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2021-2022 US Women's Figure Skating


On the Ice
Jun 13, 2020
In comparing the SP scores from the current junior and senior comps (yes I know we should not do that but still), Alysa had a lower score than Lindsey. They did the same jumps but LT had higher scores (+GOE) and they were about even on the non-jumps elements. On the PCS side, AL was a little higher but again overall LT had a higher score. So the opinions some have that Lindsey could make the Olympic team seem valid. Of course we still have the LP....
If you're referring to Nebelhorn vs. JGP Ljubljana, that's not true? Alysa scored 70.86 (coincidentally, Adeliia Petrosian, who's in 1st at Ljubljana, scored exactly the same) and Lindsay scored 70.24. But you're right, comparing scores across competitions is kind of a fruitless exercise.

I definitely think Lindsay is very much in the mix for an Olympic spot though. She doesn't have to out-skate Alysa to make it, and I think she'd easily give Karen/Amber/Mariah and an injured Bradie a run for their money.