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2022 Canadian Championships: Junior Women's Short Program


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
2022 Canadian Tire National Championships
TD Place, Ottawa, Canada
January 6-13, 2022

Junior Women's

Junior Women's Short Program
Wednesday, 12 January 2022, 13:15 EST (UTC -5)

Time in Ottawa, Canada Right Now

Start Number ___ Name____ Section

Group 1

1 Miriam Kleiman ON
2 Lauren Batka ON
3 Natalie Roccatani ON
4 Rose Théroux QC
5 Cristina Lyons ON
6 Katherine Karon ON

Group 2

7 Lulu Lin ON
8 Vienna Harwood BC/YK
9 Marie-Maude Pomerleau QC
10 Ashley Sales BC/YK
11 Julianne Lussier QC
12 Caitlyn Kukulowicz ON

Group 3

13 Marie-Raphaële Savoie QC
14 Justine Miclette QC
15 Fiona Bombardier ON
16 Audréanne Foster QC
17 Michelle Deng AB/NWT/NT

WD Alexa Matveev ON


Record Breaker
Mar 7, 2015
Justine was very strong
3F, 3t-3t, 2a strong skating, good spins

I enjoyed watching Audréanne Foster
3F, 3f-3f (with a turn) ,2a

and also
Fiona Bombardier
HUGE 3lz-2t, too big 3F (step out) and 2a.
Amazing flying sit spin and a nice yellow (!) dress
Ted is so impressed by the height of her jumps, and how much time she has to spare, that he thinks she could land quads.

The LP will be interesting. Justine is ahead but 3 skaters have 53 something points and are challenging for the 2nd spot.