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2022 Junior World's Championships: Rhythm Dance


Jan 31, 2019
I don’t remember seeing G/S on the JGP, but I was really impressed! My new favs for the FD.

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Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2012
Timing error. I don't think Ted even knows.

Ted Barton did/does know what T means. :)

Example: When commenting on Tkachenko/Kiliakov (who I like, BTW) in the first group, Ted explained (at approx. 0:31:15) that they made two timing errors in key points for the first blues pattern.

Congratulations to Oona and Gage, who were absolutely on fire!
The Browns always are so impressive, but they really outdid themselves today.
(Gage's hair is fine. (y))

So sad for Wolfkostin/Chen. :cry:

I've been skipping around without watching every couple yet, but this event certainly has reminded me how enjoyable junior dance is. It's hard for me to resist young dancers performing their hearts out, no matter what mistakes are made.


On the Ice
Jan 13, 2022
After what Ted said (Brown siblings being last), I thought W/C were withdrawn. When I didn't see any replays for them, I thought nothing of it. Now I understand... what an unfortunate fall. Especially in ice dance we expect little movement in standings but from being the top favorite to out of podium contention is another level of unexpected for me.