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2021 Cup of Austria: General Info


Jul 26, 2003
Anyone else having problems loading the results page? It takes forever. I am trying to see the skating order for senior men and women tomorrow and it just won't load at all.


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Jan 17, 2014
:ot: No. 2: Post it guy in Austria gave it his all though. We sat directly behind (or more accurately above) him, and he was glued to his laptop. And then when the rink announcer gave the scores, he wrote the post its like the wind. :biggrin: Sometimes he also left the penalty box where he had his gear set up, sprinted round the rink, only to come back not even a minute later with some drinks or snacks to get him through the long day. And the second time the sound system gave up, he actually supplied a cable to the rink technician guys, which apparently allowed them to get the sound back. So kudos to post it guy!
I think this post belongs here. I loved post-it guy šŸ˜. He gave his best and showed quite some stamina. :clap: I hope we will see him again, probably next year.
I stayed awake to the the three German ID teams back-to-back. It was around midnight, post-it guy still on top of his game, whereas my eyes kept closing
The stream was very endearing, the competition was a bit weird, results all over place.

@CrazyKittenLady: Do you know why the pride flags, which were hanging everywhere, were blurred in the stream?


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Feb 2, 2019
Do you know why the pride flags, which were hanging everywhere, were blurred in the stream?
Lol, that's how they looked in real life as well. It wasn't flags but banners with a blurry rainbow. Tbh, I didn't even make the connection with pride flags until now, I just assumed it was the competition's logo.
Believe me, they didn't have the technical capabilities to blur anything on purpose in that stream. :ROFLMAO: