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2022 Europeans: Prediction Contest    Deadline: 2022-01-12 at 08:50 (UTC/GMT)


May 25, 2014
Yay, a gold in ID (putting S/D in 4th paid off) and a bronze in pairs and 205 points overall, despite my not so great singles predictions. And thanks to @CherylDee for doing the tables.

Now onto 4CC next week and then the Olympics! I'm assuming there will be a prediction game for the Olys once all the teams are announced (Hello, Russia making us wait until the 20th).
Yes, there will be a prediction game for the Olympics. It's part of the ISU Senior Events prediction game, which includes Europeans, Four Continents, the Olympics, and Worlds.


On the Ice
Feb 14, 2018
Congratulations to all the medalists and new members of the Hall of Fame!
I would like to thank: the host, the scorers and Mark K and Daniel G for coming through for me in the men's and for my bronze medal!

Can't believe we're going back to Talinin and 4CC. Good luck everyone!