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2022 US Nationals: Ice Dance - Thoughts?


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Jun 6, 2018
I've been so out of the loop this season, that I don't know all the stories. I was genuinely shocked when I saw C/P's SD, but you explanation is very uhm explanatory! Thanks for catching me up.
I’m not in skating circles, so the first I heard of it was today when Dave Lease mentioned it during their nationals episode!


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Mar 14, 2007
Agree material wise - some of their best work as juniors was when the programmes were really fun or I thought that they sold a tango pretty well for a team that were really young at the time.

According to TSL (who I know we can't always trust, but the rumours are more often true than not with them), Anthony has been skating on a fractured foot (or maybe ankle, I forget) all season and will need surgury in the off-season. I can believe it, because it would make a lot of sense and explain this season a little. She has been improving, absolutely and I think the change in skating technique is just a time consuming process. He has gotten better with his emoting but his skating and strength has been weaker than normal. After hearing this rumour, I went back and watched both their programmes here and some of their biggest issues (stationary lift, midnight blues, one step, twizzles) ALL occur when he requires strength in his right foot. Something tech wise hasn't been adding up this season, and this makes it add up in my eyes.

That’s crazy. Sometimes I forget how tough these athletes are, then I see a story like this. They thought I had a fractured foot (turned out to be something else) and I could hardly walk and was in a ton of pain. Treatment is rest and elevating foot.

And he’s been out skating on it. At an elite level.