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2021 IdF - Women: Thoughts and Comments?


May 18, 2017
Was anyone else distracted by that Eye of Sauron looking thing behind the boards? Big yellow eyeball shaped light with a black pupil center? Or am I losing it? (I could be.)
I thought they might be some kind of heat lamp/space heater? Even if they were it would still be weird placement for them.


On the Ice
Oct 6, 2016
Repost of my comment from the live thread:
either Aliona was very overscored or Wakaba was underscored. To be clear, even if Wakaba skated her short program cleanly and scored 79.73 as she did at Cup of Austria, she would have scored 220.77 and still been behind Kostornaia. That’s right, Wakaba with 2 3As landed and two clean programs would have still been behind Kostornaia with no 3A in the short and a 3A< fall in the free. And that’s even before we begin to discuss the quality of the programs themselves...

Personally I was expecting this result so I’m not sweating it but I hope this clarifies the realities of the judging system to people who still refuse to accept that PCS is Political Connections Score.
The scoring of Wakaba was criminal.