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2021 Autumn Classic: Women's Short Program


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
can anyone else not see the protocols? says error not found.
They've loaded ok for me.

Wow, though, very unexpected result. Good for Marilena, but I am a bit boggled by Young's score. I guess, though, that the fall on the 3A was costly, given the rather substantial negative GOE, plus the fact that it was called underrotated, she had a 3Lzq-3T< and her flip edge was also called. I admit that I am no technical specialist, but I really didn't think her combination was underrotated; seeing the negative GOE on it makes me guess that the judges saw the 3T< at least. Oh well.

I suppose, though, that it shows that - depending on the judges and the technical panel - being as clean as possible still matters, and that going for the big jumps will always come with that element of risk, if they don't work out. Marilena leads the SP essentially because she executed what she was capable of as cleanly as she could, and came away with positive GOEs on everything as a result.


Mar 7, 2006
I really hope Canada Ladies will improve over the season. Especially Gabby. However, looks like Kaiya should start packing.
Yup. I think Kaiya-although every inch a junior skater-is probably the best bet. Canada need to regroup and redesign their program.


On the Ice
Jan 16, 2010
I hope a redemption tomorrow from Karen. It wasn't her day today.
I really enjoyed Marilena skating. :) Well deserved first place.


Jan 18, 2018
Totally missed this. But checking the protocols it seems the judges were brutally harsh...