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Feb 14, 2014
Adelina Sotnikova (Russian: Адели́на Со́тникова) is a Ladies Silnges Skater who used to represent Russia. She was born on 1 July 1996 in Moscow, Russia.

Adelina says her name in this video:

Original Post by Mrs. P on October 28, 2012​

I absolutely adored her at Skate America, mistakes and all, and I really like that she is skating like a maturing young lady!

Also I love this. She looks good in yellow!

Update by sunny_stars on April 10, 2016

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2015-2016SambaJe Suis Malade (Lara Fabian)Swan Lake Theme (Garret)
2014-2015Swan Lake Theme (Garrett)Je Suis Malade (Lara Fabian)N/A
2013-2014Habanera (Bizet)Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso (Saint-Saens)Oblivion (Piazzolla) / Come Together (Magoni)
2012-2013Capriccio Espangol (Rimsky-Korsakov)Tough Lover (Aguilera)Welcome to Burlesque (Cher)
2011-2012Bolero (Ravel)Liebestraum (Liszt)Hernando's Hideaway (Ross)
2010-2011Waltzes (Strauss II)Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso (Saint-Saens)Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)
2009-2010Waltzes (Strauss II)Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)Waltzes (Strauss II)
2008-2009Eastern SoundsSwan Lake (Tchaikovsky)Hernando's Hideaway (Ross)

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2015 Mordovian Ornament75.57128.32203.892nd
2015 Rostelecom Cup65.48
2015 Golden Spin of Zagreb54.43105.37159.806th
2016 Russian Nationals69.47128.51197.986th

2014-2015 Russian Cup - III Stage66.63129.68196.311st


2014 Winter Olympics74.64149.95224.591st
2014 Europeans70.73131.63202.632nd
2014 Russian Nationals72.53
2013 Grand Prix Final68.38104.92173.305th
2013 Trophee Eric Bompard60.01129.80189.812nd
2013 Cup of China66.03108.67174.702nd

2013 World Team Trophy67.13115.97183.104T / 4P
2013 Worlds59.62116.36175.989th
2013 Europeans67.61126.38193.992nd
2013 Russian Nationals66.99123.76190.753rd
2012 Rostelecom Cup57.11100.87157.985th
2012 Skate America58.93110.03168.963rd
2012 Nebelhorn Trophy58.48109.75168.232nd


2012 World Team Trophy56.12113.57169.695T / 4P
2012 Junior Worlds56.57111.88168.453rd
2012 Youth Olympic Games59.4499.64159.082nd
2012 Russian Nationals68.65125.06193.711st
2011 Golden Spin51.83110.64162.471st
2011 Rostelecom Cup57.79111.96169.753rd
2011 Cup of China53.74106.21159.953rd

2011 Junior Worlds59.51115.45174.961st
2011 Russian Nationals63.79133.65197.441st
2010 Junior Grand Prix Final57.27112.54169.811st
2010 JGP England59.39107.31166.701st
2010 JGP Austria61.32117.65178.971st


2010 Russian Nationals59.77112.92172.694th

2009 Russian Nationals54.93105.62160.551st

Golden Skate Interviews, threads and Articles

October 2012. "Russia's Grown Up Sotnikova is Hungry for New Success"

February 2011 "Sotnikova On Track for Junior Worlds"

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Her DWTS programs [ALL THANKS TO DOBRINFAN (aka RadSotnikhanovich)] :cheer:
Adelina Sotnikova on DWTS Spring 2015

Here is a complete playlist of all dances in HD!!!

All dances includes practice footage and judging:

Contemporary (English Subs) Sevara Nazarkhan "There's no me"

ChaChaCha Duffy "Mercy"

Foxtrot Frank Sinatra "Hello Dolly"

Samba Elka "Provans"

Waltz John Cranko ballet "Onegin"

Rumba Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You"

Argentine Tango Nathan Lanier "Torn"

Jive Bruno Mars "Runaway Baby"

Quarterfinals Hip-hop MCHammer "Can't Touch This"

Semi-finals Lyrical Freestyle Alla Pugacheva "Love is Like a Dream"

Dance 1: Yablochko "Russian Sailor Dance"

Dance 2: Paso Doble ESPostumus "Unstoppable"

Adelina, Gleb, Agnia playing twister
Adelina presented with the People's Choice Award +Finalist montage
Final results

Congratulations Adelina and Gleb on your 2nd place, you are WINNERS in all the hearts of your fans!!! :cheer:

ETA: music selections

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Most articles were translated by Google Translate. Read with discretion. Fan translations will be credited.Adelina Sotnikova: Evgenia Medvedeva Victory only spur me-google translated; posted by Radsotnikhanovhich

Sotnikova: People love me + ad features from Elle Magazine, Nike and Tag Heuer
-google translated; posted by Radsotnikhanovhich


"Princess" from Birulevo
-no translation available; posted by Tyranid
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Nov 12, 2012
Adelina has been my favorite of the new Russian youngsters since I first saw her and nothing has changed since she started competing on the senior circuit. She didn't have a great GP season but it was still decent and I think it's just part of the growing process. It will be interesting to see how she does at Europeans and Worlds (Has she been named to the Worlds team?). I think she's the whole package. And now to find out that she's a Joubert fan. I'm even more impressed!


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Jun 3, 2008
I cant remember which year's exhibition was that she was wearing a gorgeous black silver dress and was skating to swan lake.Thats my fav of hers.


Feb 28, 2012
She was really good!! I liked her before, too. But I became an Adelina fan at Euros 2013. Now I hope she will surprise everybody and get a medal at Worlds, too.


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Oct 25, 2012
For anybody who is on vKontakte, Adelina has uploaded an absolutely brilliant video to her profile!!! :biggrin: (Unfortunately for non-members, Adelina has her profile set to private. So, I am afraid you do have to sign in to view it).

The video is set to “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas. In it, Adelina and some of her fellow skaters are dancing, posing and generally messing about like normal teenagers do!

I’m not sure, but judging by the scenes towards the end, I think that the video was made as a birthday present for Adelina (she turned 17 on 1st July).

Alina Fjodorova has posted some photos to Facebook, so that was how I found out the video was filmed when they were in Jelgava, Latvia a couple of weeks ago for training. I realised who a lot of the people were and, through a combination of people being tagged in the photos and good old-fashioned detective work (i.e. checking status updates to see who had been in Jelgava recently!), I was able to identify all but 2 of the remaining skaters.

Here is a group photo of the girls:

Adelina Sotnikova, Maria Artemyeva, Polina Agafanova, the “97 girl” (see below), and Alina herself on the end.​

Maria was the only one that Alina had tagged, which was just as well as she was one of the girls that I didn’t recognise! ;) Unfortunately, I haven’t worked out who the girl beside Alina is. :disapp:

Here is another group photo, with 3 of the girls and 2 of the boys:

Alina Fjodorova, Polina Agafanova, Maria Artemyeva, Pavel Ignatenko, and the guy I don’t recognise!​

Vladislav Sezganov (the other guy I didn't recognise by myself) was not in any of the group photos, but he was tagged in another photo in Alina’s album.

It is really annoying me that I haven’t been able to place who the remaining people are. Not being able to put a name to the blonde girl that was wearing the “97” top in the beach scenes is particularly annoying me, as she is an absolutely brilliant dancer. :points:

Incidentally, Alina’s photos were taken on the day they were in town rather than the day they were at the beach, so the “97 girl” is wearing a white top and yellow shorts in the photos.

A thing that watching this video started me wondering: is Adelina a trained dancer? Because the routines she did in this video – especially the ones with the “97 girl” – are VERY professional looking! To the extent, that you could imagine both these girls as backing dancers for some pop star! :rock:

I don’t know if they choreographed the routines themselves or got somebody else to do them. But, whoever it was, they are brilliant at choreography!

And now for something completely different. For those of you that like Harlem Shakes (personally, I don’t see the point), there is also a video on Adelina’s profile of this one by her skating club, CSKA Moscow:

This is definitely the tamest Harlem Shake I have ever seen! Apart from a bit of head banging and arm waving from Adelina (pale green top, long blue skirt), there was no chaos at all! Like, some of the skaters were even doing proper jumps!!!

One final piece of advice: If you can get access to the videos, WATCH THEM IN HIGH DEFINITION. The quality is SOOOOO much better in HD - the difference is like Day and Night!!! [Standard Definition on vKontakte is no-where near as clear as it's equivalent on YouTube, but High Definition on vKontact is far clearer than it's equivalent on YouTube!]



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Dec 28, 2005
The guy is Artem Borodulin's brother Sergei. The girl is Kristina Zaseeva. Both skate in the same group as Kovtun and Sotnikova.


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Oct 25, 2012
The guy is Artem Borodulin's brother Sergei. The girl is Kristina Zaseeva. Both skate in the same group as Kovtun and Sotnikova.

Thank you so much for the help, DobrinFan!!!

Ah, so that Artem's brother! You know, I probably should have worked that out because they look so much like each other! :p But, I never knew about Sergei before, so that's my excuse... :slink:

But from what I've seen in the video and Alina's photos (there is a good one of him gate-crashing an attempt at taking the girls group photo!), he seems like a really fun guy!

I’ve only been able to find a few videos of Sergei in action on the ice:

2009 FS
2009 FS (same performance, but no lead in)
2010 SP
2010 FS
2012 SP
2012 FS

Collectively, not bad. But having seen what he is like off the ice, he could do with putting some of that personality into his performances. We like routines that tick all the boxes technically, but a some fun just adds that little bit more to the overall performance. Hey, it never did Plushenko, Joubert, or Amodio or any harm!

Now that I know who she is, I realise that I wouldn't have worked out who Kristina Zaseeva was. I don't recognise the name at all.

But I can tell you something - I will be keeping a close eye out for Kristina in the future because, as I said above, she is a brilliant dancer. If the technical side of her skating is in any way good, she has the potential to be a dark horse in Nationals in years to come, as she certainly is very artistically minded!

Back to Adelina, and I am really looking forward to seeing what she can do in this Olympic season. I really hope she can put together a strong season and silence the nay-sayers once and for all! ;) :biggrin:



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Nov 20, 2011
nice EX but the Flip is the same
close your eyes its a 50/50 chance of Flip landing or popping


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Dec 28, 2005
Beautiful program, the atmosphere created by the way she uses those "wings" is wonderful!! :love: And I love the fact that she always attempts difficult jumps in EX!

OMG the way she uses those wings!!!! It's amazing :love: I would have love to see this as her SP, minus the wings of course!!!!


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Dec 28, 2005
She did to Carmen (Habanera) but most of the programs on the official Youtube page are partial videos. Who knows if they will post it :scowl:


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Oct 25, 2012
OMG the way she uses those wings!!!! It's amazing :love: I would have love to see this as her SP, minus the wings of course!!!!

I :love: LOVE :love: Adelina, but that routine just does not do it for me.

Those "wings" were just far too big, and whenever Adelina held them alongside her, they completely hid her! I'm sure the audience were getting annoyed that for large parts of the routine, they couldn't actually see the skating star they wanted to see!

For me, it would have worked better if the "wings" were a lot smaller. Like, say, the same length, but with the height reduced to that of the flags that are brought on by the wee girls skating in the opening ceremonies of competitions. Then it might have looked more impressive.

But, fair play to Adelina for trying! A lot of skaters wouldn't even attempt to do a routine with props, never mind props that big! So, well done for pushing the boat out!

As for the SP, not more Carmen! :rolleye:

Mind you, every time I hear "Habanera", in my head I am singing the lyrics that were sung by the Ghostly Trio in the 1990's "Casper" cartoon: "Pizza pie, I eat sardines..." :laugh: