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2022 World Junior Championships: Pairs Short Program


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Mar 14, 2007
Really? Raf can go to Junior Worlds but Mariah has to go to Sr Worlds by herself?


Mar 24, 2004
Alabama fan and alumna. Been watching since the 80s when there was a curtain hung so you couldn’t see how few people were there.
At least they got to Nats…I didn’t think they’d do it after Blanco got injured so that’s a plus and I think the team is getting stronger. At least you’re not a Gymdawg fan. Now that’s what I call rough.

Done with derailing the thread. On to actual watch the vids for the SP.


Jan 31, 2019
Just caught up! Glad to see Safina/Berulava picking up steam! I was so bummed when the Japanese Fed pushed them out of the JGPF, so I keep being 2x as happy when they do well!


Feb 17, 2010
No, it's not breaking the rules, but it IS sandbagging. As Karina Safina turns 19 next month, this is the last year of junior eligibility for her. OTOH, Luka is 19 (born in Nov) so has two more years of junior eligibility; with a new partner, he could continue to compete at JW even while moving up at senior championship events.

It's not quite the same for Ilia. He is 17. He skated in the JGP in 2019 at 14, then went to JW 2020 and finished 16th. The only competition he could do in the 2020-21 season was Skate America, where he was 5th. Instead of competing during CoVid time, he trained and brought his skating up several levels, not only with jumps, but with spins and footwork as well. When he competed at the JGP this past season, he was the top-ranked skater.

When he finished 2nd at 2022 US Nationals, many people thought he should have been sent to the Olympics. I didn't think that was a good idea, as he'd not had any high-level senior experience. His FS performance at 2022 Worlds showed that he wasn't quite ready for prime time. But he did need that lesson, and I expect to see better at JW.

Ilia (born Dec 2004) has two more years of junior eligibility, but you can bet this is his last junior competition. He was concerned about getting GP events next season, and by finishing top 9 at Worlds, he is now guaranteed two events.
Is Safina's ISU profile wrong for her birth year (2004)? If not then she is only 17 now turning 18 next month ... Regardless I don't see what the big deal is for them to compete here and "collect a medal" :shrug: