is still preserved. We went to train, did not want to be disappointed, to expose ourselves to unjustified risk. And it’s more convenient by car. And so, get to the airport, wait for boarding, fly to Moscow, from Sheremetyevo to the base. Although Novogorsk is located near the airport, but you never know what moments may arise. And then they opened a high-speed road - quickly, conveniently, without traffic jams, bypassing settlements. You go and go.

- Arrived at the base and what's next?

- At the entrance we were immediately given disinfectors, masks, gloves. Settled in separate rooms, warned that while you can not go. The next morning they took the tests, for some time they all waited for the results, sat by the numbers, it was possible to go out to the balcony at most. But the weather was not very, so it’s okay - we rested, lay down. The food was brought directly to the room, in bags. We knocked, we took. Everything was well organized.

We sat a couple of days, dreaming about life ... I spent this time with benefit, painted a work plan, thought out what we would do, what exercises, what tasks were of primary importance. Still, two months without ice is quite a long time, we have never encountered this. Although they were engaged in general physical and special training with the guys on self-isolation, there had never been such a long gap in ice work, so we had to weigh everything up pretty well, what's what.

- When did you go out on the ice?

- As the results of the analyzes came, thank God, they were negative for the whole team, were able to go on the ice. During this time, an ice schedule was compiled. Everything is clear, in groups.

Of course, two days to sit in the room was unusual. During quarantine, I tried to walk a lot in the absence of the usual workouts, so it was hard to move without movement, although I did push-ups and the press shook. And as they allowed me to go outside, I began to wind up the mileage. In Novogorsk every 10-15 km I pass through the territory of the base. I walk along the largest perimeter. Everything is green, trees, country air. Buzz, breathing.

You can’t leave the territory of the base, it’s understandable, you yourself know the situation with the virus. But the base is big. There is where to take a walk.

- Have you already earned a swimming pool, a sauna, physiological rooms?

- The health complex with a sauna and a swimming pool is slowly starting to open. Everything is on schedule. Not so much that they came in a crowd and the whole "party" swims and soars. Everything is clear. But it always has been.

In the dining room we made a schedule for ice training groups so that there were no crowds. Enough space for everyone. The food is delicious.

“Draft versions of both programs are ready.”

- How is your training day being built now?

- The first ice training starts at 10.40 - 11 hours, depending on the day. The second at 16.40 - 17. Two ice for an hour and a half daily, with a convenient interval between workouts. The schedule is perfect: we don't start early, we finish late. During the break you can eat, relax, lie down, take a nap ...

Three times a week, Andrei continues to choreography with our choreographer Igor Alexandrovich Koscheev online. Plus jogging, minicross, hitch after training ... Everything is in standard mode. The conditions are super, I can’t say anything.

- How many athletes are on ice?

- We have four loners on ice. Plus trainers, choreographers. Our assistant Denis Lunin is with us in Novogorsk. He put the program. In addition, Denis works not only with Andrey, but also with two pairs of Vasily Velikov, who also came to the camp.

- During quarantine, a lot was said about the difficulties that the skaters will encounter when resuming ice training. Have you felt this in practice?

- I did not see any mega-difficulties, probably because Andrey is technically prepared at a fairly decent level. When there is a good technical base, it is easier to enter the training process, even after such a break. And then all this time we were studying with the guys, and not so much that they were lying on the couch and running once a week in the forest. Not. All were engaged. Obviously, these are not the loads when the athlete has both physical and physical fitness and ice, but in any case is better than nothing. By the beginning of the collection Andrei was normally physically ready.

As they entered the ice, skates began to roll out. Most often, Andrei and I start a new season with new skates. As they rolled it out, gradually switched to lead-up exercises, took individual jumps, and engaged in staging programs. It is good that Denis Lunin was invited to the training camp, this made the task easier for the guys.

We managed to make a short program before quarantine. Of course, it wasn’t rolled in yet, there was a lot of work to be done regarding choreography, but a fairly reliable framework was ready. For an arbitrary program, we had only a musical idea, and Denis's presence at the training camp accelerated the production work. He helps a lot with gliding, and indeed, teamwork is always more fruitful, because everyone is contributing.

Now we can already say, arbitrary set in draft. There is a layout, but you need to watch with jumps, because when you roll the program with jumps, the timing is slightly shifted, respectively, somewhere you need to move the music a little to get accents. Plus there is a lot of work with hands. Denis did his job. When we return to Peter, our choreographer will bring everything to mind.

- In other words, both programs are in draft form made?

-- Yes. We haven’t jumped yet, because we only collect individual jumps. When I saw that Andrei didn’t throw left and right, didn’t talk, he was “in the subject”, then they began to slowly enter the jumps. I always adhere to the principle: the end justifies the means. All the same, during the break, whatever one may say, ice sensations in percentage terms were lost, respectively, and coordination points. So we work as needed, without afterburner.

"Andrei is not one of those who will" hang out "and" show off "

- In the upcoming season, Andrei goes to an adult level, what do you want to see his new programs?

- The free program will be quite characteristic, and I would like him to reveal the image that we planned with the choreographer and director. More precisely, Andrei transmitted music and his image without a libretto. I want to see stable skating, clean jumps, because we’ll get complicated anyway. The guy is growing up. Consciousness and degree of responsibility are changing, because Andrei is moving into adult sports. This is new for him, and I want him to show his worth and show himself in adults as much as possible. But everything will depend on how he begins to work. I will not reveal a secret if I say: it all depends on labor, on work.

- Have you noticed any changes in your student after his victory at the Junior World Championships in Tallinn?

- No euphoria, no crown. On the contrary, I have often heard sensible words from Andrei that we need to work even harder. And these are not hackneyed phrases. Seen, speaks from the heart, consciously. Andrei is not one of those who will “hang out” and “show off”. I really like that about him. Now the main thing is that the words do not diverge from the deed, and time will tell everything.

- In Tallinn, in an interview with Tatyana Flade, Andrei told the story of his older sister Lisa, who also engaged in figure skating, first solo, then switched to synchronized. After her team took 1st place in the national championship, the new coach scored new athletes, and the girl was forced to finish. Andrei recalled how his sister was worried, and it seemed to me that this story influenced his attitude to figure skating, he values ​​his business very much.

- Andrei is laconic, somewhere even silent, but sometimes he will say one or two phrases in which the depth of thought is read. He will not throw words to the wind, say: I love you, you are all so wonderful, very, very, and put a bunch of emoticons and hearts. If you look at his instagram, everything is quite restrained there. Andrew will not be fully open to everyone, and I'm trying to read between the lines. After all, even his nodding has a huge gamut of shades. And since I know Andrei for many years, by nods I understand what he wanted to say. I even understand by gestures.

- Describe the student in three words.

- Talented, but talent is a multifaceted concept. This is hard work and determination. There is an expression: “a talented body,” but if this quality is not covered by mental abilities, then, unfortunately, you will not go far. Talent is also intelligence.

I would not call Andrey super-readable, but he has a good head. You know, I would compare this with fertile soil, in which you can sow grains and be sure that they will definitely grow ...

What are two more qualities ... Andrei is strong in spirit, with a core, character. And for all his laconicism, he is a very deep man. You just need to know him.

“The teacher who’s like a milestone is bad, stands still and only indicates "

- And with what sensations you as a trainer started training, there were fears, what if something goes wrong?

- No, there were no fears. I always believe that everything will work out. I just wondered where to start, so as not to rush into the pool with my head, so as not to turn out like in a saying: torn, torn and overstrained. Andrei and I discussed everything in advance, about the pitfalls that might initially arise, and with full understanding rolled out onto the ice and set to work.

So in this regard, I was calm. Although I won’t hide it, personally, my first sensations were wow, here it is ice, I can not see it on TV, not on Instagram, but touch it.

-- In fact?

-- Sure. This is my life, the meaning of life. I always say, in my life is the main thing. Daughter Masha - this is not even discussed, it is sacred. And the work. Ice is my life, my workplace, which I love, which I treasure.

Perhaps the measure of how much a person loves his job is how quickly he starts to miss him. Here you go on vacation, wait for this moment, get tired, it can be a difficult season, I want to disconnect. But quite a bit of time passes, and it would seem that the sea, everything is cool, you relax, sunbathe, but after a couple of days you start to think up techniques, poke around ... You catch yourself on this, think: Ale, where it takes you, brakes, 10 days will pass and it will all begin. But no way. He doesn’t let go ... Perhaps this is fanaticism and devotion to the profession.

- Your dad Anatoly Nikitovich Davydenko was also a coach, trained many skaters, among them Alexander Zaitsev, Galina Kashina, Andrey Suraikin, Igor Dolgushin, others ...

- Yes, dad was a well-deserved trainer of Russia. Unfortunately, he died 9 years ago.

- It turns out that you grew up in a sports family. How would they formulate: what is the essence of the coaching profession?

- This question is complex and multifaceted. To begin with, as I said, you need to be committed to the cause, to love figure skating or another sport that you do. You need to have a good knowledge base, and most importantly, be able to transfer this knowledge to students.

I read somewhere that a person becomes a good teacher when serious scientific things are able to explain even to a small child. Of course, when you work with adult skaters, then in some technical aspects related to biomechanics, the laws of biomechanics, the temptation to go into scientific terminology is great. Now I’d explain everything in terms, all the more I have a technical education, but you’re trying to translate it into an understandable language, so that adults, and even more so children starting from scratch, will learn, enlighten. The ability to convey your knowledge to the student, the desire to teach, the desire for the athlete to become better, and you grew up with him, this is probably the essence of the coaching profession.

But no matter how you love your work, no matter how you strive to convey your knowledge, if this knowledge is not enough, then your love is worthless. Therefore, first of all, we must strive to master the fundamental knowledge in our subject and have a desire to convey our pedagogical experience, wisdom to students. We work with people, go through them through different ages, difficult periods, take at least adolescents, when it is difficult for a child sometimes even with himself.

And in our profession there is a creative component. I mean, you need to find your key to each athlete, and we select this code, the password for each individually, within the framework of basic things, we look for nuances. This is creativity. This is painstaking work, "picking" in all the details, reaching the truth. And if it’s normal for one of the trainers to let the students out on the ice, ask them to roll out, jump, rotate, bow and leave, then I think this is unprofessional. It seems to me that such people are either very tired of their work, or do not strive to be professionals. I don’t remember who said: the teacher, who is like a milestone, is standing still and only points.

Probably, the basis of our profession is love and dedication, deep knowledge, which, of course, has been acquired over the years, and not in the way that you came and you immediately know everything. In any case, a person is improved by experience, so I do not really understand the phrase that, for example, a doctor or a trainer must be born.

- Probably because you have to come to this profession?

-- I agree. Definitely. It must be an informed choice.

"Preparation has begun, the load has gone."

- You have been in Novogorsk for two weeks now. It’s clear, training, work. Is there free time left, and how do athletes spend it?

- Preparation has begun, the load has gone. Children decently get tired, give all the best on trainings. What do you do in your free time? You see, Andrei is 17 years old, and I don’t want to put him in an awkward position, if I ask every minute what are you doing? He took textbooks, literature with him, I want to believe, he is engaged. He probably sits on the phone, communicates with someone. This is normal, modern youth.

In general, the conditions in Novogorsk are excellent, and I am grateful to our federation for organizing and making such a gathering. Food, accommodation, ice ... Just work.

- Do you have any plans for the future?

- While we are in Novogorsk. Then back to Peter. I hope that by this time we’ll open the rink. Plans to go to Sochi to gather. But while it’s difficult to guess, we’ll see how events develop.

-- Thanks and good luck.




Record Breaker
Dec 28, 2005
Svetlana Sokolovskaya: “The gathering in Kislovodsk was planned for a long time, even before the whole story of the pandemic”
June 18, 2020

Russian skaters have begun preparations for the season and are training at sports bases and ice rinks. Svetlana SOKOLOVSKAYA, trainer of the silver medalist of the European Championship in Minsk Alexander Samarin, told how the work is going on at the base in Kislovodsk.

- This is not the first time you have come to a training camp in Kislovodsk. Why do you prefer to prepare at the Yug-Sport base?

- In Kislovodsk, we are collecting for the second year in a row, as soon as the rink opened there. Prior to this, Sasha was here at the training camp for the OFP. Why Kislovodsk? Because in Russia there are no more such bases. To the midlands, and all the conditions, ice, which is important. We have a winter sport and in the offseason, of course, I want to go where it is warm. Better at sea or in the mountains. Last year, we really liked the gathering here, so we again chose the mountains.

- Base "South-Sport" is located at an altitude of 1240 meters. Does it matter and does it affect training in some way?

- For several years in a row we went to the training camp abroad, where it was the same height, so it’s usual for us. Of course, the midlands provide stamina. And then the main purpose of such fees is recovery after holidays, a break in training. You come to roll in, recover, put yourself in order. There are no competitive loads, there is a gradual work.

The base in Kislovodsk is in a quiet comfortable place. Clean mountain air, another, which is very important now in connection with the coronavirus. Everyone knows that this disease affects the lungs, there are breathing problems ... But, in general, we planned a gathering in Kislovodsk a long time ago, even before this whole pandemic story.

- Base "South-Sport" has been reconstructed. There is a skating rink, a stadium, what else?

- The stadium is beautiful. Good rooms - gym, choreography, volleyball ... Pool, bath, sauna. Medical support is fully provided. Massage, various baths, physiotherapy ... Everything is at a high level. The halls are open around the clock, but this does not mean that they are engaged in the whole crowd. Everything is clear, done according to the schedule of specific groups. After training, disinfection is immediately carried out.

We do choreography in the hall, but we try to spend more time in the stadium, because so much time everyone was sitting at home. In connection with a pandemic, just being in the fresh air is perceived as a return to normal. Well, then the change of climate, environment also plays a big role in the restoration.

- What are the restrictive measures at the base?

- Of course, there are restrictions, but they are aimed at maintaining the health of athletes and everyone who is with us at the base. For example, there are so-called red zones where you should not go. The corridors of the exit from the hotel to the street, to the stadium and so on are outlined in red.

There is a limited number of employees at the base — an administrator who solves all organizational matters, people who clean rooms, medical staff, a cook, two or three waiters ... Everyone lives at the base, they don’t go home. We also cannot leave the territory of the base in order to avoid unnecessary contacts.

- How did you get to Kislovodsk?

-- By plane. We sat down, flew in. We were met at the airport, brought to the base. Everything is clear, to the porch. The only negative (but this is rather a question for city organizations) is the condition of the road from Kislovodsk to the base. I wouldn’t risk riding my own transport, because you can stay without a car. Last year, they promised to repair the road, but, apparently, the pandemic situation prevented.

“Why have you been quarantined at the base for so long - a week?”

- Because they used the plane. Those who arrived by car took less time. And after the plane there is a long quarantine, there is a danger of picking up something on the road.

“What did these seven days do?”

- Recovering. Naturally, tested for the virus. A huge plus that the rooms have large balconies. And the rooms themselves are quite spacious. So one could breathe air, admire the mountains, engage in physical fitness ...

By the way, it’s very good that, rising to a height, we did not immediately “plow”, but breathed, acclimatized, did something — the week passed quickly.

- What is the training schedule?

- We were lucky, three teams arrived - groups of Evgeny Rukavitsyn, Plushenko and I with the guys. With Rukavitsyn we work on the same ice. It’s more convenient for us. We have one fitness trainer, massage therapist. This is not the first time we are conducting a joint gathering, everything is worked out. With Zhenya Plushenko practically do not intersect. They have their own schedule. We do not interfere with each other.

There is enough ice, because while we are alone. But soon short-trackers will arrive, we will “condense”. But the amount of ice will not change.

First, we conducted two workouts a day for an hour and a half, we plan for two hours. We start at 10 am, a break and a second ice at 16 o’clock. The quality of ice suits completely. Nothing to complain about.

- How was the first training? Was it hard to start?

- Personally, I have no excitement or, as they say, there was no shock. For various reasons, Sasha did not start preparing for the previous seasons on time. It was injuries, then sores, and it turned out that we finished in April, and went on the ice a couple of months later, in July. Now, of course, the situation is different, but about the same we did not ride.

Well, when we met with the guys at the base, they pulled on masks, and so much joy, as if they had not seen each other for a hundred years! Yes, that day Dima Aliyev had a birthday. Congratulations, talked ...

When after a week of quarantine the guys went on the ice, we decided to give them the opportunity to “throw out emotions”. Dima got wound up, jumped quadruple, a “chain reaction” started. But Zhenya Rukavitsyn and I immediately slowed down: we tried, we were convinced that they could, and then quiet work.

- What about the programs of Sasha?

- There is a skeleton, there is music. The program is put by Nikita Mikhailov. When we return to Moscow, we will work. We changed the music of the free program at the end of last season. The music will remain, the program will be redone. The choreographers Vitaly Butikov and Valentin Molotov are with us at the training camp; they are engaged in gliding with the guys, working on ice; Olga Glinka and dance coach Mikhail Kruglikov in the hall with choreography.

- Changes in the cost of jumps that the ISU recently adopted will affect the content of your programs?

- We will watch during the season. But, to be honest, I’m sorry that the cost of jumping was equalized. It’s clear that we will adapt to any rules, but you can kill me, shoot me, fire me, do what you want, but for me, Lutz is Lutz, flip is Flip, and Rietberger is Rietberger, Salchow, sheepskin coat ... All these jumps are super complicated. Each in its own way. And no matter what they say, the audience is attracted by complexity, this adrenaline, excitement, intrigue, and when a man jumps fours and shows powerful skating - what could be more interesting? If people want to watch just beautiful skating, there is a show for this.

- In other words, during the season, decide whether to take risks or not?

- Sasha and I have always been at risk. We have often been criticized for this. After all, the four Lutz, who jumps Samarin, are other guys, and girls! - this is a huge work. But now, with all these changes, I think athletes will think a hundred times, why take risks? Now, for example, with Mark Kondratyuk, we took up salchow, sheepskin coat and rittberger, because these fours are easier to learn, but the cost is plus or minus the same.

- I watched the interviews of our and foreign coaches, they do not see the logic: the rhythm dance was left from last season due to a pandemic, and the cost of jumps was changed, and in the middle of the cycle.

- This is what we are talking about. Of course, this creates certain difficulties in preparing for the season.

- What mood are the guys preparing for? You have got a good men's company.

- Yes, and I'm glad that we got a team of four guys: Samarin, Kondratyuk - mine and Aliyev and Ignatov - Zhenya Rukavitsyna. In training, they charge each other, they do not lose their excitement, even when engaged in sliding, steps, spins, and at the training camp we pay a lot of attention to this.

- I have known Sasha Samarin for a long time, he is a very decent guy. What is his deed worth when, after the European Championship in Minsk, he presented you with his small medal as a sign of respect.

- Let's not talk about it.

- Why? Every day we have a lot of empty news, and we are embarrassed to talk about good examples. You have been working together for several seasons, what has changed in your relationship with the student?

“We no longer need words.” We understand each other from a glance. Yes, many things need to be worked on. And Sasha - the damsel is not red, to please everyone in a row. Someone may like him, not like him, but as a coach I believe in him. I see him in the morning. He never, never once gave me a reason to doubt him. Whatever happens. A bad start, a bad mood, but never mind, he always gives all the best, as much as he can at the moment.

But most importantly, recently we began to talk. Not me with him - he is with me. You know, Sasha. He is laconic, even somewhere silent. And now it’s being revealed. And a good example of his birthday, which we recently celebrated at the base.

They handed the cake, congratulated, and Sasha got up and started talking. Quiet, calm, monotonous, as always. But he said the very right things. In truth, from the heart. He said that the tear broke ... Everyone somehow fell silent, and he said what he had been accumulating for a long time ... And I think this is a huge step forward in our relations.

- Did you give a lot of gifts?

-- Lot. Different. Sasha was very happy.

- Thank you, success.


PS After the interview was released, it became known that the International Skating Union (ISU) suspended the entry into force of amendments in May regarding the cost of jumps. “Given the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus and the slow opening of skating rinks and the resumption of training, as well as based on feedback from ISU members, the council decided to suspend the previous amendments to the rules with immediate effect. The rules of the last season remain in force, "the statement said.



Record Breaker
Dec 28, 2005
Victoria Butsaeva: “When the guys went out on the ice, there was no limit to joy”
June 21, 2020

We continue to talk about the preparation of our skaters for the season at various sports facilities. Victoria BUTSAEVA (VOLCHKOVA) - coach of the winner of the youth winter European Olympic Games, Ilya Yablokova, in an interview with the FFKR website answered questions about how work is going on at the Sirius Training and Sports Center in Sochi.

- At your home skating rink “Moskvich” the skaters of the national team are training now, you went to the training camp in Sochi. How is he going?

-- Very well. We live in Sirius, train on the Puck and training skating rinks, where the national team held test runs. This is not the first time my guys and I have come to Sirius. Initially, they planned to conduct a collection here. Chic base, chic conditions. It is clear that there are some limitations in connection with the pandemic, but in this situation everyone understands the need to comply with such measures.

- How can you not leave the territory of the base in Novogorsk and Kislovodsk?

- Yes, we cannot go to the sea, outside the base. To the rink, from the rink we are taken on buses. But the base of Sirius is quite large, and everyone feels very comfortable.

Upon arrival, we immediately held a meeting, explained where the "dirty", where the "clean" area. On skating rinks "Puck" and two training "Ice" and "Snowflake" places where we cannot enter are fenced off. There are ice packers, those who sharpen skates, other workers. This is done in order to avoid unnecessary contacts. Therefore, we must leave the ice in time, minute by minute, so as not to intersect with those who fill the ice.

But in fact, you don’t feel these limitations, because everything is focused on training. The training process is quite difficult, so neither athletes nor coaches really want anywhere. Faster on the bus, eat and relax.

- Is it difficult because of the long quarantine break?

-- Sure. For example, it turns out for us, the last time Ilya Yablokov spoke at the Spartakiad in late March, and after quarantine on ice we only went out on June 10th. Almost 3 months did not ride. Like Vova Samoilov, Egor Murashov, who are also here at the camp. For a rather long break, the guys did not have the usual daily load, which, of course, affects.

It is clear that in quarantine everyone trained according to my assignment. But for various reasons, the guys could not leave Moscow. We were in the city, in apartments, practically did not go out on the street. At some point, we were even forced to take a break in class when it became clear that it was no longer possible to train at home. So when we arrived at the camp, it was clear: you can’t force it, you need to start with some basic things, at least during the first week, so that the body gets used to the load.

This became noticeable in the first trainings: for example, we planned two ice every day for an hour and a half, but we had to reduce it because the guys were rolling new skates. Ilya’s leg grew, skates had to be changed. Vova, Egor on new shoes. The first 2-3 days were tormented with cones, naminas, which, of course, limited our actions.

- You flew to the base on June 9th and the next day went out onto the ice without quarantine?

- Yes, we arrived by plane, we were met, brought, everything is fine. But we flew with a bunch of inquiries and before the departure we already passed the cove test, all had negative results. In “Sirius” we passed another test and the next day started training. Many thanks to Sirius that everything was clearly organized.

Children based on a limited number. In addition to skaters, there are no representatives of other sports yet. Two Moscow groups - mine and Sergey Davydov, three Petersburg groups - Alina Pisarenko with her students, Oleg Tataurov and Arthur Gachinsky. The collection is designed for 3 weeks, everything is tailored for us. In July, several hockey teams come here. And now only skaters.

- Since there are three ice rinks involved, there is enough ice for everyone.

- Yes, we disagree on three rinks. I didn’t break my group, we train all together - Ilya, Yegor and Vova and our younger students. There is enough space for everyone, because at the moment we are doing basic and restoration things. Nobody bothers each other. This was the purpose of the gathering - to recover and prepare the guys for further work.

Ilya, Egor and Vova are guys quite old, not small children who are 11-12 years old and who already after 2-3 days started jumping. True, Murashov also jumped the triple axel on the second day, gathered all the cascades. Samoilov jumped quadruple. But still, work is going on in a different mode, and training is now set up not for the number of multi-turn jumps, but, as I said, to prepare for further work.

- Will you be engaged in stage work in Moscow?

-- Yes. The choreographer Maria Kasumova came with me to the gathering. During the season, she constantly works with us, “cleans” programs, finalizes, works on tracks. As for the productions, while we are in thought: to change or not to change. Because Ilya will continue to perform in juniors, and the junior stages of the Grand Prix will start in September, control rentals are even earlier, so you need to look at the situation, weigh everything, we will manage or not. Ilya has always been in the season for quite some time. For example, Murashov quickly takes 2-3 weeks and he is ready to start, Yegor has a slightly different body. And Ilya in itself is more "viscous", the muscles are different. From experience with Ilya I know that he belongs to the category of skaters who will not recover in 2-3 weeks, he needs a longer period. Plus, Ilya still grew a lot during the quarantine, so we'll see.

Last year's Clock and Notre-Dame programs that Nikita Mikhailov set were good for Ilya. Especially short. And I understand that you need to find one that was even better. Nikita constantly sends us music, we are in touch, we listen, think together ... Of course, I want to change programs, see Ilya in new images, but now I can’t say something definite.

We’ll change Yegor’s programs, Vova is planning a new short one. I liked their tandem with Nikita Mikhailov. They feel each other well, both in skate and in work.

But adults have more time, because the stages of the Russian Cup begin later, in October, although, of course, no one will give exact dates for the current situation. God grant that everything was good.

- Since Ilya Yablokov has grown, is it the task of stabilizing the jumps that are, or will you try new ones?

- Last season Ilya and I trained the quadruple Lutz and quadruple Rittberger and will continue to work in this direction. Without this, modern figure skating is nowhere. If you want to fight for high positions, you need to own different quadruple jumps. For this, we are conducting a gathering to prepare for such work. Here we have ice, physical fitness, physical fitness, and physical activity. We do everything so that the guys get stronger.

- Do you do general physical training with your athletes?

- Yes, I do the physical training and physical training sessions myself. TFP, choreography, stretching with the guys involved Maria Kasumova. In "Sirius" everything is perfectly equipped, a beautiful gym. There are specialists here who can get help and advice. In the gym, the guys work with specialists from Sirius. We contacted them and last year, they helped a lot, so when we went here, I knew that in this regard the work would be competent and professional.

- In Sirius and in the base there are swimming pools, are they open?

-- Not. We can’t swim. Neither in the sea nor in the pools. But this is not important. There is nothing to be done, you yourself understand what the situation is with the cove. Thank you so much for the fact that we have the opportunity to generally be here and train. And the pool and the sea are secondary.

- Have the guys changed their attitude to training after the whole story with covid, when it was impossible to go on the ice?

- I never had problems with them at work. I mean my three main athletes - Yablokov, Murashov and Samoilov. The guys are very different. Ilya is a megapositive person. You will give him a task, he went, returned, asked a couple more questions and did. Egor with Vova others. They are older. My glance is enough for them, they do everything.

I think during the break the guys “rested their heads” from figure skating, and now, with fresh thoughts, they are ready to work, new information. But most importantly, I see it from their faces, thanks that they have the opportunity to train. A lot of ice, excellent rooms, chic conditions, food, specialists who help. Everything is adjusted in order to recover. And even though it is not easy now and the guys are tired, but they are satisfied.

We flew out of Moscow on the 9th, our other skaters were already training, and we also really wanted to. And when they went out onto the ice, there was no limit to joy.

- Where do you plan to continue training on your return from Sochi?

- There was a conversation with the leadership of our federation, we will continue to prepare at home. We’ll return from Sochi, pass the cove test, and we will train at Moskvich.

But this applies so far only to the skaters who are members of the national teams of Russia and Moscow. With the rest a question. But we will look at the situation, decide. So that the training camp in Sochi would not be wasted, my second coach Alexander Kondakov and I are actively looking for options, we are taking all measures to ensure that our other students are not left without ice.

- Good luck and thanks for the interview!




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Dec 28, 2005
Tatyana Mishina - about the transition of Kolyada: Semenenko got in good shape - it is not yet known who will follow whom
July 3, 2020

The group of Alexey and Tatyana Mishin became one of the few who extended their self-isolation. And he did it more than a month. Only on July 2, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and her colleagues reached Kislovodsk. “Sport Day after Day” already explained why it happened.

In a fresh conversation with the honored trainer of Russia Tatyana Mishina, the correspondent of Sports Day after Day once again touched on the topic of long downtime. However, most of it was devoted to unexpected replenishment in the ranks of the Mishins: from silver medalist of the 2018 Olympic Games in team competitions Mikhail Kolyada passed from Valentina Chebotareva.

“Initially, they did not fly to Kislovodsk, because the opportunity began to begin training here in St. Petersburg,” Mishina specified at the very beginning. - They hoped for the relaxation of quarantine. Did not work out. Now is July, the time has come, so Alexey [Mishin] went with the group to Kislovodsk. While they just passed the tests, the athletes did not start training. As far as I understand, in Kislovodsk there is quite strict quarantine: from the room to the ice rink.

- In what composition did the group fly? In addition to Alexei Mishin and Tatyana Prokofieva.
- Our OFPist Egor Chelyshkin, who flies to all camps. In St. Petersburg there were only Nastya Gulyakova and Zhenya Semenenko, who were to pass the exam. They have tickets to Kislovodsk on July 7th. And so: Lisa [Tuktamysheva], Sonya [Samodurova], Gleb [Lutfullin] and Kolyada. Everyone flew who can.

- How did you come up with the option of transferring Mikhail Kolyada to your group?
- The transition turned out quite unexpected. I don’t know how long this decision has ripened by Mikhail himself. First, our St. Petersburg Federation turned to Alexei [Mishin]. Alexei decided that the skater was also worthy, and he himself could help him. Michael has not yet said his last word. The Federation wasn’t just asking, but Kogan [the general director of the FFKKR] was talking about taking Mikhail, because this is not the last skater that can be easily written off. Alexei himself did not think for a long time, agreeing. Once Kolyada decided on such a step, then he wants to. Otherwise, he would hardly want to change anything.

- What about his constant problems due to chronic sinusitis? Are you sure that after the operation at the end of October last year, they were left behind?
“I am not aware of the medical details.” There was a big break after the operation. Let's see what happens.

- Was this transition painful for the now former Kolyada coach Valentina Chebotareva?
- I think no. She herself understands that there was no initiative on our part. She, it seems to me, was for Misha both a coach, and a mom, and a friend. If Misha breaks through, then the glory from Chebotareva will not go anywhere. She herself wishes him only good results. I think they will have a good relationship.

- Misha is 25 years old, he missed a whole season. How hard will it be for him to return?
- It's always hard to come back. But if there is character, willpower, desire, then Michael will have an incentive to prove himself. There is nowhere to put off for later. But it’s too early to talk about anything, too little time has passed, the joint work is just beginning. But the gathering in Kislovodsk will be indicative.

- You can say that Kolyada becomes a prima in your group among boys? Especially against the background of Andrei Lazukin's health problems.
- Andrew is difficult, yes. It is good for Semenenko and Lutfullin that such a skater as Kolyada appeared in the group. Skating, sliding, jumping - it is useful to see firsthand the skill of Misha. Yes, he had problems, but he is a high-class skater. But the very same Zhenya Semenenko has already gained a good shape, therefore, it is not yet known who will reach for whom (smiles). It happens that competitors do not transfer each other in the same group. But there is a difference in age, I do not think that any problems are possible in this regard.

- Surely you will try to include Kolyada on the very first challengers who will officially approve?
- After a long break, the starts, of course, are needed. And it’s not necessarily a challenge, you can start at Russian competitions. Due to the closed borders, some special starts will probably take place. It is not yet clear how everything will be.

- What's the matter with Yubileny? You expected that it would be possible to start training there, but it didn’t work out. Almost a month lost.
- Because the training rink is under repair, there were no official permits, which means our school, Star Ice, cannot pay for ice. And in Moscow until July 15, nothing is permitted. Only members of the Russian national team are allowed to train.

- The Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg tried to come up with some version of an analogue of a closed base, possibly in Igor, but it also didn’t work out.
- About “Igor” there was a conversation. But when it was opened, mass skating began, and it was immediately closed. Did not work out. But it's okay. The girls are in good shape, with Tatyana Prokofieva they were very active. Tatyana Nikolaevna did not give them rest at all for a second (smiles).

- Follow other groups? For example, Dmitry Aliyev made a quadruple at the first training session, after which he admitted that everything hurts him. Fans for this attacked Yevgeny Rukavitsyn, who allowed the student to take such a risk.
- It seems to me that in this case it’s just about some kind of sports excitement. They also practiced all this time. Although I’d ​​go to the first training session and jump so ... I don’t even know ... I constantly call up Arthur Gachinsky, who is now in Sochi with our juniors. He talks about rolling, preparatory exercises, that everything comes in quite difficult. Of course, athletes like Dima Aliyev are not of such a class. But everything must be done right. Our guys only at the end of the camp began to jump triple jumps. I think that on the part of Dima, it was a desire to simply distinguish himself, to prove something to someone, to show that the form was not lost. Maybe even a bet. Sasha Samarin is also there, and Makar Ignatov. Makar used to train with us - a talented guy. He does not need a lot of training, motor memory is very good.

- But Aleksey Nikolaevich, probably, would not approve if Lisa Tuktamysheva goes to the first training session and immediately wants to jump in a quadruple sheepskin coat?
- Sure. But it all depends on the state of health. Moreover, Lisa herself feels great when she needs to jump. The first collection is needed for rolling in, gradual addition in all aspects.

- To begin with, it is necessary that all tests for coronavirus be negative.
- Sure. Health in the first place. We must still be alert, as neat as possible, because nothing has ended.

25-year-old Kolyada missed the 2019/20 season due to problems with chronic sinusitis. On October 31, 2019, the skater was operated on. In addition to the silver of the Olympics in Pyeongchang, Kolyada is a bronze medalist of the 2018 World Cup and a two-time bronze medalist of the European Championships (2017, 2018).

Evgeny Semenenko, who turns 17 on July 26, won the final of the Russian Cup in the 2019/20 season. At the Spartakiad, he took second place, losing only to the reigning world junior champion Andrei Mozalev. Together with the 16-year-old Gleb Lutfullin, he joined the Russian junior team for the 2020/21 season, as he was born after July 1.

Earlier, Tatyana Mishina already noted in an interview with Sport Day after Day that Semenenko, jumping four different quads, would probably take part in both junior and adult competitions. But it depends on the Russian Figure Skating Federation.


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Sep 22, 2019
Thank you for making a new thread RemyRose!

Although the international season is uncertain, I would like to wish good luck to all the Russian men in their domestic competitions. Hopefully the guys facing challenges of growth (e.g. Samsonov and other juniors) coaching changes (Kolyada, Rukhin, Erokhov...) or rehabilitation (Lazukin) will get more time to adjust without the extra pressure of international competition. Also, fingers crossed that promising juniors like Danielian, Gumennik and Mozalev continue to build on the momentum gained last season!

As for those skaters particularly dear to me... I hope Uncle Voronov sticks around (if he so desires). Also that Andrei Kutovoi obtains a stable 3A and Matvei Vetlugin gets more consistent jumps, letting them climb the ranks and giving us more opportunities to enjoy their beautiful skating skills!

I believe that in the post-COVID era we'll see the renaissance of artistically expressive, technically consistent Russian men that has been in the making these past few years :)

On another note, what shifts in the landscape of Russian men's skating do you predict this season, given the lack of international competition (and possibly a very intense and deep field at the Russian Cup series)?


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Dec 28, 2005
Russian skaters intend to perform at international starts before the end of the year, the International Skating Union (ISU) did not make decisions to cancel them. This was announced to TASS by the Director General of the Russian Figure Skating Federation Alexander Kogan.

“On the eve of the media, I was surprised to read information that the International Skating Union will cancel international competitions by the end of 2020, but this is not true,” Kogan said. “Firstly, the ISU’s council will be held only on Monday, and there will be considered the possibility of holding the junior stages of the Grand Prix, the rest of the starts there will not even be discussed. We hope to hold international competitions and are preparing for them in full. "

Kogan noted that the athletes' readiness is controlled precisely taking into account their performance at international competitions: "Junior test rentals will be held in the first half of August, adult rentals in September. We will organize them to assess the level of preparedness of our skaters for international starts."



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Dec 28, 2005
I hope Kutovoi gets ice soon if they really will hold test skate in 4-5 weeks. From what I can tell, he, Gummenik and Shulepov are the only ones without ice. Shulepov goes to Sochi soon so Daineko's group will seemingly be the only ones without ice unless the rinks in St. Petersburg open soon.

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Sep 22, 2019
Do you know which skaters will be going to the test skates? I really hope to see Kutovoi and Gumennik there, but if they don't get enough preparation time then I wonder if they will skip it...

Good thing Gumennik got most of his growth spurt done before the quarantine (I assume/hope :drama:)


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Dec 28, 2005
Do you know which skaters will be going to the test skates? I really hope to see Kutovoi and Gumennik there, but if they don't get enough preparation time then I wonder if they will skip it...

Good thing Gumennik got most of his growth spurt done before the quarantine (I assume/hope :drama:)

Most skaters in the national team would go. Sometimes they invite "extras." Although with the Seniors, I can see it being the main team + Kolyada. Gummenik can go, Sept is still 2 months away.

But Kutovoi, if he misses, he will find it hard to get JGP assignments (if they occur) as test skates are what they use primarily for assignments. No one really misses if they were invited and want an assignment. Thus the concern with Kutovoi.

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Jul 11, 2018
i cross everything i can cross for my boys *mama Elektra mode: on*:dev2:


Jan 31, 2019
I hope that if the sport stays within national level that Russian will broadcast on utube/alternative streaming. There is such a fierce competition there nationally that I would watch anything they would put on, Junior or senior.

Also hope Kutovoy gets ice time. Damn, the kid’s a gem. He’s on reserve team, so fingers crossed! JGP is shrinking fast though.

Does anyone know what’s happening with Lazukin?


Jan 31, 2019
Well, I am happy that it was a meat grinder in a positive sense. I saw the title and Just expected the worst


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Dec 28, 2005
Also St. Petersburg schools opened this week. So everyone should be on the ice now.