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2022 U.S. Nationals: Senior Free Dance


Record Breaker
Dec 4, 2004
My opinion only, but Evan Bates would have long been a World Champion and Olympic Medalist (probably Champ) with Emily Samuelson. I feel Emily Samuelson was the better skater when they were team up and Evan Bates had to work hard to be equal as a partner. I know Madison Chock has worked very hard on her basic skating and edgework but I feel like Evan Bates has more or less coasted in this regard waiting for his partner to "catch up". Madison Chock is a more extroverted performer than Emily was, but I would say the same in comparison to Meryl Davis. I am in no way dismissing them, but in some ways am disappointed in what coulda been
I am an aquaintence of their coaches, Yasa and Yuri, as I have backed some of their students. I really liked Emily and saw her at Greensboro after the breakup....she looked gutshot... :( What might have been???? I dont pretend to know. But Yasa told me she studied Yoga and did some coaching for her and of course became a financial consultant and got a hubby and a kid....I am glad things seemed to work out for her...