Allotment of 2020 Junior Grand Prix


Nov 24, 2008
According to the last ISU council decisions, the JGP will be held next year in :

August 26-29, 2020 Richmond / CAN (including Pair Skating)
September 2-5, 2020 Kosice / SVK (including Pair Skating)
September 9-12, 2020 Budapest / HUN
September 16-19, 2020 Shinyokohama / JPN
September 23-26, 2020 Ostrava / CZE (including Pair Skating)
September 30-October 3, 2020 Tashkent / UZB (including Pair Skating)
October 7-10, 2020 Ljubljana / SLO

Four will be held quite in the same area of +/- 700km, with the three other a bit better distributed.
It will be the first time Uzbekistan organizes a JGP (and an international skating event).
Probably the occasion for Turkmenistan, the last new ISU member, to begin in JGP.


Record Breaker
Oct 25, 2012
According to the last ISU council decisions, the JGP will be held next year in :


September 9-12, 2020 Budapest / HUN

When I was watching the Hallowe'en Cup last week, my Mum came in and commented that she recognised the rink, and that I must have been watching something from that rink in the not too distant past. And I commented "Yeah, it was probably from a Junior Grand Prix last season". But when I went and checked, I was shocked to see that the last time Hungary hosted a Junior GP was back in 2009!!! :jaw:

So, I think it is about time that the Series went back! :agree:

(Incidentally, the last time that Budapest hosted Europeans was in 2014, and the last time they hosted Worlds was in 1988. And Hungary has never hosted the GP Final. So, I think the only competition that she could have seen me watching in the recent past was last season's Four Nationals).