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2021 Broadmoor Open- June 29-July 2


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Jan 22, 2004
Broadmoor Open Entries/Results page is up-
June 29-July 2, 2021

Schedule here-

Rank from 2021 Nationals noted

SENIOR LADIES- Young You, Karen Chen (3), Audrey Shin (7), Pooja Kalyan (10), Maryn Pierce (J 12), Paige Rydberg, Courtney Hicks, Sonja Hilmer, Maxine Bautista, Sierra Venetta, Wren Warne-Jacobsen, Alena Budko, Tara Prasad

SENIOR MEN- Vincent Zhou (2), Tomoki Hiwatashi (7), Camden Pulkinen (8), Jordan Moeller (15), Mitchell Friess (17), Daniel Argueta, Ian Kang

SENIOR PAIRS- Crafoords, Burden/Rounis, Fakhroutdinov/Neudecker

SENIOR DANCE- Sophia Domonoske/Thomas Schwappach

JUNIOR LADIES- Isabeau Levito (1), Clare Seo (3), Mia Kalin (8), Abigail Ross (10), Hannah Herrera, Gwen Bloesch, Michelle Lee, Sofia Frank

JUNIOR MEN- Joseph Klein (2), Zachary Yaninek, Kai Kovar, Ethan Le, Beck Strommer

JUNIOR PAIRS - Mandy Romero/Kristofer Ogren, Haley Conrad/Jake Pagano

JUNIOR DANCE- Isabella Flores/Dmitry Tsarevski (4), Elliana Peal/Ethan Peal (8), Vanessa Pham/Jonathan Rogers (9), Rebecca Kerscher/Davis Ortonward

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Feb 27, 2012
Below is the official live stream link *only* for Aerial Challenge on Thursday July 1 at 7:30 pm Mountain Time / 9:30 pm Eastern Time:

It appears that the Aerial Challenge live stream will be available for free.

(I do not know whether the same channel also will be streaming the rest of Broadmoor Open -- and if so, whether or not the other streaming would be available for free.)

Maxine Bautista now is shown as a withdrawal on Senior Ladies Group A start order.

Hannah Herrera now is shown as a withdrawal on Junior Ladies Group B start order.

* General reminder that the reason for withdrawal from a summer competition should not be assumed to be injury! *
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