2020 Nebelhorn Trophy: Men's FS


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Nov 10, 2008
I actually did, haha! Thought Matteo for gold or silver though.
Cool. Nikolaj bronze because of others mistakes but he put out two great performances. I'm very happy for him and his family working up north in Sweden. (In a city where men's ice hockey is the main interest in sports)

Deniss was the star today!


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Mar 22, 2018
I think Frangipani, with that Ballad of a Thin Man medley? Who would have thought that?
The might of the Peaky Blinders sent him onto the podium lol

God when is season six coming out, I need Tommy Shelby fighting Nazis


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Mar 21, 2018
I missed you people a lot yesterday! :love:

I catched up with videos from the last group yesterday, and oh my god what a thrilling event!

I´m sad about Matteo and Paul, omg, it was actually very painfull to watch Paul miss the podium and being so off in the program. I actually thought he couldn´t miss the podium after the SP, so that was heart breaking.

But oh my god, I´m so happy for both Deniss and Nikolaj. Deniss performance was stellar, clean quad, solid jumps, and the program and costume was so beautiful, this program is one of the best I have seen from him and it is going to be a absolute favoruite. The win was so deserved, and it was so nice to see him and Lambiel so happy together :love2:

Nikolaj FS was great and it was such a nice surprise for him to get the bronze. This program suits him very well, and once he get the quad clean he is going to be on of the top skaters in Euros and maybe even Worlds. His triples are all so good and solid. It is so great to see he can follow his brothers footsteps, and he is still very young and his career is so promising :):pray:

Also I wanted to say that despite the errors, every program in the last group was really interesting and unique! It was such fun to watch.

I try to catch up with the rest of the skaters later when the re-play is up. The first day is now up as re-play, so it looks like they can be rewatched :)