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2022 U.S. Nationals: Junior Rhythm Dance


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Oct 22, 2005
Boy, am I behind the times. When did Elliana and Ethan Peal move from Chicago? They were with the Skokie Valley Skating Club, in fact from Jason's hometown. Wouldn't surprise me if they knew Kori back then either.
PM me for a story on that one...


Sep 1, 2020
Good job for Ling and Wein! They suddenly had new pressure on them after the top names withdrew and it looks like they lived up to that pressure!
Not too much pressure unless you allow nerves to get the best of you. It was a huge opportunity, and they were prepared to take advantage of it. They've been a very competitive team for several years now in U.S. junior ice dance.

I missed the Browns and Flores/Tsarevski though.

Wolfkostin/Chen have moved up to seniors @Jammers (and DelCamp/Somerville split earlier last year). Ian is now competing in seniors with Emily Bratti, and Kat DelCamp is partnered with Billy Wilson French -- they will compete in juniors for Great Britain.
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