2020 Rostelecom Cup: Pairs' SP


Record Breaker
Jul 29, 2003
We agree completely! In fact, I'd said something in my post about a number of coaches not covering their noses, but I took that part out because I didn't want it to sound like I was singling out the Russian coaches. On a less serious (and to me, funny) note, it's actually not a very flattering look to wear a mask underneath the nose. Prime example: Plushenko.

All the folks wearing the masks under their noses really stuck out to me as well.

I'm really late to the party here as I'm just starting to catch up on the competition and started with the pairs short. I like the junior world champs, but am concerned that they're only doing double axels. To date their many other stellar qualities must have been enough to hold them up against all the other young teams doing not just triples toes, but triples flips. They definitely have star quality.

Who doesn't have star quality for me is Mishina and Galiamov. I wish I found them more interesting, since they are clearly proficient. One thing I do give them full credit for was having by far the best lift in the entire field, and maybe in the world right now. It's not only innovative and difficult, but also beautiful. In general the field this season (what I've seen of it) is a case of so many ugly lifts, so little time.

Who does have star quality is Boikova/Kozlovski. Not their best here, but clearly a team that's still improving and developing.

My real pet peeve was the the music was so quiet that I could hardly hear it. I'm watching the Youtube stream. I hope that improves.