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Oct 25, 2012
Anastasia Georgievna GALUSTYAN (Armenian: Անաստասիա ԳԱԼՈՒՍՏՅԱՆ; Russian: Анастасия Георгиевна ГАЛУСТЯН) is a Ladies Singles skater who represents Armenia. She was born on 25[SUP]th[/SUP] June 1999 in Moscow, Russia.

She is the 2014 CS Warsaw Cup silver medalist, the 2019 Santa Claus Cup champion, the 2015 CS Warsaw Cup bronze medalist, the 2016 Toruń Cup silver medalist, and the 2014 Tallinn Trophy silver medalist. Her ISU bio reports that she is the four time Armenian champion (2015-18). She placed 10th at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics.

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ISU Bio: bio bio (archived Oct. 2019)

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2019–20 Season
SP: Je t'aime performed by Lara Fabian; choreo by Daryn Zhunussov
FS: Corpse Bride (soundtrack; choreo by Daryn Zhunussov

2018–19 Season
SP: Flamenco Selection
FS: “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi; “Fly” (from “The Intouchables” soundtrack) by Ludovico Einaudi

2017–18 Season
SP: “I Dreamed a Dream” (from “Les Misérables”) by Susan Boyle
FS: “Nos souvenirs (Memories)” (from “Cats”) by Mireille Mathieu

2016–17 Season
SP: “I Dreamed a Dream” (from “Les Misérables”) by Susan Boyle; “Seventeen Moments of Spring” by Mikael Tariverdiev
FS: “The Color of the Night” by Lauren Christy

2015–16 Season
SP: “Once Upon a December” (from “Anastasia”) by David Newman
FS: “Les Deux Guitares” by Paul Mauriat

2014–15 Season
SP: “Une Vie d'Amour” by Charles Aznavour
FS: “MouseHunt” by Alan Silvestri

2013–14 Season
SP: “Summer” (from “The Four Seasons”) by Antonio Vivaldi
FS: “Tango” (from “The Addams Family”) by Marc Shaiman

2011–12 Season
FS: "Party For Me?" by Marc Shaiman from Addams Family soundtrack

Personal Best Scores​

ISU Personal Best Scores for Anastasia Galustyan:

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+3 / -3 Grade Of Execution System

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Absolute Personal Best ScoreAbsolute Season’s Best Score

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LadiesShort ProgrammeFree SkateTotal
Major Championships08 Mar. 2019Winter Universiade64.1509 Mar. 2019Winter Universiade97.7402–12 Mar. 2019Winter Universiade161.89
Grands Prix
Other International Competitions08 Nov. 20192019 Prague Ice Cup55.2129 Nov. 2018Tallinn Trophy103.3125 Nov. – 02 Dec. 2018Tallinn Trophy155.70
National Competitions
Absolute PB08 Mar. 2019Winter Universiade64.1529 Nov. 2018Tallinn Trophy103.3102–12 Mar. 2019Winter Universiade161.89

+3 / -3 Grade Of Execution System

LadiesShort ProgrammeFree SkateTotal
Major Championships25 Jan. 2017European Championships56.4027 Jan. 2017European Championships98.7425–29 Jan. 2017European Championships155.14
Grands Prix11 Nov. 2016Trophée de France56.9221 Nov. 2017Cup of Russia106.8004–06 Nov. 2016Cup Of Russia159.26
Other International Competitions12 Jan. 2017Toruń Cup59.7123 Nov. 2014Warsaw Cup97.5926–29 Nov. 2015Warsaw Cup162.68
National Competitions
Absolute PB12 Jan. 2017Toruń Cup59.7121 Nov. 2017Cup of Russia106.8026–29 Nov. 2015Warsaw Cup162.68

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Competitive History​

Absolute Personal Best ScoreAbsolute Season’s Best Score

Disclaimer: Absolute Personal Best (PB) and Absolute Season’s Best (SB) score designations are based purely on the contents of the Competitive History table in this post. If anybody knows of any scores that are not in the table, please let us know, and we will be only too happy to add them in.

+5 / -5 Grade Of Execution System

2019–20 Season
20-26 January 2020European Championship 2020Senior2750.08
2-8 December 201913th Santa Claus Cup 2019Senior153.96295.961149.92
08-10 November 20192019 Prague Ice CupSenior255.21494.483149.69
09–12 Oct. 2019Denis Ten MemorialSenior553.946100.196154.13
2018–19 Season
18–24 Mar. 2019ISU World ChampionshipsSenior3947.753947.75
02–12 Mar. 2019Winter UniversiadeSenior564.151097.748161.89
20–23 Feb. 2019Open Ice Mall CupSenior449.113101.343150.45
21–27 Jan. 2019European ChampionshipsSenior2148.382284.2522132.63
25 Nov. – 02 Dec. 2018Tallinn TrophySenior1152.3910103.319155.70
18–21 Oct. 2018Ice StarSenior552.19491.824144.01

+3 / -3 Grade Of Execution System

2017–18 Season
20–22 Nov. 2017Cup Of RussiaSenior1248.1011106.8012154.90
27–30 Sep. 2017Nebelhorn TrophySenior1545.57796.738142.30
13–16 Sep. 2017Lombardia TrophySenior1649.051881.3119130.36
2016–17 Season
27 Mar. – 02 Apr. 2017ISU World ChampionshipsSenior2355.202398.2723153.47
23–26 Feb. 2017Challenge CupSenior553.21790.646143.85
25–29 Jan. 2017European ChampionshipsSenior1056.401498.7412155.14
10–15 Jan. 2017Toruń CupSenior159.71491.233150.94
10–13 Nov. 2016Trophée de FranceSenior956.921198.5711155.49
04–06 Nov. 2016Cup Of RussiaSenior955.939103.339159.26
19–23 Oct. 2016Coupe de NiceSenior1545.731381.1714126.90
29 Sep. – 01 Oct. 2016Skate Canada Autumn ClassicSenior950.791085.869136.65
2015–16 Season
26 Mar. – 03 Apr. 2016ISU World ChampionshipsSenior2053.242482.8324136.07
14–20 Mar. 2016ISU Junior World ChampionshipsJunior955.801681.5516137.35
12–21 Feb. 2016Youth Olympic GamesJunior755.891177.3210133.21
25–31 Jan. 2016European ChampionshipsSenior1648.931394.1215143.05
06–10 Jan. 2016Toruń CupSenior256.42589.202145.62
26–29 Nov. 2015Warsaw CupSenior258.513104.173162.68
15–18 Oct. 2015Mordovian OrnamentSenior450.234101.614151.84
30 Sep. – 03 Oct. 2015ISU Junior Grand Prix LogroñoJunior1046.95797.589144.53
02–05 Sep. 2015ISU Junior Grand Prix Colorado SpringsJunior1146.111172.8511118.96
2014–15 Season
23–29 Mar. 2015ISU World ChampionshipsSenior2941.842941.84
02–08 Mar. 2015ISU Junior World ChampionshipsJunior1153.101287.6412140.74
26 Jan. – 01 Feb. 2015European ChampionshipsSenior1251.781495.4013147.18
25–30 Jan. 2015European Youth Olympic FestivalJunior152.941070.037122.97
03–07 Dec. 2014Tallinn TrophySenior350.001100.852150.85
20–23 Nov. 2014Warsaw CupSenior351.04397.592148.63
05–09 Nov. 2014Volvo Open CupJunior745.42684.066129.48
08–11 Oct. 2014ISU Junior Grand Prix Croatia CupJunior1639.031080.1112119.14
24–27 Sep. 2014ISU Junior Grand Prix Tallinn CupJunior748.771081.688130.45
2013–14 Season
10–16 Mar. 2014ISU Junior World ChampionshipsJunior2741.122741.12
26 Feb. – 01 Mar. 2014Hellmut Seibt MemorialSenior1237.47979.0512116.52
18–20 Dec. 2013Ukrainian OpenSenior544.65686.395131.04
02–05 Oct. 2013ISU Junior Grand Prix Czech SkateJunior1245.45890.6210136.07
12–15 Sep. 2013ISU Junior Grand Prix KošiceJunior1142.70882.837125.53
2012–13 Season
2011–12 Season
26–28 Apr. 2012Crystal Skate Of CIS And Baltic StatesOlder Age536.40380.005116.40
2010–11 Season
2009–10 Season
17–21 Mar. 2010Russian ChampionshipsYounger Age11131.69
09–12 Feb. 2010Moscow ChampionshipsYounger Age3146.77
25–28 Nov. 2009Russian Cup – 4[SUP]th[/SUP] Stage (Moscow)Junior1693.51
11–14 Nov. 2009Russian Cup – 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Stage (Kazan)Junior14100.30
02–05 Sep. 2009Moscow Open ChampionshipJunior12103.09
2008–09 Season
31 Mar. – 03 Apr. 2009Russian ChampionshipsOlder Age12109.47
17–21 Mar. 2009Russian ChampionshipsYounger Age4135.18
10–13 Feb. 2009Moscow ChampionshipsYounger Age1143.51
2007–08 Season
19–22 Feb. 2008Moscow ChampionshipsYounger Age8109.53

Absolute Personal Best ScoreAbsolute Season’s Best Score

Disclaimer: Absolute Personal Best (PB) and Absolute Season’s Best (SB) score designations are based purely on the contents of the Competitive History table in this post. If anybody knows of any scores that are not in the table, please let us know, and we will be only too happy to add them in.


2019–20 Season

3[sup]rd[/sup] December 2019: Santa Claus Cup 2019 FS

10[sup]th[/sup]November 2019: Prague Ice Cup 2019 FS
9[sup]th[/sup]November 2019: Prague Ice Cup 2019 SP

11[SUP]th[/SUP] October 2019: Denis Ten Memorial FS (No Commentary)
10[SUP]th[/SUP] October 2019: Denis Ten Memorial SP (No Commentary)

2018–19 Season

20[SUP]th[/SUP] March 2019: World Championships SP (British Commentary)
No video found

9[SUP]th[/SUP] March 2019: Universiade FS (Canadian Commentary)

23[SUP]rd[/SUP] February 2019: Open Ice Mall Cup FS (No Commentary)
22[SUP]nd[/SUP] February 2019: Open Ice Mall Cup SP (No Commentary)

29[SUP]th[/SUP] November 2018: Tallinn Trophy FS (No Commentary)
28[SUP]th[/SUP] November 2018: Tallinn Trophy SP (No Commentary)

2017–18 Season

21[SUP]st[/SUP] October 2017: Cup Of Russia FS (Russian Commentary)
20[SUP]th[/SUP] October 2017: Cup Of Russia SP (Russian Commentary)
20[SUP]th[/SUP] October 2017: Cup Of Russia SP (North American Commentary)

30[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2017: Nebelhorn Trophy FS (No Commentary)
29[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2017: Nebelhorn Trophy SP (No Commentary)
29[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2017: Nebelhorn Trophy SP (Fan Cam)

2016–17 Season

31[SUP]st[/SUP] March 2017: World Championships FS (Russian Commentary)

26[SUP]th[/SUP] February 2017: Challenge Cup FS (No Commentary)

27[SUP]th[/SUP] January 2017: European Championships FS (British Eurosport Commentary)

13[SUP]th[/SUP] January 2017: Toruń Cup FS (No Commentary)

1[SUP]st[/SUP] October 2016: Skate Canada Autumn Classic FS (No Commentary)
30[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2016: Skate Canada Autumn Classic SP (No Commentary)

2015–16 Season

31[SUP]st[/SUP] March 2016: World Championships SP (Russian Commentary)

29[SUP]th[/SUP] January 2016: European Championships FS (Russian Commentary)

2[SUP]nd[/SUP] October 2015: ISU Junior Grand Prix Logroño FS (Canadian Commentary)

5[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2015: ISU Junior Grand Prix Colorado Springs FS (Canadian Commentary)

2014–15 Season

31[SUP]st[/SUP] January 2015: European Championships FS (No Commentary)

11[SUP]th[/SUP] October 2014: ISU Junior Grand Prix Croatia Cup FS (Canadian Commentary)

27[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2014: ISU Junior Grand Prix Tallinn Cup FS (Canadian Commentary)
25[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2014: ISU Junior Grand Prix Tallinn Cup SP (Canadian Commentary)

2013–14 Season

20[SUP]th[/SUP] December 2013: Ukrainian Open FS (No Commentary)
18[SUP]th[/SUP] December 2013: Ukrainian Open SP (No Commentary)

14[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2013: ISU Junior Grand Prix Košice FS (No Commentary)
13[SUP]th[/SUP] September 2013: ISU Junior Grand Prix Košice SP (No Commentary)

2011–12 Season

28[SUP]th[/SUP] April 2012: Crystal Skate FS

Exhibition Videos

2016: Armenian open figure skating championchip. closing ceremony – “Once Upon a December” (from “Anastasia”) by Liz Callaway

Other Videos

11[SUP]th[/SUP] November 2016: Anastasia Galustyan (Ar. M.) [30 seconds of Anastasia’s FS from the 2017 European Championships]
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Oct 25, 2012
Just bumping this thread up to point out that, contrary to popular belief last season after she didn't appear at Europeans or Worlds, Anastasia has not retired.

She has competed in 2 Senior B's so far this season, and will be making her return to Europeans today.

The thing to note is that her comeback Senior B, the Ice Star, was held at the same rink that is hosting the European Championships this week, and she finished 4[SUP]th[/SUP] out of 21 entrants.

Anastasia is due to be the 13[SUP]th[/SUP] skater to start her SP, at 13:40:30 MSK. She will be the first skater to go in Group 3, so first skater after the first resurfacing.

:cheer: ALL THE BEST ANASTASIA!!! :cheer:



On the Ice
Jan 5, 2019
Shame about her free skate but she did very well in the sp! I didn't know she could do 3lz+3t


Record Breaker
Jan 5, 2019
My take on this transcript from:

A dress like Zagitova, friendship with Lipnitskaya, training at night. Interview with the Champion of Armenia,
Anastasiya Galustyan, by the host of the show "Figurka" on Sport24.

The three-time Armenian champion Anastasiya Galustyan became the new guest of the “Figurka” show on the Sport24 YouTube channel. The athlete and presenter Emma Ghadzhiyeva chose the fabric for her new costume, and also talked about the tragedy with Denis Ten, training at night, friendship with Yuliya Lipnitskaya, the Olympics and much more.

Q: Do you live far from the rink?
A: I can get to MCK in half an hour, I live on the Warsaw Chossee. I'm studying nearby at Plekhanov University.

Q: Many athletes study at RSUFK. Didn't you want to?
A: My mother studied at the RSUFK, my dad at the MGAFKe, they were categorically against me going there. I also don't like biology, I failed at it often. And I thought: “Since nothing is adding up, my parents are also against it, I will take social sciences.” I learned it, more or less passed it. More specialized mathematics was needed there, and I have problems with it. Passed at the minimum threshold, and it gave me the opportunity to enter.

Q: What are your competition plans?
A: My first start will be in Kazakhstan, I will go to the Denis Ten Memorial, I really wanted to. We were not very close friends, but skated together. This story, which happened last summer, shocked everyone. I worked on the Hot Ice show back then, and lived in England for three months.

I came to the morning show and saw this news. At first I thought it was fake, this cannot be. And then dad called. I began to get a grasp of it, I realised it was true. It was hard to go out to work after that, you have to shine, smile, sparkle, be positive. Then in the evening we were gathered, there was a thirty-minute analysis of the show and we were told: “Let's skate today for Denis.”

I remember I finished my solo number, I had the usual lyrics, but the tears came right after. It is still hard to believe that such a bright person is no more. I already feel how hard it will be to go there and perform. I will be in Kazakhstan for the first time. It’s hard to tell now, so many thoughts in my head right away. I have never been a close friend to him. One time I skated with Nikolay Morozov, in Novogorsk it was, Denis and the couple Andrey Bagin and Annabel Morozov. Perhaps, after I saw how Denis works, I began to relate to figure skating like him. It is difficult to even speak in the past tense, but he lived in figure skating.

Q: You have no Grand Prix stages this year?
A: Not yet, but I hope that everything will turn out, I will not fall much, I will not have any incidents. And the day will come when I can really show at least something. So far, this was only at the Universiade.

Q: Have you thought about this? Why it's happening? I was at such a training right now and did not see any pops, no falls, no breakdowns. You make complex elements, complex cascades.
A: That is the problem. It’s hard to say you are doing well in training, there are many factors in competitions. I used to ride when there are a lot of people, and when I go out alone, for me its stressful. I’m used to doing a better jump when something bothers me. That is, I go in and, for example, my sister is lying there, I will go round her and make a better jump than in my training.

Q: And if you try in training, you literally ask all the people to stand at the boarding for three minutes?
A: Yes, I do so. It turns out a little better than in competitions, but still. You don’t have makeup or your costume on, they don’t announce you as they do before the real skating run. It adds responsibility, because I'm alone. I would really like for someone else to be, for example, my sister, though this is impossible, she is only six years old. She is engaged in tennis professionally, learns Chinese, English, goes to dances. Everywhere a little.

Q: What does she like best?
A: When I last asked, it was tennis.

Q: I remember that in winter I came to Lokomotiv for mass skating and saw you. I was so surprised, at first I didn't believe it. I think, well, no, she’s going to the European Championship. It was a late evening.
A: Yes, we were just preparing for it. This is my main training location. And a good workout depends on how many people are on the ice. I’m like a grandmother in a dormitory: I know everyone, where he rides, who trains whom, at what time.

Basically, I skate at night, when I can easily skate a program, when there are few people and mostly amateurs are skating. Occasionally, some athletes also come.

Q: So you don’t have a regime at all?
A: True.

Q: But what about the notorious sports regime?
A: No, I get up in the morning, at 8-9, go to the park for a run, warm up. Sometimes, if the training is from six in the evening, in the morning I can go to the pool.

Q: How many hours a day do you manage to skate?
A: Always different. Sometimes there are days when there is a lot of ice. There is mass skating in the morning, evening and night, mom and dad have ice with their kids. But now there is a great demand for ice: a lot of people, not enough free time.

Q: Amazing. Angelika Krylova said the same thing: there is no ice in Moscow. Although, in principle, there are a lot of rinks.
A: Yes, there are many rinks. There are such skating rinks where only ice dancers work. At ours often train hockey players, spoiling the ice (laughs).

Q: Ay-yay-yay them!
A: Figure skaters also like to spoil the ice with their toepick jumps or from hammering their spurs with anger. Today it didn’t work - you need to hit the ice.

Q: If we beat the ice like this, Yelena Anatolyevna Tchaikovskaya once sent me out with a bucket of snow like an ice maintainer. And you go to patch the hole that you made.
A: In principle, this is correct. I watched a report from Japanese training, where athletes trained. They themselves pick up a bucket, and fill the holes they made.

Q: Talk about training with your parents. I often hear that children don't obey, they cannot be trained by parents.
A: Oddly enough, in childhood I was obedient. Yes, and now too. Many skaters, gymnasts and other people train with their parents. So my mom and dad were skaters. Well, as they were, they are still skating every day, I had nowhere to go. Like my sister.

Q: But would you choose another sport, you thought about this?
A: Yes. I wanted to be either a ballerina or a gymnast.

Q: Friends, Nastya follows rhythmic gymnastics no less than figure skating.
A: Yes, the World Championships ended yesterday.

Q: Here, please, the news bulletin for you.
A: Our gymnasts charmingly, beautifully, superbly performed, took all the awards. I especially want to highlight Katya Seleznyova, who also trains with her mother. She took a historical gold for herself, because she is already 24 years old, with the hoop.

Q: At the World Championships, to which she initially did not plan to go.
A: Instead of Sasha Soldatova. She deserved, most likely. Prior to that, she performed at the Universiade, where she took a lot of gold medals. Life is a boomerang, everything has returned. Sasha needs a recovery. She seems to be injured, no one knows. All health to everybody!

Q: At home, parental coaching continues?
A: Sure. In most cases, everyone says that training is everything, and after everyone forgot it, we are a family at home. Anyway, we get in the car, come home - let's discuss everything. Everything continues everywhere, 24/7 we discuss. On the one hand, it is useful: you are constantly controlled, errors are explained to you, you are discussing. But sometimes it's overkill. Mom, dad, hello (laughs).

Q: Your programs have already been staged?
A: Yes.

Q: What will they be?
A: We left a short one from last season, since we staged it a couple of days before the Universiade.

Q: How can you stage a program a couple of days before the competition?
A: As we already discussed with dad and mom, if your soul leads to this music, it’s easier for you to skate. Before that, I had Spain, took Spanish motives. I skate these for almost a year.

Q: And the rhythm?
A: Very fast. I did not succeed skating to it. In training I skated, in competitions I went out - Tallinn, Minsk, Europe, other competitions - everywhere I broke something. Not my kind of music.

Once a representative of the Armenian Federation came up to me and said: “Let's change the music.” That's not so easy. I put on some red lipstick, it looks not bad, a good costume was sewn, but it didn’t work. I love lyrics. Tighten somewhere, slower elsewhere. I listened to Alla Pugacheva's “Do not renounce loving”, I really liked this melody. Another moment with Yuliya Lipnitskaya, I didn't want to copy her. This program is more for her. It happens - an athlete skates a program to certain music, everyone associates.

Q: Especially an athlete like an Olympic champion.
A: Yes. The same as "Do not renounce loving" and "Schindler's List." These were for Yuliya. Yuliya, hello (laughs). I had two choices, settled on Lara Fabian's "Je t’aime". Quite a popular choice, but that season almost no one skated to it.

We decided to stage the free program to something interesting. The game, animated program "Corpse's Bride." Mom and Dad were not very much in favour, because it is children's music. When we turned on Lara Fabian, everyone said yes. I just slided, we started to take steps, joined the music.

Q: Music falls under the horse, there is such a thing. Who suggested the music?
A: I. Looked for everything, cut everything.

Q: Do you still edit yourself?
A: I roughly cut it. Then I wrote to my friend, who also used to skate, Pasha Ignatenko.

Q: Pasha is the person who cuts music for all skaters from the time when I skated myself. And that was in the last century, by the way.
A: The last century - this was just recently.

Q: There is music, there are programs. Programs staged by parents, right?
A: Staging was done by director Ilya Gurylev. Thanks to him for taking me on. Now it’s hard to find a director, everyone is busy. Or they demand a very big budget.

Q: Can we estimate this budget? How much does it cost to stage a program in figure skating?
A: I think the directors take from about $ 2,500.

Q: Now figure skating is gaining momentum ...
A: It is very popular.

Q: Yes, very popular. They will recognise you, you have fans all over the world ...
A: Yes, I was able to qualify for the Junior Olympic Games, the Universiade.

Q: And it seemed to me that such athletes in figure skating probably should have a sponsor who financially supports figure skaters. You set a goal to get this sponsor in order to have normal ice times, not to rack one's brains and not waste energy on drawing up your daily routine?
A: Unfortunately, there is no sponsor. Only mom and dad support me and I work as much as I can. But I would always like to have such a person who would help financially, and to some extent motivate the result. When you have a sponsor, you know that not only spectators and the federation are worried about you, but also this person who looks and sees what he is investing in.

Q: You just mentioned a very correct thought: sponsorship is a kind of additional motivation.
A: I would really like not having to run around everybody in the mass skating, to have a constant regime, a place for training, not to ride at night, at six in the morning or in the crowd. I don’t complain, I just survive.

Q: In fact, now you're telling us about the everyday life of skaters who aren't competing for Russia. I am sure many of them recognize themselves in our conversation.
A: Someone has better conditions, someone worse. Everyone stands for different countries.

Q: I know you watch all the competitions. What have you already seen in the new season?
A: I absolutely watch all the Junior Grand Prix. The other day I went off the ice, at the same time I watched the Russian Cup stage in Syzran, then the Junior Grand Prix, the performances of boys and couples. Simultaneously with these there also was the Challenger American classic.

Q: And who did you like?
A: I usually don't single out anyone, I try to judge objectively, so later I won't have any complaints. It’s actually easier to talk about those who have already completed their careers.

Now it’s really hard for me to do anything. It’s hard to even think about figure skating. This was after the World Championships. It is not easy to realize that I, being well prepared, took 39th place. I returned from Japan completely devastated. I just didn't want to get out of bed and go to trainings. Then my life seemed to stop, but now I understand that I need to move on.

Twice before the Olympics in Sochi and Vancouver, I became the first alternate. And I remember, there was this boy, being an alternate, still went to the Olympics. About this, before the Games in Korea, I felt even more offended. Everyone knows the first 24 girls of the World Championships usually automatically enter the Olympics. So it was in Sochi and in Vancouver. At those World Championships, I managed to qualify for real and become the 23rd.

Everyone was happy: I, the federation, my parents. For about a day I was in high spirits. Later, at the banquet they posted lists of countries selected for the Olympics, 22 girls passed. It so happened that some countries took additional quotas. I was in some strange state then. It’s like they poured boiling water over me.

There was still a chance. I understood I had already done everything I could, I could only wait. Additional selection took place in September. For me then began a period of growth. I lost everything: coordination, weight. I did my best: I ran from morning to evening, trained constantly. My hand is still shaking from excitement. Then we came to Germany. I went out onto the ice alone, without support. In general, I skated well, but took only sixth place, becoming twice a substitute at the Olympic Games.

Q: Two years have since passed, and you still remember this.
A: I recall this whole situation in order to motivate myself and never repeat it.

Q: Which skater would you invite to a pyjama party?”
A: Yuliya Lipnitskaya.

Q: Why exactly Yuliya? Are you friends with her?
A: Yes, we met at the Rostelecom Cup in 2016.

Q: Which sports star would you go to dinner with?
A: Maybe with Nathan Chen.

Q: To whom of the stars of show business would you like to cook?
A: Seryozha Lazarev, I would feed him vegetable salad.

Q: To which figure skater would you make a costume?
A: It would be interesting for me to sew for both girls and boys. I really want to make a dress for my sister Angelina Galustyan. She would have gone out in some tiger dress. In fact, she will wear all my costumes. Of course, I put up some for sale.

Q: Whose costume do you like best?
A: Sasha Stepanova, with that skirt for rhythm dance and a new dress for Vika Sinitsina's short program.

Q: I read that you want to become a designer.”
A: I can't say what I want. It’s just interesting for me, I’m doing it for pleasure.

Q: Is that just for Spanish music?
A: Yes, which is not very ...

Q: Which was compared with the dress of Alina Zagitova.
A: But it is less rich.

Q: No, it just has less decorative details.
A: Yes, that's what I mean.

Q: Do you glue everything yourself?
A: In general, the idea was such that there were already patterns and the dress should have been without stones, but everyone began to insist that it at least a little sparkle. And this is old, still to the music of Anastasia.

Q: There are still these silicone things - that’s why the shoulders do not fall off.
A: The most memorable girl in a yellow dress.

Q: Where did it come from?
A: Yellow is not particularly popular with skaters - darker is better.

Q: Why? I know that white is not desirable, because the ice is white and for television this isn't very good.
A: Yes. Here, by the way, is white. Everyone was afraid for this costume, because it wouldn't be very visible. But it looked pretty good

Q: I noticed that many athletes in life wear black and larger sizes. Why? You have a perfect figure.
A: On ice we wear fitting clothes, to make it easier to jump and spin, but in life I want to take a break from this. Mostly tracksuits, but today I decided to be beautiful.

Q: I saw in your photographs you wearing a candid jumpsuit. Was it on a show in England?
A: Yes, when I put it on for the first time, I cried.

Q: Because you're like naked in it?
A: Why "how"? This is not my role, and I have everything always closed.

Q: How did your parents react?
A: Not really, but I was obliged to put it on, they said: "if not you, then another."

Q: You were given a task in the studio to pick the fabric?
A: Choose, see, feel. First you need to find a supple fabric that stretches well to make everything comfortable. Velvet make you look plump, and skaters never take it.

Q: What colour will your free program dress be?
A: There will be two colours. I like grey with a pink gradient.

Q: I think you need to take a shifter. Remember Alina Zagitova had such a fabric on “swan”, but not everyone understood this feature.
A: Yes, it wasn't very visible, it got my attention only because of an interview. Maybe there was too little fabric and it wasn't very evident. I would also use something that flip flops.

Q: What colours look good on you?
A: On my face? I'm all right! (laughs)

Q: Why do you choose fabric in the first place? Did the atelier draw you a sketch?
A: It's in the process - almost ready. Now you need to choose which colors are preferred.

Q: I thought they just buy fabrics and make a dress.
A: They have half the fabrics, I just took the initiative to go there and see for myself. So it will be easier, without having to see the final result immediately. You put it on and you don’t really like it.

Q: Have there been cases like that?
A: Have been. I found myself an idol - Lily Collins.

She had a beautiful tender pink dress, on it were lace, as if on a body. The mesh under the lace was not visible, and this created the effect of lightness. I brought a photo to the atelier, I found fabric, lace from which flowers were cut, but we could not find a beige fabric that was elastic and did not seem dark, and as a result the dress did not turn out as I would like.

I would take something poisonous red so that the skirt looks as if peeled.

Q: Like for Sasha Stepanova?
A: Yes, but we have already discussed this and made the decision that after all, in dance everything is a little different and such a skirt makes it visually heavier and for singles it is not stable. It is practically not used, it is inconvenient for jumping, and most importantly - it is comfort.

Q: It's bad omen to sew a dress of gold colour - selects a victory.
A: Basically, all my costumes are classic, but with interesting stories and I want to somehow have an interesting story and a costume.

Q: Stones are the ones that you glue on your costumes. How long does it take to stick stones on a dress?
A: Mostly I sit down to glue after training, when I come in the evening and so on until the night. Can't tell about the exact amount of time. Somewhere around 6 hours.

Q: Now the skaters began to use fewer stones.
A: When I look now, everyone goes to the classics, to minimalism.

Q: Do you learn the triple axel?
A: Why is this question now asked to everyone and everyone answered “yes”? And I will answer - No.

Q: They write a lot to you. How many posts a day?
A: Most often after the competition, and I do not have time to read everything. I answer everyone from Instagram to Facebook.