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2021 Japan Open


Final Flight
May 16, 2020
As I do have a Weibo account, I'm using it less and less these days (I am getting into problems of logging in as it required additional identification methods which I prefer NOT to comply with). So I didn't check if there's any videos of their LPs.
Hey, it's OK. Thanks! I haven't logged in for a long time now (just recently started opening it again when I wanted to watch some skating videos, which I've not had to log in for), so I don't even know what's up with these methods needed, and I can only imagine :slink: Probably should stop visiting again, tbh... (and sorry if I offended you :pray:)
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Nov 28, 2020
Kaori Sakamoto:

Kaori is one of the few people that can make falling look fun. That’s what happens when you are a bundle of sunshine like she is.

Also looks like she got faster this year. I blinked and she was at the other end of the rink.

The best skater of all time would be taking her athletic skills, which are second to none, and combining them with the Russian‘s quads. Aka a Kaori Sakamotova. Haha


Body positivity goes BOTH ways.
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Nov 12, 2013
Yay, videos! :dance3: Now only Mai, Shun, Sota and Sena are missing on YT!