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2021 Budapest Trophy


Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2014
I’m really surprised by this result. I expected Anna to win at her ease but it didn’t work out like that. Being honest, I preferred both of Maia’s programmes and think she was the discovered winner. The judging was tough on everyone, no favouritism was shown.

I enjoyed Sofia’s skate but no triple triple, she is going to struggle without one in Russia. A Russian sweep of the podium. I think Urushadze has real battle on her hands to get that Olympic ticket, she was a long way behind Gubanova score wise, who I felt was undermarked in Finlandia.

Roll on to the Pairs.

If the judges showed no favoritism and were equally hard showed everyone that is good. But it's only good if they do this throughout the season and not have low score in one week and inflated score in another week.

How could Sofia not have a triple triple? I guess it's not that uncommon because Karen Chen doesn't have a triple triple either does she?

I hope Nastya has the edge on making the Olympic team for Georgia. But I just don't trust that she will be treated equally being an outsider and with no realistic chance to medal at the Olympics. Would they really give her the Olympic spot over a Georgian girl with a Georgian name? I just hope this girl gets treated fairly for once.