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2021 Worlds: Men's FS "Thoughts and Observations"


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Jun 21, 2003

Yuma! Once he gets those PCS scores up, watch out!

Very happy to see Shoma bounce back

Thrilled for Keegan (like fine wine 🍷)
The expecting father is planning for his new baby in July. "I can not wait! I finished my job here as far as the season and I get to focus on the baby. I get to make a crib for it and I’m so overjoyed! My wife has been sending the pictures and videos of her belly moving. I've been keeping my hopes high here and as much as I say thanks to Nam, I have to say thank you to my wife and my unborn child. It’s the most wonderful feeling and I can’t believe my world will turn upside down. It’s going be wonderful!"

What are your thoughts on the Men's event?
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Feb 4, 2012
I knew Nathan would win, and he did. He's just a beast!

I'm impressed by Yuma's steely mind, but it could also be the non-audience arena helped him focus and not freak out after such a Nathan Chen skate.

Little bit sad that Yuzuru couldn't deliver after his amazing short program, which I loved and adore so much, but that's life and he will survive. He doesn't have to prove anything to anyone.

So happy Shoma skated well. About PCS, I will not comment or I'll just get angry.

And the last group was really special. I was so down after yesterday's Ladies event, but Keegan and Mikhail were also amazing! I'm happy Worlds happened and I got to see so many happy faces (at least I hope they were smiling under the mask)! Yes, they were meltdowns too (Boyang, Bychenko, Majorov) but the best of the best delivered!

Well done, onto the Olympic season for my favourite discipline!

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Mar 3, 2018
The ladies free skate was a lot of really fun skates in the first half that kind of disintegrated as we went higher; with the men it was the reverse, there was little redeemable about the first half (though Britschgi and Carrillo stand out) but the quality of skating skyrocketed amongst the final twelve.

Chen recovered the ground he lost yesterday, and with Hanyu's errors I don't think any but the latter's most blindly devoted adherents could dispute the win. Not really a fan of the program (other than the closing choreo sequence, much like last year's free), but good on him, things are looking good for Beijing.

Hanyu had a rougher time here, but he has nothing to prove to anyone.

Yuma Kagiyama will be the next World champion not named Chen or Hanyu. Take that to the bank. Nobody else in his rising generation of skaters is operating in anything like his league this year (Andrei Mozalev, who was shaping up to be his biggest rival, seems to have gone somewhat to pieces for whatever reason).

Mikhail Kolyada looked great, and I'd have preferred him above Uno even with the Axel well due to the differences in performance commitment. Team Mishin has really had a great Worlds.

Keegan 🥳 😍

Shoma Uno seems to have stabilized things (and came the closest to redeeming what was an awful Worlds for Team Lambiel), but his jumps are still so messy, and the contrast with Kagiyama in this area is sharp.

Matteo Rizzo was at a low point at the start of this season, so it's good that things seem to have turned around for him.

Really sad for Yan Han, who did his job but will now miss the Olympics. Jin Boyang needs a major salvage job between now and Beijing, it's a tall task for his new coaches.

Lukas Britschgi, as I said, was the highlight of the earlier groups.


Feb 11, 2018
Nathan Chen is like Rafael Nadal at the French Open . He has attained a mind boggling level of dominance over the sport . The athleticism and artistry he demonstrated is beyond superlatives. His PCS could have been 98-99 and I would have accepted it.


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Sep 25, 2013
Getting PCS talk out first: Transitions is really where I have qualms about Chen's score; other than that, nada compared to the ladies event. *shudder*. I'm just very miffed about Uno's.
Kagiyama just needs to commit to the performance more, not just focus on the elements. But obviously, a star in the making.
I've said this multiple times already, but seriously, I'm always just amused/impressed that Hanyu is still motivated to compete after a 2nd OG (I mean, no one is joining the 2 OG club in mens anytime soon if we're being honest). Hats off for that.
Also just really proud of junhwan for giving Korea a chance for a 2nd olympic spot for men's (hopefully sihyeong can up his consistency by nebelhorn). He's achieved so many new milestones in Korean men's figure skating, especially impressive since the korean skaters are always up against their own fed, not to mention the rink situation with COVID this season.


My cat jumps better Axels than me.
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Feb 2, 2019
Yuma Kagiyama will be the next World champion not named Chen or Hanyu. Take that to the bank. Nobody else in his rising generation of skaters is operating in anything like his league this year (Andrei Mozalev, who was shaping up to be his biggest rival, seems to have gone somewhat to pieces for whatever reason).
I agree, Yuma was sublime. Nerves of steel! He is my prediction for the Olympic upset.
Andrei Mozalev has an ankle injury and had to have surgery after he had finished his domestic season at the Russian Cup Final. It was apparently very painful for him when jumping.


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Mar 14, 2007
I have only two things to say: 1. Let’s rewind and put all the men into boots that are duct taped on. 2. Propose a change in COP that makes hydroblades a required element worth the same as a triple axel

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Jan 12, 2014
Mozalev was never on Kagiyama's level in juniors, come on. RusFed propped him up HARD that whole season and still he only won the WJC through a combination of judges not rewarding the same things in juniors as in seniors and Kagiyama giving away the gold in the free. Danielian will be closer to challenging YK if he makes a full recovery from his injury.


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Jan 25, 2013
Congratulations to Chen! That was a STATEMENT that when pressure is on he will deliver. Stellar skate and the three-peat is well deserved. Some will gripe about his PCS and GOE but tbh he was so far ahead of the field that there is no manipulation of the math than can deny him this win.

Kagiyama was stellar too! I agree about his 4-3... that was flawless!!! Should’ve a great battle with him and Hanyu and Uno for the national title and momentum going into the Olympics.

Hanyu was obviously not on today but he should still be very proud of another World medal and showing he is still a contender - especially after that SP! For all people gripe about Chen’s PCS and GOE I thought the judges were quite generous (92 PCS and even 9.5 for performance with 3-4 obvious errors and not his usual spark? 9.75s?!? +1 for the quad loop, -2 on his 4Sq with stepout, and -1/-2 on his 2nd 3A.. even some of his transitions were omitted too). I’m glad it wasn’t enough to steal the silver from Kagiyama though as overall Yuma did deserve 2nd place. I’m sure being the number 2 Japanese man here will fuel Hanyu that much more.

Shoutout to Messing for a top 6 finish too!! He really brings a different flavour of figure skating which I appreciate. Kolyada has errors but his FS is just so elegant and I wish he had been a bit cleaner. Kudos to Uno for his fight too and Brown for going for the 4S. After the ladies FS this was much more enjoyable to see all around.

It was nice to see almost everyone in the field was healthy so we could get a true measure of where everyone stands.


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Feb 6, 2014
Compared to ladies, men figure skating still allows to be a fan of someone, without having your favorite immediately replaced by someone younger. Less drama, but more long lasting feelings, in my opinion. The rise of young stars like Yuma is smooth and I like it this way.

The olympic season will be exciting for sure. :)


Mar 18, 2017
Is kinda ironic how Boyang bombing this competition will cause Han Yan to miss out going to his home olympics. Unless Boyang performs really badly next season, it looks very unlikely they will sent Han Yan over Boyang. Boyang has finished above Han Yan in every international competition since his senior debut.