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2022-23 Coaching, Category and Country Changes


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Oct 25, 2012
Copying from the other thread, as it is also relevant here.

Danish skater Linus COLMOR JEPSEN (younger brother of Leonora and older brother of Anna-Flora) has a new Ice Dance partner in the form of French skater Elise MONTANER. They will represent France.

I found out on the Provisional Entry List for the Budapest Trophy. Although, we probably won't see them there as they are only down as substitutes (Lou TERREAUX / Noe PERRON currently have the slot).

Linus' last partner was Sofía VAL, when they were representing Spain. But, as Linus hasn't competed since they split at the end of the 2019-20 Season, he is good to go for his new country.

It will be so good to see one of my kids back in action!!!

:cheer: ALL THE BEST!!! :cheer:



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Dec 7, 2018
Vivien Papp officially announced on Instagram that she is leaving the Hungarian federation. She hasn't said where she is transferring yet, only that at her next competition: "next to my name will be the flag of another country, who is grateful that I am coming to them" and that it is a federation "where I will be warmly welcomed and appreciated, and I will actually receive financial support."

I'm quoting part of her statement here, in which she explains the reason for her decision, in case others cannot access Instagram:

The reason is very simple, it is more important for the Hungarian association to quickly sign a 22-page contract, in which unfortunately I do not receive any support that I could use for my development, but they want to impose an incredible number of obligations on me, and I have to give up almost all my rights, and not only the association for the benefit but also for the benefit of a foreign company.
We never asked for any financial support and we never received it! That's why I gave my country no less, all my knowledge and heart!♥️ But unfortunately, this is not what is important to the current management, but that they impose all kinds of obligations on me, for example, they determine where and with whom I train! I am very grateful to my parents for fighting beyond their means and trying to protect me from all kinds of adult tactics!♥️ My coaches stand by me 100% and we made our decision together that we cannot accept the obligations presented to us and this was supported by our lawyers! We received the contract the day before the test competition and we tried to reach a common agree until September 23rd, but it didn't work. 😭 The last ugly decision of the Hungarian association was that from the Gdansk junior grand prix competition was my name DELETED!!!!! This also proves that me and my career are not important to them, only their own interests and power!

Her full post is here (you'll have to open it in Instagram to read her full comments, which are in 4 parts):

Good luck to Vivien with her new fed; I'm so sad for her that she has been forced to seek another country to represent. I look forward to seeing her in competition again, representing a new country who appreciates her talent and wants to support her.
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Good luck this season, Sota!
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Nov 12, 2013
All the best to Vivien! She's a delightful skater to watch, and I'm very sorry to hear what she had to go through at her tender age. I really hope the Hungarian Federation does not start their revenge mudslinging like the Kazakh Fed did when its skaters complained. Try as I might, I cannot fathom what would possess a skating federation to stipulate who a minor may and may not train with while she gets no support from them whatsoever. :slink:


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Sep 1, 2020
^^ Wow, good luck to Vivien. I hope she has found a welcoming country, willing to fully support her talent and ambitions.

I had to laugh when Vivien said she began skating late at the age of 6! I know many skaters start at 2 and 3 years old just having fun on the ice. Starting at 6 though does not seem late at all. I'd say starting skating between ages 10 to 12 is late.

For e.g., Johnny Weir became interested in figure skating around age 11 after watching the 1994 Olympics. By age 12, he chose to train exclusively in figure skating after giving up his equestrian pursuits. Now that's very late to start pursuing a serious competitive career in skating. A huge benefit from Johnny's horseback riding days though was his erect posture, seldom seen among even top skaters.

As we know, within 4 years, by age 16, Johnny had become junior World champion! Now that's very rare, and it's indicative of Johnny's precocity. Still, Johnny has lamented that having started skating so late, he always felt that he missed learning how to develop a strong competitive mindset via competing at a younger age on the lower levels. Little known, except by his longtime fans, is that Johnny briefly competed domestically in pairs, while he pursued men's singles.