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2021 Skate Canada (Women) Thoughts and Comments?


Dec 5, 2015
Don't know why you guys keep counting Sasha out, with 1 quad she got almost the same score as nearly perfect Liza. For me she is second most likely to get on the team for now. There's still time to heal injuries.
Agree. She is being scored well this year in PCS and based on SC some competitions appear to have strict technical calling. This benefits Sasha over a skater like Anna who is prone to URs and has edge issues. Of course, if her injury is very serious that could be a major problem. However, if not, I see her on the team. No one else has the same technical ceiling as Sasha.


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Aug 31, 2003
How often has Sasha actually landed all the quads she's planned? Seems to me there's almost always a splat or two in her FS. If her injury doesn't heal quickly, she's down to mostly triples, and her performance quality just isn't that great.


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Nov 28, 2020
If you are Team Empress (and I will nether confirm or deny that I am haha) you do feel very regal right now. Momentum on her side, the best 3A in the business and trending up, up, up. May it continue.

Can’t ask for anything more than that. The money coming in for her to make up Olympic team is substantial too.

Well you can ask for one thing: That Santa gifts her a quad or two, that would be good. She has been nice all year, Santa. Haha

The other takeaway is that this competition might be good for Liu. In regards to seeing how much further she has to go and how she needs to keep working.

The Liu hype was starting to get suffocating. She hadn’t really beaten anyone of note going in. It’s easy to win as favorite, it’s another to face off against the A Team that is Russia.

The talk of medals and domination was wishful thinking. An out of sorts Kostornaia beat her handily. That’s why her odds of medaling were so long to begin with.

I only hope she did start to believe her own hype going in.

A beating is good in the long run, to start tempering expectations and put a break on the hype train.

Lastly, I think that piece of cloth on Kamila’s left shoulder is the tab you pull to get to where the wires and batteries that power her are. I am having a tough time believing she is human right now.

I find it very suspicious that we do not see her get tired, we don’t see any sweat. The evidence that she is a robot is overwhelming. Haha
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