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2021 NHK Trophy: Rhythm Dance

Sai Bon

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Dec 28, 2013
> I wonder if Tim Koleto is thinking he gave up his US citizenship in vain. Too bad Japan has only one spot in ID for Olys.

Well, he is married to Misato and presumably committed to their relationship well beyond the ice dance partnership. I'm sure he thought it through very carefully before taking that step. In a situation where dual citizenship is not allowed, you can't casually drop one country and adopt another.

I feel badly for them, though. Mark (commentator) said that they've been very classy when asked by the media how they feel about competition from Kana & Dai (that they respect K&D, welcome the rivalry, that it's better for Japanese skating that there is more than one team in contention for the Olympic spot, etc.), but they must be under a lot of pressure.


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May 5, 2017
Me too - but something seems a bit off.
I agree - something has seemed a bit awry since (and including) Finlandia Trophy this year - at that event, they even looked uncharacteristically awkward with each other in the K&C

elektra blue

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Jul 11, 2018
cathing up with dance

Muramoto/Takahashi have one of the best rd this season, also +100 to Daisuke for wearing eye liner :cheer2:
Nazarova/Nikitin are campy even when they don't mean to
to no one's surprise Fear/Gibson are skating to my favourite RD this year, not enough tongue though:p
Madison Chock sold me Billie Eilish...DUH


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Jul 26, 2003
I think Nikita's outfit made him look like he is a random guy jumping onto the ice as an ad or a prank.

He reminded me of the Golden Palace ( an internet casino) streaker guy that interrupted Michelle Kwan's warmup at 2004 World's.

Or the Mr. Bean classic Torvill & Bean comedy skit.
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Oct 22, 2018
Well, I'm just starting to watch the event, and I was not here when Daisuke Takahashi ruled in the singles, but HOLY COW the pair is pure fire, and I could not take my eyes off of them, well, Daisuke actually, that charisma level was insane, and their skating skills seemed amazing, too! Also, the music and dance choice, and the costumes! WOW