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2022 Junior Worlds: Prediction Contest    Deadline: 2022-04-14 at 09:00 (UTC/GMT)


Record Breaker
Mar 7, 2015
Let's combine your men and pairs results with my dance and women's results: conquering the world through co-coaching:biggrin:
that would work out fine... but i have the feeling that we may have done the opposite and combine my dance and women results with your pairs and men... just the way it is for me.. i can never win things in this game.... there was one year that I did amazingly well....but that was before it "counted" LOL
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On the Ice
Feb 14, 2018
Well, I got nuthin'.

Just means I will have to pay attention to juniors more!

Thanks for all who helped make the predictions contest so much fun AND congrats to all the medal winners.
Such a long season of ups and downs and the prediction contest helped me learn and appreciate who is who.