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2021 Internationaux de France: Rhythm Dance


Final Flight
Jun 6, 2018
he forgot to say davis /smolkin in the olympic podium contenders..... i mean didn't they get a score similar to bronze medalist from worlds just now? that should put them close to the podium :dbana:
it's truly so scandalous what's happening with them just now. Hope they get their comeuppance next year and that RusFed drop them once they've got their team olympic medal Eteri is clearly paying for.


Record Breaker
Jan 7, 2016
Now I'm gonna miss an hour or so of skating as I need to head down town to pick up my rubles for Sochi next week. See yous later!


Bearing witness
Record Breaker
Jan 3, 2007
For me, Papadakis/Cizeron have far and away the best RD of the season. They understood the assignment.

I particularly love the musicality and precision integrated into the twizzle sequence and midline step.
I also think they finally have the right mix of music. Brilliant skate that only improves upon review. So many nuggets for dance fans to find.