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2021 JGP Kosice: Women's Free Skate


Dec 5, 2015
On topic! Who was everyone's favourite small fed skater? I loved Vivian Papp 🤗 Hope she stays around for seasons to come!

Vivian is my favorite,too. How cute is she! Her packaging is perfect for her age! She looks so joyful.

In terms of overall performance among the top skaters, I am tied between three skaters

Zhilina is just incredible. I've never seen any junior women jump like her. Midori Ito had similar jumping talent but that was 30 years ago. I don't particularly like her program but it isn't terrible either. It adds nothing to her jumping and spinning skills but it doesn't detract from them either.

Chaeyeon has my favorite music choices in both programs. She is also good at expressing music with her body. She needs to work on the facial expression. But, on the whole, it's all nice.

Sofia is really musical. I enjoy her programs because she is incredible. But, my enjoyment is in spite of the programs not because of them. ( I feel like this about Daria, too) I am glad that there are others who actually enjoy the program choices, they just don't work for me.

Adelia and Maria are both wonderful skaters but their Paint It Black freeskates were both far too heavy and dark. I didn't enjoy either program.

I thought the judging in the freeskate was quite good. The SP scoring was a bit confusing to me. Chaeyeon was not scored fairly imho. However, in the free the judges are equally strict with all skaters. That was nice to see.


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Oct 25, 2012
Ema DOBOSZOVA reminds me of Lenka Kulovana.

Now that I have looked Lenka up, I see what you mean. They do look very similar.

And it doesn't help that Ema is wearing a dress which is VERY similar to what Lenka wore in the 1991–92 Season:


The music was very different, though... :p

Lenka Kulovaná: 1992 Olympics SP
Ema Doboszová: 2021 JGP Skate Slovakia FS

Ema is actually older than Lenka was when she went to the Albertville Olympics. But, she is unlikely to be emulating her by skating at the Beijing Olympics. Nicole Rajičová is the skater that the Slovak Fed is sending to the Nebelhorn Trophy. That said, Ema is down as first substitute should Nicole be unable to go to Oberstdorf.

Anyway, I have a suspicion that we might have found out Ema's favourite colour, given that both her dresses this season are blue. ;)

Ema Doboszová: 2021 JGP Skate Slovakia SP

Not that I am complaining. All three of the dresses mentioned in this post are really beautiful. :love: