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2023 European Championships Pairs Free Skate


Record Breaker
Jan 17, 2022
or Australia
Are Nastya and Hektor doing all three major championships this season? šŸ¤Æ

They're definitely doing 4CC and Jr Worlds, so by the time Worlds rolls around, that would be the third competition in 6-7 weeks, and that's with them having to travel first from Australia (I assume) to the US, then to Canada and then to Japan.


Final Flight
Jan 1, 2007
Being honest I thought it was a poor quality competition but the Top 3 are correct. I had hoped for more from both Germans. I didnā€˜t realise Blommaert had been sick, I would like to have seen Efimova on the podium. I thought the Hungarians were marked very harshly on PCS in both programmes and would have them fourth.

I didnā€™t realise Guarise had such a big age gap to his new partner, I had hoped for more from them. He seemed a bit off. I really liked the Ukrainians, they need to work on the jumps but the Pairs elements are great. I was dissapointed hear M/P from Georgia had split, they could have medaled here.


Jun 26, 2012
As I was working until late, I only watched this just now. What a joy. I was so happy for all the Italian pairs, and for the Germans as well even if they only got one medal. But Three pairs next year. As well as two Dutch pairs which made me pleased as well. I mean, two Dutch pairs. As if we're the ones with some history in pairs. The Crafoords may not have the best technical score, but I find them so brave. Greta hurt her shoulder yesterday, and instead of withdrawing they played it safe so they could still perform. I admired that. In fact I admired everybody, doubling out or not. I was so happy for Rebecca and Filippo. Maybe not the gold, but still the best FS and the Silver. Oh, I am crying again. Sara and Niccolo are so lovely to watch. Great night.