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Feb 27, 2015
Anna Sergeyevna Tarusina (Russian: Анна Сергеевна Тарусина) is a Ladies' figure skater from Russia. She was born on 24 January 2003 in Moscow, Russia.

She is the 2018 CS Alpen Trophy champion. As a junior, she was the 2018 JGP Slovakia and 2018 JGP Slovenia silver medalist.

She missed most of the 2016/17 season after suffering injuries in a car accident at the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Courchevel in fall 2016.

After being unable to compete on the Junior Grand Prix due to an extended recovery period after knee surgery related to the injury she sustained in the 2016 bus accident, Tarusina was reported to have retired from the sport on September 25, 2019.

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Biographical information
ISU Bio -
Wikipedia - (archived July 2019) - entry -

Short Program67.48ISU CS Inge Solar Memorial / Alpen Trophy 2018
Free Skate131.28ISU CS Inge Solar Memorial / Alpen Trophy 2018
Total Score198.76ISU CS Inge Solar Memorial / Alpen Trophy 2018

Programs and Videos​

SP: "Unconditioned" by Ezio Bosso; "Following a Bird" by Ezio Bosso
FS: "En Aranjuez con tu amor" performed by Katherine Jenk

Anna has not competed internationally this season.

SP: "Winter in Buenos Aires" by Astor Piazzolla
FS: "En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor" performed by Katherine Jenkins

2019 Cup of Russia Final2019 Russian Junior Nationals5th stage of the Cup of Russia 20182018 CS Inge Solar Memorial - Alpen Trophy3rd stage of the Cup of Russia 20182018 JGP Ljubljana2018 JGP Bratislava
SP: "Winter in Buenos Aires" by Astor Piazzolla
FS: "Overture to Raymonde" by Ambroise Thomas

2018 Russian Elder Age Championships2018 Moscow Elder Age Championships2018 Cup of Russia Final2018 Russian National Championships5th stage of the Cup of Russia 20172017 Ice Star
SP: no video found
FS: no video found
Medal ceremony:

SP: "Street Passion" by DiDuLa
FS: "Overture to Raymonde" by Ambroise Thomas
2017 Russian Junior National Championships2016 JGP France - WD due to a car accident

SP: "Street Passion" by DiDuLa
FS: "Overture to Raymonde" by Ambroise Thomas

2016 Russian Elder Age Championships2016 Russian Younger Age Championships2016 Cup of Russia Final2016 Russian Junior National Championships5th stage of Cup of Russia2nd stage of Cup of Russia
SP: no information found
FS: no information found

SP: no information found
FS: no information found

Competitive results

Rows in azure ---> Russian domestic competitions

2019 Cup of Russia Finalsenior7 (68.20)4 (137.07)6 (205.27)
2019 Russian Junior Nationalsjunior5 (71.51)5 (134.62)5 (206.13)
2019 Russian National Championshipssenior9 (70.01)7 (135.15)8 (205.16
5th stage of the Cup of Russia 2018senior2 (69.04)3 (139.61)2 (208.65)
2018 CS Inge Solar Memorial - Alpen Trophysenior1 (67.48)1 (131.28)1 (198.76)
3rd stage of the Cup of Russia 2018senior2 (69.23)2 (134.61)2 (203.84)
2018 JGP Sloveniajunior2 (65.74)2 (122.50)2 (188.24)
2018 JGP Slovakiajunior2 (67.14)3 (119.54)2 (186.68)
2018 Russian Elder Age Championshipsadvanced novice5 (65.92)1 (128.92)1 (194.84)
2018 Moscow Elder Age Championshipsjunior5 (62.47)4 (125.78)4 (188.25)
2018 Cup of Russia Finalsenior7 (64.80)6 (122.71)7 (187.51)
2018 Russian National Championshipssenior11 (66.46)12 (129.13)12 (195.59)
5th stage of the Cup of Russia 2017senior2 (64.80)3 (129.80)2 (194.60)
4th stage of the Cup of Russia 2017senior5 (64.38)4 (126.68)4 (191.06)
2017 Minska-Arena Ice Starjunior1 (64.00)1 (123.84)1 (187.84)
2017 Moscow Openjunior5 (55.09)4 (113.33)3 (168.42)
Saint Petersburg Figure Skating Federation's prizesjunior

3 (173.27)
2017 Moscow Elder Age Championshipsjunior7 (59.10)14 (105.81)12 (164.91)
2017 Cup of Russia Finaljunior10 (54.43)12 (103.22)12 (157.65)
2017 Russian Junior National Championshipsjunior10 (62.62)8 (117.60)10 (180.22)
2016 JGP FrancejuniorWD
2016 Russian Elder Age Championshipsadvanced novice2 (65.24)2 (125.31)1 (190.55)
2016 Russian Younger Age Championshipsadvanced novice1 (63.88)2 (121.57)2 (236.69)*
2016 Moscow Elder Age Championshipsjunior4 (61.22)3 (116.37)3 (177.59)
2016 Cup of Russia Finaljunior3 (61.78)2 (120.83)2 (182.61)
2016 Moscow Younger Age Championshipsadvanced novice6 (58.00)2 (111.22)4 (217.34)*
2016 Russian Junior National Championshipsjunior8 (61.13)7 (110.84)7 (171.97)
5th stage of the Cup of Russia 2015junior2 (59.06)1 (121.45)1 (180.51)
2015 Volkov Memorialgirls1 (59.72)2 (105.59)1 (165.31)
2015 Panin Memorialjunior

1 (160.08)
2nd stage of the Cup of Russia 2015junior3 (59.02)3 (116.81)2 (175.83)
2015 Moscow Openjunior2 (53.53)6 (100.51)5 (154.04)
2015 Russian Younger Age Championshipsadvanced novice5 (54.63)4 (108.09)4 (207.52)*
2015 Cup of Russia Finaljunior9 (46.59)9 (89.83)9 (136.42)
2015 Moscow Elder Age Championshipsjunior15 (51.78)6 (102.86)9 (154.64)
2015 Russian Junior National Championshipsjunior14 (52.71)12 (95.03)12 (147.74)
2015 Moscow Younger Age Championshipsadvanced novice4 (51.49)2 (100.56)2 (199.39)*
5th stage of the Cup of Russia 2014junior5 (50.12)2 (100.72)2 (150.84)
4th stage of the Cup of Russia 2014junior8 (50.18)7 (95.84)8 (146.02)
2014 Moscow Openjunior30 (37.78)FNR30 (37.78)
Хрустальный конёк 2014basic novice

3 (105.36)
2014 Russian Younger Age Championshipsbasic novice

2 (177.02)
2014 Moscow Elder Age Championshipsjunior8 (50.04)8 (93.44)7 (143.48)
2014 Moscow Younger Age Championshipsbasic novice5 (39.70)2 (81.81)2 (160.29)*
2013 Volkov Memorialgirls8 (37.04)2 (75.64)3 (112.68)
2013 Prizes of the President of the Moscow Figure Skating Federation (FFKK)girls

2 (109.13)

* In Russian younger age competition the skaters skate 3 segments: Elements, SP and FS. The total score is the sum of all of them. The above table does not include the scoring for Elements, but the points obtained by Anna for them are as follows:
- At the 2016 Russian Younger Age Championships Anna was 3rd in Elements and obtained 51.24 points.
- At the 2016 Moscow Younger Age Championships Anna was 4th in Elements and obtained 48.12 points.
- At the 2015 Russian Younger Age Championships Anna was 7th in this segment and obtained 44.80 points.
- At the 2015 Moscow Younger Age Championships Anna was 4th in this segment and obtained 47.34 points.
- At the 2014 Moscow Younger Age Championships Anna was 4th in this segment and obtained 38.78 points.

Articles and Interviews
20 August 2018 - Анна Тарусина: «Не люблю загадывать, предпочитаю жить сегодняшним днем» -

Original post by The Finn

Anna is a very promising skater and she is the winner of the Russian Nationals elder age among other things. Because of that victory she will most likely make her JGP debut next season. She was 2nd both at the Russian Cup final and at the Russian Nationals younger Age. She was 7th at the Russian Junior Championships. Her coach is Sergey Davydov.
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Feb 9, 2016
Thanks and congrats for establishing the thread Finn! :clap:
"Very promising" is perfect phrase: great body type, mental toughness (fighter!), speed, flexibility, jumps, I really can't see her weak points atm. The fact Anna is winning or medaling everything lately helps as well. :agree:

Good luck Anna! :cheer2:


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Feb 21, 2014
Thanks for the thread, The Finn! Anna is something special, she has something that difficult to make out at first sight, but at more attentive look you begins to feel something strange, some extraordinary aura. At least I have such feelings. In general Anna's progress in this season impresses very much - not an unsuccessful performance for all the season! From 11 competitions she has 4 victories, 3 silver medals, 1 bronze medal, scores grew from 150 to 190, the edge on Lutz changed from wrong to clean. I wish Anna great success for the next season, I hope it will be the same impressive!
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Dec 27, 2009
Cool! She definitely was a standout for me. Best of luck to her!

The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
I am confident that she will make her JGP debut this season but it is worth mentioning that she isn't named to the main Russian junior national teams. She is named to the youth national team though.


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Aug 23, 2003
Among new Russian girls who will make JGP debut this season, I like her & Nugmanova most.
Judging with her videos, I am sure she will medal or very possibly win her first one.
However, I wonder what she will do for her combination jump for SP.
This season she cannot do 3L+3T, which was her last season's combo
since the solo jump of SP has to be 3L for junior skaters.
She better do the combo from 3Lz or 3 F in order to win.

The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
Sadly Anna withdraw. Hopefully she is okey, maybe she was ill or something.

I kind of doubt she will make her JGP debut this season after withdrawing today.


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Oct 25, 2012
Thought the links that have been posted in the St. Gervais Ladies SP thread should be copied over to Anna's Fan Fest.

Awful news about the bus crash which brought about the withdrawal of Anzelika Klujeva and Anna Tarusina. Hope both of them are ok and get well soon. News Article. Google translate reads:-

Figure skater Anna Tarusina not be able to perform the first stage of the Junior Grand Prix in France for reasons of force majeure.

On the way to the rink shuttle bus with the athletes and coaches involved in an accident. Currently Tarusina Anna and her coach, Sergei Davydov, as well as other coaches and athletes are in the hospital. Their lives are not in danger. All the victims medical assistance.

Together with Russian sportsmen in the bus was a Latvian athlete Angelica Klyuyev, who also did not come out at the start. Her life is not in danger, too.

ISU statement on the accident:

Doesn't tell us anything we don't already know. But thought I should let you know that the ISU had made it.


there's a post @ CSKA that Anna has an operation on her knee & her mom is about to fly to France

Hopefully everything is OK & its successful :sad21:

Sending my best wishes to Anna on her operation, and also to Anzelika and everybody else involved in the accident.

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Feb 28, 2012
I can't describe my sadness for this accident. Wishing her speedy recovery and she will have a big skating career ahead.

Sweet Dream

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Nov 16, 2014
Due to the mini-bus accident on the way to the event site, she had to undergo an operation on her knee? The Organization Work of this event just left me speechless... Hopefully she can fully recover soon for another junior stage, and such bad luck can only happen to her once in a lifetime.


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Feb 14, 2014
A pity to Tarusina
After watching her programs from last season, I thought Anna was going to be a major medal contender. :sad21: Such a misfortune to happen especially on her international debut.

Wishing her a safe and fast recovery. :cheer2: