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Apr 16, 2018

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Jul 27, 2016
from Sikharulidze's interview which I saw only today

S: I often roomed with Lyoshka Yagudin. Once, in Paris, we had such a great celebration, that we forgot about the gala.
Q: Really?
S: We forgot that the organizers shifted the beginning of the gala to 14.00 — usually we would skate in the evening. Racing along, we came to the rink an hour before the beginning. I had changed into my costume, Lena and I started warming up. Suddenly, Yagudin: "Help! I left my costume in the hotel!" And it was almost his turn to go on the ice!
Q: What did you do?
S: I gave him my shirt and trousers. First, I skated, then Lyokha skated in the same costume. Even though he's ten centimeters shorter. By the way, do you know when all the fun starts in the figure skating?
Q: When?
S: The night before the gala, when you can relax already. We used to all get together in someone’s room, open beer, wine, champagne... Once when I was rooming with Yagudin, we had a party for forty people or so. Russians and foreigners. You should have seen our room in the morning! We woke up and were stunned. A chair was broken, the lampshade was torn off the lamp, the couch had cigarette burns, glasses were broken, empty bottles strewn around. While we were trying to get our bearings, the manager appeared. He gave us a bill for everything that was broken, for an ottoman that disappeared without a trace, for all the drinks that were put on our room. When we heard the total, we instantly sobered up. Two thousand dollars! For us at the time it was a cosmic sum. But it couldn't be helped, so we paid.

(in English)
(in Russian)

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Jul 27, 2016
Any new info about the show in Verona? I can't find anything e.g. about the tickets:scratch2:

I didn't see the tickets. I see only this new post, where Averbukh repeats they are going to Verona.
In the comments to the previous post ( Averbukh says, that the dates for Verona are October 6, October 7.

from Sochi :luv17:
averbukhofficial: It is our 5th year in Sochi which became home for us. Few people believed that we could be successful for so long, but we made it!!!!

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Jul 27, 2016
Skating in a pair

Yagudin started to skate in a pair in the "Ice Age" TV-show. Actually, first it was called "Stars on Ice" (when he skated with Pushkina). All the girls are not skaters.

Valeria Lanskaya skated, when she was a child, so they could do interesting numbers.
She was Yagudin's third partner, they skated together in 2008 and 2009.

Je T'Aime (I Love You) - 2009

A Star Of Rinks - 2008

Tangedia - 2009

Parisienne Walkways - 2008

To Stay Alive - 2009

Don't Wait For Me - 2009

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - 2009

Gracias a la vida - 2008

From Dawn To Dawn (Sing, The Guitar) - 2009

Fellini - 2008

Cry Me A River - 2009

By The Black Sea - 2008

Diego Libre Dans Sa Tête (Freedom Is In Your Head) - 2009

The Felt Boots (Valenki) - 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean - 2009

The Snowstorm - 2009

I Fell In Love With You (by Zemfira) - 2008

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 43 - 2009

Romance (by Splean) - 2009

An Ordinary Wonder - 2008
It is a beautiful tale by Evgeni Shvarts, the movie is very beautiful too. The young man is a bear turned into a man. He wants to become a bear again. The Magician promises him, that it will happen, if a princess kisses him. The Bear meets The Princess, but she is so nice, that he doesn't dare to frighten her, he runs away. They both fall in love. Finally... The Bear finds her again, they kiss, but The Bear doesn't turn into a bear after the kiss.
this song with subtitles:

Dedicated to a woman - 2009

Paroles - 2008

Bumbarash - 2008
Bumbarash is the name of the main character in the "Bumbarash" movie.

Believe (by Elton John) - 2009

Il Maestro di Violino

Guantanamera - 2008

The Black Raven - 2008
There are different variants of this folk song, but anyway the song says, that he has married his death, so I think, that it is odd to sing "still alive" in the end.
in English
(you can also see the text, if you press "SHOW MORE")
in Russian, with English subtitles

Cabaret - 2009

Cyclops (by Yello) - 2009

Pagliacci: Vesti la giubba - 2008

The Man I Love

The Bremen Town Musicians - 2008 (their first number)
this is a song from a good soveit cartoon

Pagan dance - 2009

Without you (by Mariah Carey) - 2008

Viktoria Daineko was the second partner for Yagudin (2007). Skating was difficult for her, but some numbers are funny. Yagudin also tells his leg didn't obey after the surgery, so that Daineko was shocked, when he had come to the rink and she saw he couldn't be as great as she expected him to be.
Yagudin had to explain, that they were not lovers. He had a girlfriend. Daineko asked him to be an actor in the video of her new song. He asked why don't they sing together. And he sang with her. Now he switches this song on, when he wants his tired friends to laugh, to be more cheerful.

It's Oh So Quiet (their first number)

Don't Worry, My Country


Let My People Go

Singing in The Rain

Waiting For a Miracle

From Dusk Till Dawn

Intxity (?)



You Said "No" Twice

the song ("The Needle")

Maria Kozhevnikova skated and danced with Yagudin in 2010. Though... their dancing was much more interesting than their skating. The project was called "The Ice and The Flame". (You can see their dancing in another post)

Piu Che Puoi (Cher and Eros Ramazzotti)

I Guess I Loved You (by Lara Fabian)

Armageddon (I Don't Want to Miss a Thing)

The Love Has Come

The Chistye Ponds

A Girl Was Walking In a Garden

I Have Nothing

Oxana Pushkina was Yagudin's first partner - in 2006 (before his surgery). She is much elder than him. It was difficult for them to become partners. But soon their relationship became better. Now Pushkina trusted Yagudin, obeyed him, laughed, but... she still tried to be strict with him. He didn't care. He kept playing with her.
Many years later Pushkina was saying, that Yagudin had become a good friend for her.

(their first number)


Le face (Once in America) (3rd epizode)

Gopher Mambo (4th epizode)

Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat

The Winner Takes It All

Two Stars (7th epizode)

If I Was a Sultan (8th epizode)

A Doll (tango)

17 Moments Of Spring

Rina RUS

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Jul 27, 2016
(Don't be shocked, please. I post all these links in comments now, because I want to have links to these posts in the first post of this thread, so that the first post wouldn't be extremely long) :coffee:

Rina RUS

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Jul 27, 2016
Dancing in a pair

Kristina Kretova danced with Yagudin in 2011. The project was called "Bolero". All the girls were ballerinas, all the boys were skaters. Kretova and Yagudin became the winners.
Kristina tells, that their families became friends accidentally, two months before the project. They were having a rest, when Yagudin took a seat at their table, he said: "You are Russians, aren't you? Today is my birthday." When Averbukh had told Yagudin about the project, Yagudin decided, that he wanted Kristina to be his partner.
If Yagudin didn't like some music which Kristina wanted to take, Kristina could phone Tanya Totmianina, and after that Alexei agreed with her choice.
Kristina was sorry, when the project came to an end, Alexei answered: "Nobody makes you forget my phone number."

Another Way To Die - November 5

Montague and Capulet (La Haine) - November 12

Twelve Chairs (tango) - November 19

The Vampires (music by Didyulya) - November 26

Hallelujah - December 3

Would you like? - December 10

Figaro - December 17

Single Ladies - December 24

Maria Kozhevnikova skated and danced with Yagudin in 2010. The project was called "The Ice and The Flame". She is an actress. Here is their dancing.

Red Right Hand

Que Hiciste

Briolin (You're The One That I Want)

Tore My Heart

Ladies and Gentlemen (by Zemfira)

The Girl Who Was With Me

Lady Marmalade

You also can see "Without Safety Rope" project - 2016
(acrobatics, dancing with ribbons, numbers in the air)


Apr 16, 2018
Thank you for posting these, I’ve watched them on you tube before but this makes it easier to find them again [emoji16]. Lyosha is a fab dancer, I love his body popping piece in “single ladies “ I wonder what he would be like on something “dancing with the stars?”

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Jul 27, 2016
Thank you for posting these, I’ve watched them on you tube before but this makes it easier to find them again [emoji16]. Lyosha is a fab dancer, I love his body popping piece in “single ladies “ I wonder what he would be like on something “dancing with the stars?”

Yeah! He also danced zumba, those videos are funny. :laugh15:

As for these projects, I've never seen one of his dances with Daineko (Youtube has it only without sound) and I think I've never seen one number with Lanskaya... Yet I did my best to find everything what we have on Youtube.

You can congratulate me! I joined this forum in 2016, but I "started" Yagudin's thread in 2013. :clapper:
Now I can edit the first post in this thread.

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Jul 27, 2016
Yagudin in Mishin's group

1994 Toccata and Fuga

1994 Jr Worlds LP Concerto de aranjuez

1995 Russian Nationals LP Hussar Medley

In 1996 Yagudin wins Jr Worlds.

1996 Jr Worlds SP Nutcracker:

1996 Jr Worlds LP Gaite Parisienne
(high quality)

1997 Worlds SP Ruslan and Lyudmila:

1997 Worlds FS Carmen:

In 1998 Yagudin doesn't medal at the Olympics, but wins the Worlds for the first time in his life.

1998 Nagano Olympics SP Gipsy dance
(high quality)

1998 Nagano Olympics LP Snowstorm
(high quality)

1998 Worlds SP Gipsy dance

1998 Worlds LP Snowstorm


1996 One banana

1998 Here we Go
(high quality)

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Jul 27, 2016
Other exibitions (1998-2002)

Edited: now all of these videos are on the first page of the thread

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Jul 27, 2016
The withdrawal, farewell speech, farewell skating

2002 Skate America - after SP

2002 Skate America - the withdrawal

2002 Skate America - his interview

2003 Skate Canada - Farewell

2003 Skate Canada - Farewell Speech

2003 Farewell - Memorial

2003 Farewell - Racing

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Jul 27, 2016
MORE (2003-2018)
single skating or interesting group numbers

2018 St. Petersburg
2018 "National pride. The champions skate for Moscow"
about the song:

Cupid - 2018

Tutti Frutti (with Fedotov) - 2018

Muse (Redemption)
2015-2017, videos from different cities

About Love - 2017, for Tarasova's anniversary (70 years)
the TV version (full, but he skates only "Winter" in the TV version)

The Island of Losers
2016, Sofia (Bulgaria)
2017, Ekaterinburg
Russians see not only Yagudin, but also a great Russian actor Andrei Mironov (not only because of the costume). So many people really liked this number, when it was shown on TV Channel One at New Year night. You can see a little piece with Mironov, yet of course, such a piece can't tell much...

The Olive-skinned Girl - 2017
Both songs are about love. About the songs:

Friendly Among Foes - 2017
It was his third solo in the show, so it is not long, but beautiful

"THE CLASSMATES": opening - 2015

How Cold My House is - 2015
(this song was a part of the "CITY LIGHTS" show)

Red Right Hand - 2015

2014, ICE AGE - TV version
2014, Chelyabinsk

Time to Say Goodbye - 2014, ALL THAT SKATE

SOCHI 2014 (2013-2015)
A year before the Olympics there was the "Sochi 2014" ceremony on the Red Square in Moscow. Yagudin skates to the song by Rybak (the Kremlin is visible on the video)
Fairytale (by Rybak)
He also skated in Sochi (a year before the Games) - Winter
He skated in St. Petersburg, when the Olympic torch came to St. Petersburg...
A year after the Olympics he skated again at the SportAccord Convention Opening Ceremony (in Sochi).
I see darling fields...
the ball (rehearsal?)
the ball
the show
Kostroma: a piece

Yello (Squeeze please)
2013, Omsk
2014, Ekaterinburg
On another video people notice (after his falling), that his bootlace is untied. It's visible on the video. And he dances.

"HEARTS OF FOUR": opening - 2013
It wasn't a show with many big stars. Yana Khokhlova, Evgeni Kuznetsov, Leonova and Khvalko, Besedin and Polishuk were skating with Yagudin

"HEARTS OF FOUR": final - 2013
This song is Ukrainian

Burn My Shadow
2012, MWO
2012, Courchevel

2011, Perm (Russia)
2011, ARTISTRY ON ICE (China)

The Aborted Flight - 2012
about the song:

Along an Endless Road - 2012 (OPERA ON ICE)

With Plushenko, Kulik, Lambiel - 2012 (Plushenko's anniversary)

ALL THAT SKATE 2012: opening

Yuna Kim and men - ALL THAT SKATE 2012

2010, SUPER MATCH (South Korea)
the same video in really amazing (better) quality is here:
2014 a funny variant (Chengdu, China)
2015 - Alexei opening an outdoor rink at VDNH (Moscow)
2014 - one more outdoor rink (Istrinskaya valley)
2013 - one more outdoor rink (Krasnoyarsk)

Luna tu - 2010

Month of May - 2010

Bumbarash - 2009
Bumbarash is the name of the main character in the "Bumbarash" movie.

The Boxer - 2008

Blues for Klook - 2007

For Tarasova's anniversary (60 years) - 2007
the TV version (full)

Legend (Flamenko) - 2006

Blue Canary (with Averbukh and Sikharulidze) - 2006

Passion (The Feeling Begins) - 2005

2005, Ice Wars
2007, on the Red Square in Moscow

Angry Eyes - 2005

Guys Boxing - STARS ON ICE 2005?

Winter - "Among Friends" - 2005

Moon over Bourbon Street - 2004

Ain´t That A Shame - 2004

Working Time - 2004

Feelings - 2003

Cowboys - STARS ON ICE 2003

TGIF (???) - STARS ON ICE 2003
We have to wait for Yagudin, but... you'll notice him, when he appears