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2022 Europeans: Men's Short Program


All Hail Queen Gracie
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Mar 14, 2007
You are going ice skating!!! How fun. It´s interesting you have a place to ice skate in Australia, the nearest rink here is the nearest big city which is a 3,5 hours drive from here, so I can´t skate :(:(

Have a lot of fun! :)
There is literally one 15 minutes from me. But I’m still working on standing up after I fall…with skates on.

Flying Feijoa

On the Ice
Sep 22, 2019
Awesome performance. I love his artistry; it flowed so easily. A bit concerning that even with all level 4s beautiful skating and two quads compared to say Jason Brown he would lose to jason.
Yep. Though we may not like to admit it, among PCS-strong singles skaters there is a pecking order just like in ice dance. Andrei's PCS marks will probably rise the longer he's on the senior circuit, and especially after some big names retire.
I think PCS judging works reasonably when there is a big difference in skating skill level, like in JGPs. But in a field with many strong skaters, judges's personal taste and familiarity with skaters' reputation plays a bigger role.


All Hail Queen Gracie
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Mar 14, 2007
Adam is 15? Great, looking forward to how he will develop. Lots of promise.
That’s my son. I adopted him last year.😂😂😂

It looks like he either got contacts or is just competing blind. He had glasses last year.


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Feb 22, 2014
Back from skating! The good news my new skates are awesome, love the new blades although I'm still getting used to them. The bad news you have to wear masks and I had trouble getting my glasses to sit properly on my nose and I spent 20 minutes with them all fogged up. I took them off but I couldn't see the details of the rink surface and almost fell over when I hit a rough patch.

Finally Mum got my mask to sit right so it was all good in the end.

Right! Onto Group 4.

Paul Fentz! Love Paul! And fall aside this was a great showing! Safely Q'ed! 🥰

Don't be all the Fentz about your performance Paul!

Onto our hometown boy! In his first major international too. Arlet.

OMG what is this Carmen?! It's both amazing and terrifying! Much like that opening combo, he flew!

Also is this Carmen in French?! :laugh:

Great spins and this step sequence, wow!

:laugh2: Now it's techno!

Oh a Benoit work...that explains it, but this is actually iconic. ;)

Aww look how proud his mother is. :biggrin: And Q secured!

Gabriele! I can't hear what he's skating too... Oh wait now I remember...also someone turned up the sound it seems.

But look at him landing stuff! Go, Gabriele! 🥳

Another Benoit work! Danny G's gonna be jelly.

He breaks 80! Congratulations, Gabriele!

Graham! His music is called Torture, yikes!

Goes for the 3A and he's down. :(

Nice step sequence though!

Simon as an Englishman is concerned for his countryman... Not sure he wants to go out again though...he looks puffed.

No Q, but a SB!

Look at this svvf r vs handsome fellow, Nikolai! A second in and his Italianess isяц blinding :biggrin:
+1000 GOE for landing those jumps right on the beat!

Woohoo! Total humdinger right here!

Into 3 with a nice big Q! He receives Simon's seal of approval.


All Hail Queen Gracie
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Mar 14, 2007
Gabs? 😲

GABS! :eek:

I thought Italian was supposed to be a beautiful language. And yet you butcher a nice name like Gabriele down to "Gabs".



I wouldn't have objected to "Gabri". But "Gabs" just takes the biscuit!

He also takes the lead by 5 points.

He is the favorite of Tabitha. She says in a year with no pirate costumes she must take solace where she can.


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Feb 22, 2014
Here comes the ice resurface! And it's an army of people with buckets! Where's the Zamboni.

The plus side to watching later is I can skip straight ahead to...

Group 5

Although I ended up watching the recaps of the top 3 so far and so I see there are Zambonis.

Right here we go!

Maurizo! Michal! Mark! Lukas! Vladimir! Ivan!

Gasp! Simon tempts fate regarding the Q!

Hmm I wonder why Maurizo went to Austria.

Wait...Michal is only 31? Huh.

And I've just realised...I'm 20 years older than Mark? What the actual...

In Simon's defence...I'm not able to pronounce most of these last names either.

The lady announcer does sound pretty over it :laugh:

Maurizo kicks us off. Rough with the jumps there...he did pretty alright though! Except is he wearing only one glove?! :laugh2: I'm not sure if that's a deduction or not TBH. Either way he gets the Q!

Michal! I read ahead so I know cacti...but I love this music choice!

Too bad his jumps did a bad, bad thing. :(

Manages level 4 on everything else though! So Q is not underserved.

Oi, Simon don't steal my material, I'M the one who makes bad puns around here :devil:

Mark! Whoops read ahead again. But Yaass he's come to slaaaay!

Ha ha Simon the announcer JUST have the correct pronunciation of his last name...

This program is epic. Especially when clean! The audience is buying what he's selling!

Simon leaps aboard the Mark train and immediately starts driving it :laugh:

Daaaaamn look at that! Almost breaks 100! You go, Mark! Olympics for you, Mark!

Lukas! That's heck of a performance to follow, so good luck sir!

Oh dear... He didn't BOMBO though, so good news for him and he still gets the Q!

Vladimir! Did he change his coach...oh he did.

Nice quad toe Vladimir!

Haha Simon's judging himself for incorrect jump calls now.

A very nice program which brings him into 2nd for the moment.

Ivan? There's been much talk of his shirt, but check out those burgandy pants! Fashionista in the rink!

I have a strong feeling that Simon is mispronouncing Ivan's last name horribly...

Ivan looks happy about that performance and so he should! Into 3rd.

And now...one last group...


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Feb 22, 2014
OK time to get nervous!

Our final group! Including Zhenya S! Come on Zhenya S you can do it! Prove the doubters wrong!

And fingers crossed for Moris who had a rough time at his last competition.

Simon is wondering if anyone can beat Mark's score... I feel like someone does from a screenshot I saw elsewhere, but I'm not sure...

Deniss is such a cutie, messy hair and all!

Lots of support in the crowd for various skaters always great to see.

Gulp here we go, may Zhenya S channel the power of the Professor!

I love this program BTW 🥰

Weeeerk that 3A (we know the Professor hates it when the 3A goes awry).

The leg kick in the middle of the step sequence is 😘

Oooo tense times...what will be Zhenya S's score... Drum roll... Just behind Mark!

Kevin! I read ahead a bit... I hope it's not as bad as it sounds!

First quad... and down.

2nd...the dreaded BOMBO!

3A was great though! And you can't go past those skating skills TBH. Look at him punch that step sequence in the face.🤩

Deniss! You can't go past Deniss. Will he try a quad? Simon says no.

Wow that height on the flip! 😍

The Deniss spin!

The huge COMBO!

I'm kinda getting into the hairography :laugh2:

And as Simon says quality! And he gets just over 90!

Stop! Moris time! Moris gets a bad rap, but I'm a fangirl so :p

The crowd is into though! And look at him go! He's having a brilliant program!

Gotta love a man who cartwheels;)

Andrei! I read ahead and OMG?! I thought I saw him getting that small gold medal! Ah-mazing! (This does make me worry for Zhenya S though...)

Wow! Check out that opening quad!

He does love the spread-eagles and why wouldn't you if you can do it so well.

And wow he's still the reigning Junior World Champion!

And there it is! Into the lead! It's a Russian party!

Daniel! Will he set the cat amongst the pigeons ;)

Nope, but it was a pretty good program.

But I don't know who will Russian Fed leave out then...
Zhenya S will be ditched from the team then, obviously. They're not gonna leave Misha K at home.

Well, that was quite the SP! Truly amazing!

And now I must be off! Mum is insisting I go shopping with her.

See you later for some of the women's SP.


Jan 31, 2019
Zhenya S will be ditched from the team then, obviously. They're not gonna leave Misha K at home.
Looking at things the way they stand, with less than one point difference, I very much doubt that Semenenko is in any danger of losing his Olympic spot to Mozalev. I am glad that Mozalev got this competition in, and if he gets the Worlds and 2 GPs next year, or even just 2GPs he will be very, very fortunate. I think Russian dream of 3 on the podium anywhere they can, might result in him being the bronze one, but he will not get silver, let alone gold. If it is not compelling enough reason, he will get 4th providing he skates well (or lower, but hopefully not too too low to lose 2GP).