2021 TallinK Hotels Cup


Final Flight
Nov 28, 2020
Deserved winner in the ladies event.

There were some awful, bone jarring, spills in group 2.
A few of the skaters skated off in obvious pain.

But everyone finished their programs, it’s tough to get a skater to quit.


The Notorious SEW
Record Breaker
Jan 11, 2014
Nah, elektra's the salt of the Earth. We just like teasing each other. We're like an old married couple! ;)

She would probably place the emphasis on the "old", but I will always dispute that! No matter what she thinks, we're still young!

That's a point. I knew I was missing somebody from our normal crew, but I couldn't place who.

And we have been missing @ancientpeas as well.

But, I'm glad to be able to watch LIVE with those that are here. I've missed chatting with you guys during competitions!

Thanks CaroLiza_fan.
I was AWOL but I'm back. Thanks for noticing. I missed you guys too.