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2022 Russian Junior Nationals: Junior Men's SP


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Jan 1, 2007
I really enjoyed that competition, lots of great skating.

Great skates from Rukhin & Kovalev to be in the lead, with Yablokov and Anisomov right behind. It’s all to play for in the free. Even the guys further back could move up. I wouldn‘t write off Vlad D from climbing up the rankings. There’s 6/7 guys I’d like on the Team but sadly it’s only going to be 3.

Probably my favourite skate was from Danil Fedosimov. A very different take on a well known song, I loved his style, it was very musical.I hope he skates well in the free.


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Feb 22, 2014
My favourite was Kirill S, of course. I also loved Ilya Y and Artem K.

I didn't see him live but when I was catching up on the last group my jaw dropped at Egor R. Those jumps were amazing! Did he always have those?

I'm both excited and nervous for the free, which kicks off in a little under 2 hours now! Correction, the FS starts nearly an hour earlier than the SP did! It's only 25 minutes away now!
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