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2022 European Championships: Women's Free Skate


Feb 18, 2014
I switched off half way through the final skate - couldn't bear to watch any more. Where is the heart and soul? The Polish girl was lovely to watch and a breath of fresh air. And so sad that Leona didn't manage a clean skate, she is also gorgeous.


On the Ice
Aug 5, 2018
Look I LOVE Eva-Lotta, she's done so much for Estonian skating, the first woman to cross 200 points. But this season (except Finandia) has not been it for her and Niina would really deserve that Olympic spot, based on better overall performances. But I guess it is what it is, I'll support whichever of them goes.
Eva-Lotta deserved this place on her own. It was not easy to earn the spot after covid last year at worlds. And she has natural charisma...i dont see it on Petrokina skates. She is tecnically sometimes better but she never beat how is Eva skating. Also yesterdays scorings show it...with clean skate she couldnt earn the points eva got. And Sp shows that Petrokina also has nerves which might mess her. So i am rooting for Eva-Lotta in Olympics. She has better pakkage in overall. Better program, dressees and charisma ❤


Nov 24, 2006
Pity. I would rather watch Tuk any time.
Well, if she could place better than seventh at her Nationals and be a dependable competitor (ZERO Nationals medals in how many years? 7? Since 2015?) you could enjoy watching her on a big stage. You'll have to enjoy her skating in B's and the occasional GP for the foreseeable future. Pity.

Skater Boy

Record Breaker
Feb 24, 2012
All right, just the gala tomorrow. I hope all the 1 through 5 are in, and looking forward to the next week.
This is insipid. Why have a gala with covid spreading rapidly. I have no sympathy if the russian ladies get it and blow the olympics. There is a price often to pay for stupidity.


Record Breaker
Feb 10, 2018
you are insignificant, Simon, and sad, how rude to call so many skaters, all doing their best, insignificant. so unfair
You should hear our commentators first. Esp. co-commentator Kamberská. She is an international tech specialist, often taking part in tech panels incl. worlds and europeans, but she is insanely biased. This time she was talking about Anna the way that had to mute her. I am perfectly willing to switch her for Simon.