2020 NHK Trophy: Men's SP


Happy 21st, Sota!
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Nov 12, 2013
The boys did a very good job altogether, especially those in the 1st group, but I am reduced to a puddle of tears because of Sota. :cry: He'll have to keep fighting, there's nothing for it. I enjoyed Kazuki the most.


Jan 31, 2019
Lovely programs, but as always, not without surprises... fingers crossed for Tomono and let’s see if someone surges up tomorrow. Interesting to see Japanese without Hanyu and Uno, kindda the opposite of Russians who had Kolyada back to add weight from the top and compress them down.


May 25, 2014
I felt like the Ladies were just one "hit" after another while the Men were more the opposite. Interesting also that both Ladies and Men had an outstanding Junior start the skating and had their scores hold up for a good part of the competition. Still I enjoyed the Men's performances - they certainly have some rising stars!

Special shout-outs to:
Lucas Tsuyoshi Honda - great start to the Men's event. Would like to see him hold his moves more, but there's a lot to build on there. Good performance.
Kao Miura - Lots of personality and, even though it wasn't his day, he clearly has some skills. Also props to him for getting up after what looked like a painful fall on the failed spin.
Kazuki Tomono - Love that funky program from Misha Ge! Enjoying it even more this year. Not sure about the costume, but it fits better than the one he used for this same program last season, so I'm going with it.
Yuma Kagiyama - I'm a sucker for a funky percussion program (see also Carolina Koster's God of Thunder/Bonzo's Montreax program and Michal Brezina's Japanese Kodo Drums program), and wow is he a talent!
Keiji Tanaka - I feel like even with the mistakes, he's performing and selling this program so much better than last season.

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Sep 22, 2019
Yuma and Shun are still my favourite up-and-coming youngsters.
Grateful to Yuma for using part of the music from Denis Ten's 2014-15 Silk Road LP, whether it's an intentional homage or not.
Shun (and some of the other guys) did a Mozalev-esque invalidated 1T in the short... sigh... I think he improved his posture and SS a bit though, especially the free leg.
What I like about those two is their contrast. One smooth and consistent guy, the other a bit less refined (but not less expressive) and capable of pulling out some surprise YOLO jumps.

Kao Miura is another guy with underutilised potential, he just seems to rush and get overexcited easily :/


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Oct 20, 2017
I enjoyed all the men's programs.
My favorite is Kazuki's. Runner-up are Yuma, Sena and Sota.


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Aug 1, 2011
I did get a chance to catch the last group via NBC, which may be my LEAST favorite way to watch a skating event. Let me just say now that mr Kagiyama has a new Fan for Life and I think he's got Limitless Potential. Not only can he jump, but you can see Musicality and Potential Artistry Galore. I was so Very Impressed that I have lost control of my ability not to Capitalize Important Words. ;)