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21-22 Japan Regional competition -Block#3 Tokyo Regional (東京選手権大会)


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Oct 22, 2018
Does anyone know who Marin trains with?
In addition to Nobuo Sato which Skatesocs mentioned, Takeshi Honda on some weekends, according to this article on Oct. 8, 2021.
Marin goes to Meiji University in Tokyo and mainly trains with Nobuo Sato and his wife Kumiko Sato. Sometimes she goes to her parents' house in Kyoto for a weekend stay and trains with Takeshi Honda.


Wishing Kazuki Tomono Best of Luck in Sochi
Final Flight
May 4, 2014
Not sure if it's already been shared but I managed to upload Kao Miura's programs to dailymotion
Please let me know if there's any problem viewing the videos and/or the specific skaters/programs you want to see
I'll try to upload more later (almost 4am my time, need to get a nap in before work 😅)

Kao Miura SP
Kao Miura FS

Satoko Miyahara SP
Satoko Miyahara FS
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