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2021 Worlds: Rhythm Dance


Final Flight
Mar 29, 2014
There is a possibility in this world that Nikita Katsalapov might become a 3 time Olympic gold medalist. :eek::dbana:

P/C might be only ones to change this... FSR is getting good ID scores today! 😳


Tous les whiskys
Jan 9, 2014
I'd probably have the top 3, about in that order, with Guignard/Fabbri close behind in 4th and Gilles/Poirier not far behind them in 5th.

Sinitsina/Katsalapov have a 2 point lead, which in Ice Dance is often enough to hold the lead through the FD. I'm going to contradict myself though and say that even with the gaps in 2nd-5th, I suspect we may see some movement in those ranks and who ends up on the podium. That's what I'll be watching tomorrow!

I do have to say I'm disappointed for Guignard/Fabbri and Hawayek/Baker, sitting just outside the first and second groups respectively. Both deserve better.


Record Breaker
Nov 30, 2016
PCS rankings:
1. S/K - 38.60
2. C/B - 37.77
3. H/D - 37.71
4. G/P - 37.49
5. S/B - 37.40
6. G/F - 36.00
7. FB/S - 34.51
8. F/G - 34.48
9. H/B - 33.75
10. K/S - 33.43


On the Ice
Oct 2, 2020
At this point, if S/K are messy but with no falls/accidents they will give this to them. I'm so angry. Seriously why are we having this championship again? Even S/B were given extra points after she had 2 accidents. HOW? what the actual f


Long live the Queen and her successors
Record Breaker
Mar 22, 2018
I don't know, I'm going to rest up and try to pretend to gather myself for ladies. I'm probably going to pass out either from lack of oxygen or sleep. See y'all there


Record Breaker
Apr 26, 2018
And of course the only team (of the medal contenders) that I really enjoyed had to mess up. Oh, well. I‘ll try and not bail on my decision to give Ice Dance a serious chance but it’s getting hard. :laugh:

I hope the FD will have better/more newbie friendly music choices. :biggrin: