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Dec 7, 2018
Anna Pezzetta (born 6 March, 2007) is a women's singles skater representing Italy.
She is the 2022 Italian senior national silver medalist, the 2021 Italian junior national champion and the 2022 Merano Ice Trophy junior champion.

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Rink Results:

Skating Scores:

ISU Personal Bests

Personal Best Total Score160.88ISU World Junior Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Short Program51.75ISU World Junior Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Free Skating109.13ISU World Junior Championships 2022


2021/2022 Season

SP: Asturias by Nah Youn Sun
FS: Dead Silence Main Titles by Charlie Clouser; Mephisto’s Lullaby by Yair Albeg Wein & Or Kribos; O Fortuna by Carl Orff


2021/2022 Season
World Junior Championships 2022Junior51.7524109.139160.8813
Challenge Cup 2022Junior58.02297.026155.043
Merano Ice TrophyJunior63.34193.721157.061
Bavarian Open 2022Junior45.326104.941150.262
Italian Championships 2022Senior60.632116.842177.472
21th Open d'AndorraJunior52.261
NRW Trophy 2021Junior56.78189.862146.642
2020/2021 Season
Egna Spring Trophy 2021Junior57.29192.522149.812
Italian Junior Championships 2021Junior60.20199.841160.041
Gran Premio Italia Junior 2020Junior55.561106.751162.311
Gran Premio Italia 2020 - 5 tappaJunior50.822107.641158.461
2019/2020 Season
Jégvirág Cup 2020Advanced novice34.84253.84388.683
24th Eiscup InnsbruckAdvanced novice30.39457.10187.491
31st Golden BearAdvanced novice35.65254.90390.553
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