Alysa Liu Ready for Change


Record Breaker
May 19, 2011
I got around to watching Alysa's ISP performances yesterday. Again, I think she looks faster--she wasn't the slowest person in that group of skaters. That's a good thing. You can definitely see the difference in speed. Alysa was faster than the girl who skated to Samson & Delilah in the FS (IDK her name); but then you see her next to Mariah (who was flying by comparison) and you can see the difference. Still, Alysa has improved that area.

Her 2A is still low and tight and has a much more pregnant pause than before. That needs to be worked on. I think both of her combos should have received URs. The solo jumps looked fine. I agree she still needs to work on her speed through her jumps so she'll get that nice flowing edge coming out. The spins looked very good, Biellmann was back so that was a plus.

The programs are nice minus all of the shrugging in the SP--that has a distinctly juniorish feel to it. She needs to tap into a Michelle Kwan-Salome level glow up in her styling and the presence she brings to her performances to help showcase her maturity.

All in all, she did fine. I don't think it's time to panic yet. Without those axels she loses her technical edge which means she loses ground in the field. She'll need to get her combos clean and have a 3A to have a better chance of medaling at nationals. Again, if she misses the podium this year she always has next season which is what will count the most.