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2021-2022 US Ladies’ Figure Skating


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Jan 27, 2012
She really MUST go to B's and summer comps and do well in order to get that third SkAm spot. I didn't/don't think it's possible, but we'll have to wait and see. If Gracie bombs these little comps this summer, no chance of SkAm and no chance of Olympics at all. Do you really think if Gracie pulls it together at Nats that the judges would give OlySeasonNatsInflation for HER?!?!? This summer is critical, so it's a good sign that DaveL is saying she's looking very good already. If she was still slogging along going nowhere I'd write her off already. But maybe she has something more in the tank, so to speak.
I agree. I believe she needs to earn tech minimums to even be considered for Skate America. My prediction when the SkAm assignments are announced in July:
Bradie, Alysa and TBA.
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Feb 13, 2021
Does anyone know when the list of skaters for Cranberry Open comes out? Gracie could probably skate there to get the tech minimums. Hearing that Gracie is doing well is good news but she has to bring it and perform perfectly or almost every time she competes for the fed to support her. If she does, I think/hope she'll get the bump at nationals. She was one of the darlings of the Sochi Olympics and to come back after dealing with and being open about her ED and mental health issues would be amazing. Also, outside of Alysa, I don't think the US ladies have a chance at a medal in the individual event so why not send Gracie (if she has an amazing season)? I just hope Gracie is happy with the outcome :pray:
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