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2021 South Korean Figure Skating Ranking Competition


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Mar 22, 2018
Date: 2021.12.3-5
Venue: Uijeongbu Ice Rink

The Ranking Competition determines 4CC entries and is one of the criteria for National Team and Olympic selections. The competition will be held without an audience, whether a livestream will be provided or not is yet to be announced.

National Team and Olympic Team members are decided by combining the results of Nats and the Ranking Competition. For the National Team, the main team consists of 8 women and 4 men and the reserve team 9 women and 3 men. For the Olympic Team, the top 2 men and women from the National Team will be chosen.

As always the distinction between seniors and juniors is domestic, i.e. not taking age into account. Non age-eligible domestic seniors will be marked with a *.

All times are in KST, +9 UTC.

Time Schedule

10:05-10:20 Junior Ice Dance RD
10:20-10:40 Junior Men SP
10:40-10:55 Ice Resurfacing
10:55-11:55 Junior Women G1, G2 SP
11:55-12:10 Ice Resurfacing
12:10-13:10 Junior Women G3,G4 SP
13:10-13:40 Ice Resurfacing
13:40-14:46 Junior Women G5, G6 SP
14:46-15:01 Ice Resurfacing
15:01-15:37 Junior Women G7 SP

9:50-11:02 Senior Women G1, G2 SP
11:02-11:17 Ice Resurfacing
11:17-12:29 Senior Women G3, G4 SP
12:29-12:59 Ice Resurfacing
12:59-13:35 Senior Women G5 SP
13:35-13:50 Ice Resurfacing
13:50-14:47 Senior Men SP
14:47:15:02 Ice Resurfacing
15:02-15:19 Junior Ice Dance FD
15:19-15:43 Junior Men FS
15:43-15:58 Ice Resurfacing
15:58-17:22 Junior Women G1, G2 FS
17:22-17:37 Ice Resurfacing
17:37-19:01 Junior Women G3, G4 FS

12:15-13:39 Senior Women G1, G2 FS
13:39-14:54 Ice Resurfacing
14:54-15:18 Senior Women G3, G4 FS
15:18-15:33 Ice Resurfacing
15:33-16:41 Senior Men FS

Starting Orders

Senior Women
1 Park Eunbi
2 Choi Soeun WD
3 Hong Seungah
4 Lim Nayoon
5 Hwang Jihyeon
6 Shin Suemin
7 Noh Chaeeun
8 Kim Seoyoung
9 Yook Jeongmin WD
10 Han Heesue
11 Song Siwoo
12 Jung Yean
13 Lee Hyunsoo
14 Hwang Chaebin
15 Mo Jiwon
16 Moon Boin
17 Kang Eunsoo
18 Shin Jia
19 Park Yeonjeong
20 Kim Chaeyeon
21 Ji Seoyeon
22 Kim Haneul
23 Kim Minchae
24 Lee Siwon
25 You Young
26 Yun Ahsun
27 Wi Seoyeong
28 Lim Eunsoo
29 Kim Yelim
30 Lee Haein

Senior Men

1 Lim Juheon
2 Kim Hangil
3 Kim Hyungyeom
4 Jeong Deokhoon
5 Cha Junhwan
6 Lee Sihyeong
7 Lee Jaekeun
8 Cha Younghyun
9 Kyeong Jaeseok

Junior Ice Dance

1 Lim Haena/Ye Quan
2 Kim Jinny/Lee Namu

Junior Men

1 Seo Mingyu
2 Park Hyeonseo
3 Kim Yesung

Junior Women
1 Yu Inseo
2 Choi Sanga WD
3 Kim Yujae
4 Shin Seungyeon
5 Noh Eunjeong
6 Yun Seojin
7 Park Inkyong
8 Kwon Minsol
9 Lee Eun
10 Park Chea
11 Park Hyuna
12 Kim Minje
13 Park Suyeon
14 Oh Aejin WD
15 Lee Boseul
16 Lee Hayul
17 Kwon Sumin
18 Kim Chan
19 Hyun Yelin
20 Pyo Seoyun
21 Lee Hyorin WD
22 Lee Subin
23 Son Daon
24 Park Minseo
25 Kim Sohee
26 Lee Sebin
27 Yeon Chaeju
28 Jeong Subin
29 Baek Kumgyung
30 Kim Chaeryeong
31 Yeon Chaeyi
32 Cho Yubin
33 Jeon Seoyeong
34 Faith Shim Dallao
35 Jun Yeonsue
36 Kim Hyeseo WD
37 Hwang Jiyoung


Senior Men
Lim Juheon
Kim Hyeongyeom*
Kim Hangil
Jeong Deokhoon
Lee Jaekeun*
Kyeong Jaeseok
Cha Younghyun
Lee Sihyeong
Cha Junhwan

Senior Women

Park Eunbi*
Shin Suemin*
Lim Nayoon*
Choi Dabin WD
Choi Soeun
Hong Seungah*
Hwang Jihyeon*
Noh Chaeeun
Mo Jiwon*
Yook Jeongmin*
Lee Hyunsoo
Kim Seoyeong (April 25th)
Jung Yean
Han Heesue*
Hwang Chaebin
Song Siwoo*
Kang Eunsoo
Shin Jia*
Moon Boin
Lee Siwon
Park Yeonjeong
Kim Minchae
Ji Seoyeon
Kim Haneul
Kim Chaeyeon*
Lim Eunsoo
Wi Seoyeong
Lee Haein
You Young
Yun Ahsun*
Kim Yelim

Junior Ice Dance

Kim Jinny/Lee Namu

Lim Haena/Ye Quan (aka Hannah Lim/Ye Quan)

Junior Men

Seo Mingyu
Kim Yesung
Park Hyunseo

Junior Women

Kwon Minsol
Kown Sumin
Kim Minje
Kim Yujae
Kim Chan
Noh Eunjeong
Park Dohyeon WD
Park Minseo
Park Suyeon
Park Inkyong
Park Chea
Park Hyuna
Son Daon
Shin Seungyeon
Oh Aejin
Yu Inseo
Yun Seojin
Lee Boseul
Lee Subin
Lee Eun
Lee Hayul
Lee Hyorin
Lim Hyoju WD
Choi Sanga
Pyo Seoyun
Hyun Yelin
Kim Sohee
Yeon Chaeyi
Yeon Chaeju
Jeong Subin
Lim Chaeryeong
Lee Sebin
Baek Kumgyung
Faith Shim Dallao
Jun Yeonsue
Kim Hyeseo
Hwang Jiyoung
Jeon Seoyeong
Cho Yubin
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Dec 8, 2020
YES! I have something to watch after Rostlecom! I can't wait to see Jun and Young and my new children Jaekun and Yeonjeong again :giggle:
I also really hope Minchae doesn't WD, I've missed seeing her on the JGP


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Mar 22, 2018
First post is updated with the time schedule and starting orders


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Dec 8, 2020
Thoughts from Women's SP:

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot how good Boin's SP costume is. If Kami wore that while skating to Bolero, I would like the program 10x more. Also, that step sequence was great!
Jia has such lovely movement and flexibility! That spiral :love:
Yeonjeong! What a lovely clean skate! I love her skating, packaging, costumes, everything. Hopefully she can do this well tomorrow
Chaeyeon also delivering a solid performance technically, although her skating felt a little more juniorish. I can't wait to see her grow over the next few seasons
Seoyeon! I can't believe she backloaded her 3-3! Another really solid skate... how is the KSU going to choose international assignments both this year and next?
Minchae! Welcome back! It was looking so good, until the lutz fall :(. Still pretty good considering she's recovering from injury. +10 for the costume, I love everything about it
YOUNG! A 3A with a stepout, but the other jumps were really good! Her step sequence looked fantastic here, lots of gorgeous upper body movement with lovely footwork. Her skating has improved so much since last year :)
Ahsun, aka "Smells Like Teen Spirit Instrumental Cover" girl! I actually really like it :slink:. Another skater who has great technical skills, but is a bit juniorish in PCS.
Seoyeong landed stuff! It's a shame she's so inconsistent, because she's really talented. But the music... why are we using the soundtrack from the Last Airbender movie? If any piece of music is cursed, it's probably that one.
Let's go Eunsoo! Cheering you on for Ichat! Ooh, that lutz was tiiiiiight, nice save. SO on the 2A... nooo. 3-2... smart and very well done! No +BOMBO for her today. One of the few skaters who can sell a Roxanne program without making me want to cover my ears. But the music cut is just :palmf:
YELIM! Very sparkly tonight, I approve. That 3Lz was huge! A nice clean skate and why can't Korea have four women at the Olympics? She's so good, although I do want a bit more facial expression. Into first, and rather fairly imo.
Haein! This dress deserves a +20 :love:. Another lovely, clean performance. Her jumps were a little hesitant, but she more than makes it up in the step sequence. Aagh, why can't Korea send three women to the Olympics? šŸ˜­

The free will be interesting, there's lots of potential for movement among the top four. Korean women are such a joy to watch. They have quality in every aspect of their skating.


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Dec 8, 2020
Thoughts on Men SP:

Well it started out really well with Juheon Lim. That was a gorgeous 3Lo
Poor Hangil. I love the opening of the program and he skates it really well but that opening 3Lz went all wrong. At least he got a combo in and didn't spiral after the mistake
The last two skaters in the first group both had "some guy singing in Italian" for their programs, which is not my favorite. They landed their jumps, which is always nice to see. (Why are domestic men's competitions so pleasant and then international men's events just sheer chaos?)
JUN! I love love love his SP this year. He has apparently decided to go to the Shoma Uno School of Cantilevers and Falling On Jumps You Already Landed Because You Caught Your Free Foot (seriously that 4S makes me mad) but oh my goodness the choreo in that step sequence is just *chef's kiss*
Poor Sihyeong, that was a rough fall on the 4S so props to him for recovering to land a 3A right after. His skating is full of potential. Hopefully in a few years he'll be more consistent with his quads and can also develop into a stronger PCS skater. He could have some truly gorgeous lines a few years from now with the length of his limbs and the grace he already possesses.
Jaekun! The small baby Yuzu fan! He looked a little nervy on the opening jumping pass, but he skates his programs ridiculously well for someone who's just thirteen. He's so tiny ā¤ļø
Younghyun did well. His 3A was a bit scratchy but he did everything else well. He has a rather dramatic flair to his skating that's fun to watch
No offence to Kyeong Jaeseok, who is probably a wonderful skater, but I've been watching this event for four hours and I'm taking a break now. Hopefully Jun isn't hard on himself over the silly 4S fall.


Final Flight
Jan 19, 2021
I'm so glad the top 3 Korean ladies skated so well. I hope Young and Yelim get the team spots, though Haein is wonderful. Yelims's program finally looked as amazing as it did last year and I loved it. Young's step sequence is some of the best choreography across the field this season I think. Landing the 3A in the short is big for her, but she almost never lands one in both programs, so I'm still holding my breath.

Lamente Ariane

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Apr 5, 2017
I was worried I'd missed the whole women's free but it looks like I'm in time for the final groups! Hoping for clean skates for all!