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2021 Lombardia Women's Short Program


Long live the Queen and her successors
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Mar 22, 2018
But unlike Trusova, IChat would never skate to the soundtrack of “Cruella.”

(Sorry—just popped in before I leave for work, hoping to see how everyone’s doing, saw your comment, and couldn’t resist.)
a)Ichat cannot even skate, she has terrible balancing skills b)Ichat's hair is actually not that long, she just happens to find drying her hair the most bothersome thing in the world


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Aug 17, 2003
It was quite a strong performance from Alysa Liu. She does not follow "Eteri's way" like Bradie leaving aside the universe of crazy transitions. But this suites her quite well - she is on "Kaori's territory" now. And the question is similar to the one that Kaori faces: Can she add stable rotated ultra-C jumps? LT is a safe venue with no competition. I would assume that this could be an ideal place to try 3A and quads. Somehow I was wrong at least in the SP. Without ultra-C jumps Alysa is competitive with Bradie and Kaori but she will be light years away from the Olympic podium let alone Olympic gold. Let's see how she jumps in the free program.
Light years away is a little strong. Russia can only send three skaters so that makes Alysa potentially only one place away from the Olympic podium with her current content. A lot can happen at the Olympics, as we have seen many times.