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2022-23 GPF Senior Men's Free Skate


May Rika spin her hair into GOLD….in 2026.
Final Flight
Mar 21, 2018
This was a great men’s competition! Most everyone brought their A-game! Uno is an all-time great now and it didn’t seem that way just two years ago! Ilia also did well to rally for the bronze. Great job all around.


"There is always something to love."
Record Breaker
Apr 17, 2021
Seeing the other skaters do well was what motivated Shoma.

Hoping he could come back to Torino and have a good performance for Stephane, even though he doesn't know yet what will happen in the next four years.


Dec 5, 2015
I agree with PCS score here. I haven't watch Shun but the less doens't deserve more than 80; "jump cross over jump jump" should not get PCS.
Shoma artistry compare to others is like night and day.
Oh, Shun doesn’t deserve over 80 either ( and he’s my second favorite here after Shoma) but he was given 73 and he really deserved the 78 that several other skaters got.

Shoma’s on another level.