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Dec 21, 2017
Alessia Tornaghi is a Ladies singles figure skater who represents Italy. She was born on 3 July 2003 in Milan, Italy.

As a junior, she is a two-time Italian silver medalist. She has won several medals at international events. She is the winner of the 2019 Cup of Tyrol, 2019 Sofia Trophy, and 2017 Leo Scheu Memorial. She debuted on the JGP circuit in 2017.

At the senior level she is the 2019 and 2020 Italian National Champion.

She is coached in Moscow by Viktoria (Volchkova) Butsaeva and supported by Marilu Guarnieri and Karel Zelenka jr. Her fomer coaches were Svetlana Veretennikova and Olga Romanova.

ISU bio

Wikipedia entry

Social Media
Instagram -

Personal Best Total Score178.602020 Winter Youth Olympic Games
Personal Best Score Short Program62.192020 Winter Youth Olympic Games
Personal Best Score Free Skating125.222020 Winter Youth Olympic Games

Personal Best Total Score
ISU JGP Cup of Austria 2017​
Personal Best Score Short Program
ISU JGP Cup of Austria 2017​
Personal Best Score Free Skating
ISU JGP Cup of Austria 2017​

Programs and Videos
SP: Naqoyqatsi by Philip Glass; Ensemble by Philip Glass; Plunder by Ghostwriter, Michael H. Lee
FS: Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone, performed by William Joseph; Cinema Paradiso (Remember) by Ennio Morricone, performed by Monica Mancini; Fuga, Ricerca e Ritorno by Ennio Morricone

SP: "The Messiah Will Come Again" by Ray Buchanan
FS: "I Am What I Am" by Jerry Herman, performed by Gloria Gaynor

2020/21 Gran Premio Italia (Final)

2021 Italian Nationals

2020/21 Gran Premio Italia (Stage 3)

SP2: Piano Concerto No. 3; Trio élégiaque No. 1 by Sergei Rachmaninoff; choreo. by Edoardo De Bernardis
SP1: "The Matrix" by Don Davis; choreo. by Edoardo De Bernardis
FS: "With One Look" (from Sunset Boulevard) performed by Barbra Streisand; by Andrew Lloyd Webber; choreo. by Edoardo De Bernardis

2020 European Championships
SP: (geoblocked in USA)​
FS: (geoblocked in USA)​
2020 Youth Olympic Games
2019-2020 Italian Championships
2019 Warsaw Cup
2019 JGP Egna-Neumarkt
2019 JGP Zagreb

SP: "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough", "You're Not Alone" and "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson
FS: "Romeo and Juliet" (soundtrack) by Abel Korzeniowski
Ex: "Love You Anymore" by Michael Buble

2019 Egna Spring Trophy
SP: no video found​
2019 Cup of Tyrol
12th Skate Helena 2019
2018/19 Italian Championships
1st Christmas Cup 2018
2018 CS Inge Solar Memorial - Alpen Trophy
30th Golden Bear 2018
2018 JGP Bratislava

SP: "Sultan in Love" performed by Princesses of Violin
FS: no information found

2018 Coupe du Printemps
2018 Jégvirág Cup
2017/18 Italian Championships
43th Leo Scheu Memorial 2017 (Ice Challenge)
22nd Cup of Nice 2017
2017 JGP Salzburg

SP: "Tango de amor" by Orchestra ("The Addams Family" OST)
FS: "Nero" by Thomas Bergersen (from "Two Steps from Hell")

2017 Egna Spring Trophy
2017 Coupe Meyrinoise Internationale
2017 Dragon Trophy
2016/17 Italian Championships
2016 Skate Celje

SP: no information found
FS: "Vado al massimo" by Vasco Rossi

2015/16 Italian Championships
SP: no video found​

SP: no information found
FS: no information found

2014/15 Italian Novice Championships

Competitive History

Short programFree skatingTotal
2022 Italian NationalsSenior40.23785.856126.08
2022 Warsaw CupSenior45.771972.8121118.5821
2020/21 Gran Premio Italia (Final)Senior61.754108.032169.784
2021 Italian NationalsSenior57.884104.844162.724
2020/21 Gran Premio Italia (Stage 3)Senior63.89297.712161.602
European Championship 2020Senior61.277110.9011172.178
Youth Olympics 2020Junior62.196116.415178.606
Italian Championships 2020Senior68.861121.161190.021
Warsaw Cup 2019Senior50.3113122.352172.665
31st Golden BearSenior59.843118.301178.141
Ice Star 2019 ISUSenior47.7312105.434153.164
JGP Egna 2019Junior56.677119.262175.933
JGP Zagreb 2019Junior45.4214103.445148.869
2019 Egna Spring TrophyJunior48.935104.752153.682
2019 Cup of TyrolJunior51.21198.841150.051
2019 Sofia TrophyJunior55.19298.961154.151
12th Skate Helena 2019Junior50.07291.424141.493
2018/19 Italian ChampionshipsSenior57.052117.341174.391
1st Christmas Cup 2018Junior55.802102.132157.932
2018 CS Inge Solar Memorial Alpen TrophyJunior49.07396.622145.692
30th Golden Bear 2018Junior55.36599.775155.136
2018 JGP BratislavaJunior46.241480.3016126.5414
2018 Egna Spring TrophyJunior46.05597.511143.563
2018 Coupe du PrintempsJunior50.46285.664136.122
2018 Jégvirág CupJunior49.64179.135128.773
2018 Sofia TrophyJunior51.28292.692143.972
2017/18 Italian ChampionshipsJunior54.02391.504145.524
20th Merano Cup 2017Junior50.25276.796127.046
43th Leo Scheu Memorial 2017Junior47.77191.391139.161
22nd Cup of Nice 2017Junior52.23394.163146.393
2017 JGP SalzburgJunior45.881278.6313124.5114
2017 Egna Spring TrophyAdvanced novice41.09167.061108.151
29th Coppa Europa 2017Advanced novice33.91364.56198.471
2017 Coupe Meyrinoise InternationaleAdvanced novice43.91169.732113.641
2017 Dragon TrophyAdvanced novice36.67257.16393.833
2016/17 Italian ChampionshipsJunior56.83294.983151.812
2016 Skate CeljeAdvanced novice41.27161.181102.451
19th Merano Cup 2016Advanced novice38.33250.55588.883
2016 Cup of TyrolAdvanced novice36.33Junior63.892100.223
2016 Bavarian OpenAdvanced novice32.93455.66888.597
2015/16 Italian ChampionshipsJunior44.19181.272125.462
18th Merano Cup 2015Advanced novice29.49656.93586.426
2015 Lombardia TrophyAdvanced novice31.21849.36980.578
27th Coppa Europa 2015Advanced novice31.74155.11186.851
2014/15 Italian Novice ChampionshipsAdvanced novice33.91158.27192.181
2015 Bavarian OpenAdvanced novice26.791254.37681.167
8th Skate Helena 2015Advanced novice33.84251.83385.672
6th Rooster cup 2014Cubs37.885
5th Rooster cup 2013Cubs32.638
4th Rooster cup 2012Chicks28.076

Original Post by sweetice
She's a two times silver medalist on junior nationals, but this season she decided to train in Russia.

Her JGP debut wasn't good, but then she was silver at the Alpen Trophy and at the Christmast Cup, behind Vasilieva and Vakhitova. Without Caro at this senior nationals, she decided to try to medal at the senior competition, even if she's still a junior internationally, and she has surprisingly won :clap: The short was unclean, but she tried a 3Lz+3T combo. The free was almost clean, as the 3Lz was downgraded, and it's her best performance of the season: :agree:

Coach: Viktoria Butsaeva, at the Olympic School Moskvich
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Oct 20, 2017
I love her free program and her dress! I am so sad that she is 3 days shy of being able to go to Europeans.


Sep 8, 2016
She has so much potential! So, we’ll see her at junior worlds most likely. I’m hoping for top 10 but that’ll be extremely hard.


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Dec 21, 2017
I was assuming that time passed on Russia by Alessia was a stage, and at CSKA, because of the skaters on that instagram photo. Now we have more clear info.

A recent italian interview of Alessia :

She's training on Moscow from the end of September, at the Olympic School Moskvich. Her new coach is Viktoria (Volchkova) Butsaeva, the same of Murashov, for make an example. She's still supported by Marilù Guarnieri and representing the Agorà of Milan.

So... it's actually the opposite of what i was thinking.
She's training in Russia, and her presences in Italy, like now on Turin with Edoardo De Bernardis, were the stages.

Both of her programs were created by Guarnieri back in April.

Her next assumed competitions: Helena Cup, Sofia Trophy, Cup of Tyrol and Egna Trophy

Still nothing about if we'll see her at the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival or the JWR. Wasn't asked to her :confused2:


Jan 24, 2006
I've just updated Alessia's OP. I've added all the results, programs and as many videos as I could find. Enjoy :)

BTW, I haven't followed the situation in the Italian ladies very closely, but how is that the 2019 Italian National Champion was not send to either of the ISU championships (Junior Worlds or Worlds)? Was she injured?

BTW, I love her dresses :)


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Dec 21, 2017
She will be senior eligible on the next season. At the same time we can expecting to see her again also on the JGP series.


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Dec 21, 2017

Just WOW ! What a great program is the newer free skating, she's really starting to express why she is the national senior champion.


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Sep 5, 2009
It was so great to see her skate so well today, in front of a home crowd and win a medal! She was definitely one my highlights of this competition. Congrats, Alessia! :hap10:

I hope this helps build her confidence and that she can use this momentum for the rest of the year!


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Dec 21, 2017
This time Alessia wasn't a surprise. Great and deserved confirmation :clap:

I really hope to see her on the top ten at the european championship.


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
What a lovely short programme from Alessia today! Very graceful, and she hit the notes perfectly today.

Edit: She's managed to hold on to first place in the SP for so long! This has been such an impressive performance from her.

elektra blue

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Jul 11, 2018
jrworlds entries are out, the field is tough. Alessia ended up in top 10 at Euros where do you think she is going to place here? i think she can do it again, even if you add one more russian, 3 american,2 japanese and 3 korean girls