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2021 Internationaux de France: Rhythm Dance


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May 2, 2015
I was shown with my signed Canadian flag screaming like a loon after Piper and Paul lol.
I really, really enjoyed their performance - mostly because they are looking proud and confident about that aesthetic and even those news flashers as a costumes (which, frankly, I love and if that makes about my garish taste - so be it!). When you are confident, the whole thing looks more convincing, more vibrant.
But well, I am a fan as you may know, so I am biased anyway :)
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I was wondering if that's you! So happy for you ^^


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Jan 3, 2007
More impressions:
5 L/B - very bland music for such a striking couple. Hated her costume it looks bulky somehow. Good skating but the concept did not hold my attention. Surprised to see them so high.
6 C/P - they have good skating skills and agree CC needs more knee bend and extension. Both end up on time with the music at the last possible second. They both lack a certain quick muscle twitch to give this skate a sharper look. AP is slightly sharper than CC. Funky bat dance seems to be a mismatch still.
7 R/A - I love this couple. beautiful skating to original music. Always classy and mature too bad about the fluke fall. Really hoping Chris Reed can pull some heavenly strings to get this couple to Beijing.
8 Gabby/Gui - finally the cuts of music mesh well for me. I have enjoyed this dance as it develops and find new little things I love each time. I love Gaby's confidence and sense of fun as well as GUI's joy,
It is clear they love this unique dance as much as I do. Lifts are still a bit so-so for me.
9 Sasha & Andrei - Backstreet should have been a home run, but somehow for me it isn't. Andrei has the exuberance while Sasha has kind of a steady smile. Their long legged style suits them in the bluesy part which goes on forever, but leaves them looking more balletic in posture than bluesy. Lacking somehow in the Backstreet parts. I recommend they watch more video of the band to get a better feel for this part of the routine.
10 P/P - a little off their game today. After raising his leg to pass over Piper's head, Paul has trouble getting his first twizzle together. I feel the campyness and ambitiousness of the program is starting to overshadow how well they actually skate to the music. I know and appreciate the statement they are making but it is turning into Blades of Glory level of skating instead of making us see them as Olympic caliber. They skate beautifully to the music and have excellent phrasing that seems to be getting overshadowed by the camp and the tricks. Show me the beauty a bit more.


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Apr 5, 2016
I must say, the hip-hop section with the twizzles showcases a not so much publicized side of P/C: fast, sharp, explosive. I think with the Dubreuil school's lyric style that was omnipresent a few years ago, that was something I missed in their programs and that's why their tango RD or their Korzienowski program were so memorable for me. They have improved a lot in their synchronization over the years, too. If they don't win in Beijing, I will riot.

On the other hand, everything feels so cluttered and messy with S/B's RD: the music cuts are outrageous, the choreo is chaotic and their costumes have been clearly fished out from an 80s high school punk clearance bin. It's such a pity because they are much better than this cheap vehicle they got. This Backstreet RD almost feels comedic.

As for G/P, I get the oldschool vibe but my eyes just can't tolerate meant-to-be-fun-but-remains-tacky costumes. Not a good direction imo. Their 2016 RD was more committed, fresh, and well put together in this regard, with the haircut, moustache and all. Oh and the orange. That's a statement.
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Dec 7, 2017
But they didn´t look very sharp today and Paul had a visible wobble before the twizzles, so I think lower scores are correct.
Yeah H/D also scored lower by about 2 or 3 points at their second Grand Prix when they were less sharp. S/B also lower here compared to their score in Italy.


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Feb 22, 2014
Still devestated Jennifer changed her dress. Why girl why :p but I love the Reggae :) amd they're so expressive right from the start!

Aw nooo fall! But the rest of it was awesome! Loved the last lift and ending! Also loving the German flag inspired colours on their costumes. (y)

The water drop sound effects were interesting 😂

Anabelle and Andrei - What is this music? And I don't remember them having the same song as Diana and Gleb. Ooo drama. And is that N Morozov giving dem voodoo eyes in the background there. 😝 It's interesting that Annabelle doesn't go by Morozova, is that confusing to the Russians? Also what is Andrei wearing?

Juulia and Matthias - They're coached by Maurizio cool! Uh-oh Twizzle troubles. The second half was a bit random with the costumes and all that. Still they were committed to that choreo!

Loica and Theo - I liked the second half more than the first, they really got into it!

Ha ha Mark seems to love the Black Eyed Peas

Zhenya L and Geoffrey (he's Rina Ryabova's boyfriend!) - I'm all for this team! Bring it guys! Ha ha Killing Me Softly. I'm in highschool again :p Mark mentions Marina A but not Tiffani when it comes to the red hair? 2000 and late, dude ;) (I get the French connection, but I couldn't resist the joke ;) )

Group 2! Some of my favourites here! Piper and Paul and Sasha and Ivan.

Christina and Anthony - The Batman theme is a choice :laugh: Also Scott! Anthony pants though...what is going on, it's like some sort of valour-pleather mismatch... Those were good Twizzles though. And I'm so embarrassed...I literally JUST heard the Batman in the lyrics of the first song. I gotta get my ears checked clearly. The split by Anthony at the start was cool, but I can't say I'm a fan of this RD.

Allison and Saulius - Ooo eye catching from the beginning! Werk it! Also Saulius having the most sparkles of the team? Quality choice.

Also weren't the terms mohawk and Choctaw retired? Or is that just in Canada.

I shrieked at the falls, they were doing so well! I hope they can come back in the Free, also Lithuania get Allison her citizenship, please :(

Gabbi and Guillaume - The crowd goes wild, I prepare to get that first song stuck in my head again (anyone else have that problem?) :laugh: Also I liked Gabby's dress longer, not sure why... Quality armography, you know I love my armography. ;)

Da-yamn! Check out that TES!

Sasha and Ivan - Let it be said if this couple isn't invited to the Olympics I will kick many asses (still so offended about that, why'd you do them dirty, Korea?). Also how can you hate this RD, three second in and it's already fabulous! They're so cool! Ivan gives face like a BOSS.

Piper and Paul - This is just epic, the costumes are legendary, they totally need to go into the Hall of Fame or something. I wish I had this much confidence :biggrin:

OK phew long post this, if you actually read it all...here's your gold medal 🥇 ;)