A future for Synchronized Skating at Olympic or X Games?

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Feb 27, 2012
Synchro ever @ future Olympic or X Games??: comments from USFS

Excerpt from a US Figure Skating Q and A yesterday (Feb 26) on assorted subjects (i.e., most unrelated to synchro):

Tammy Luc Brooks asked

“When will synchronized skating become an Olympic sport? How can we make this happen? Can it become an X-games event?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

Frankly, we don’t know if or when Synchronized Skating will become an Olympic event. The sport has more than a decade of international championships as well as worldwide participation but the process is a tough one for a sport to become added to the Games and the decision is ultimately out of our hands. We will continue to support Synchronized Skating and we would love the discipline to some day be contested at the Olympics. For now, we are extremely excited to be hosting this year’s World Synchronized Skating Championships in Boston this April. We don’t feel Synchronized Skating has a future in the X-Games.

Sorry if a new thread is overkill for just the few general words above.
I don't know a thing about synchro, but from Sochi-related threads, I have the impression that its prospects as a possible Olympic sport is a matter of interest.

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