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2021 Worlds: Free Dance


Thanks for skating, Lyosha!
Record Breaker
Feb 2, 2019
The Lithuanian team has a pretty cool free! And I believe Lajoie/Lagha are parrots now which is fun. I also recommend Hawayek/Baker, Guignard/Fabbri and of course Chock/Bates.

I'm a huge Fear and Gibson supporter.

Let me just add Wang/Liu and Piper and Paul to the mix of recommendations

Watch with no preconceptions, and prepare to find new favorites!

Watch all the free dances and tell us who you like the best
:thank: for all your recommendations, I will do all of the above! :ROFLMAO:

Ravyn Rant

Totally 80s Dance Party!
Jan 22, 2004
I was so hoping that after I said the Ukrainians had the most French fee dance ever, the French team would tell me to hold their Perrier. No such luck.