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2021 Autumn Classic: Women's Short Program


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
Oof, not Gabby's day. She started so well, with that flirty choreography and that flying take-off into her combination, and then it all got a little out of control. It was almost as though she had too much power and speed, but, gosh, on a good day, she must have extraordinary attack and height on her jumps. The stumbles in the step sequence just added insult to injury. Hope she has a much better free.

Nice job by Starr, though! She's a good spinner, and that arabesque spiral was very pleasant on the eyes. Beautiful feeling for the music as well.

And a clean skate by Eliska to close out the SP! Her 2A looked miles better and bigger than 3S-2T and the 3Lz, even though it was the last of her jumps. Her step sequence was pretty fun, bobble in the middle aside.