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Annabelle Proelss & Ruben Blommaert

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Sep 23, 2013
Anabelle Prölß and Ruben Blommaert are German pair skaters who competed together from October 2011 to December 2014.

Annabelle was born on 30 March 1999 in Regensburg, Germany.

Ruben was born on 5 March 1992 in Brugge, Belgium.

They teamed up in October 2011. Annabelle was also competing in single skating and placed 2nd at the 2013 German Junior Championships. Ruben competed in singles for Belgium until 2010. He received German citizenship in July 2014. Annabelle and Ruben are the 2013 Cup of Nice champions and 2013 German national senior champions.

They split in December 2014. Ruben teamed up first with Mari Vartmann and in February 2017 with Annika Hocke.

During their competitive career they were coached by Karel Fajfr.

Mari Vartmann & Ruben Blommaert thread:
Annika Hocke & Ruben Blommaert thread:


Annabelle -ölß
Ruben -

Social Media
Ruben's Instagram -
Pair's Facebook -

Personal Best Scores
SP: 55.24 (Nebelhorn Trophy 2013)
FS: 103.44 (ISU GP Trophee Bompard 2013)
TS: 158.38 (Nebelhorn Trophy 2013)

Programs and Videos
SP: "O mio babbino caro" by Giacomo Puccini
FS: The Artist (soundtrack) by Ludovic Bource; choreo. by Lori Nichol

2014 GP Rostelecom Cup
2014 GP Skate America

SP: "O mio babbino caro" by Giacomo Puccini
FS: "Pirates of the Caribbean" by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt
Ex: "Maria" (from "West Side Story") by Leonard Bernstein

2013 GP Trophée Bompard
2013 Coup de Nice
2013 Nebelhorn Trophy
2013 Lombardia Trophy

SP: "Italian Fantasia" performed by Orchestra Mantovani
FS: "Robin Hood" by Marc Streitenfeld

2013 World Junior Championships
2012 NRW Trophy
2012 JGP Pokal Der Blauen Schwerter / Chemnitz, Germany
2012 JGP Lake Placid, USA

Other Exhibitions
Musicals on Ice Oberstdorf 2013
Ice Gala Oberstdorf 2013
Musicals on Ice 2012
Ice Gala Oberstdorf 2012

2014 GP Rostelecom Cup - 6 (145.16)
SP: 6 (48.69)
FS: 6 (96.47)​
2014 GP Skate America - 7 (136.26)
SP: 7 (48.87)
FS: 8 (87.48)​

2014 Challenge Cup - 2 (140.04)
SP: 3 (49.21)
FS: 2 (90.83)​
2013 GP Trophée Bompard - 7 (157.62)
SP: 7 (54.18)
FS: 7 (103.44)​
2013 Coup de Nice - 1 (160.25)
SP: 2 (57.44)
FS: 3 (102.81)​
2013 Nebelhorn Trophy - 4 (158.38)
SP: 5 (55.24)
FS: 4 (103.14)​
2013 Lombardia Trophy - 4

2013 World Junior Championships - 7 (147.83)
SP: 6 (49.95)
FS: 4 (97.88)​
2013 Bavarian Open - 1 (149.60)
SP: 1 (50.25)
FS: 1 (99.35)​
2013 German Championships - 1 (147.62)
SP: 1 (50.60)
FS: 2 (97.02)​
2012 NRW Trophy - 1 (140.63)
SP: 1 (46.36)
FS: 1 (94.27)​
2013 Warsaw Cup (Juniors) - 2 (136.85)
SP: 2 (48.68)
FS: 2 (88.17)​
2012 Ice Challenge - 1 (121.35)
SP: 1 (40.83)
FS: 1 (80.52)​
2012 JGP Pokal Der Blauen Schwerter / Chemnitz, Germany - 4 (133.48)
SP: 2 (47.84)
FS: 5 (85.64)​
2012 JGP Lake Placid, USA - 6 (122.45)
SP: 7 (40.53)
FS: 6 (81.92)​

2012 German Junior Championships - 1 (118.01)

Articles and Interviews
19 February 2014 video interview by Schmidt Media - Sotschi Talk mit Annabelle Prölß & Ruben Blommaert 18.02.2012

Original Post
Annabelle was born in 1999 at Regensburg and teamed up with Ruben at the Age of 12 in 2011 when they won their first German National title three months later. Ruben was also a quite decent single skater before he met Annabelle and competed for Belgium until 2010 at international level including Worlds and European Championships.

Both skaters worked hard and managed to score some very respectable results in the juniors like a seventh place at the worlds in 2013, the "gold medal" at the NRW Trophy and the Bavarian Open and another national title in 2013. Latter sadly couldn't be defended at Berlin one year later, as a few nasty injuries made it impossible to compete.

That said, the season of 2013 / 2014 was still their most successful one, two fourth places at Nebelhorn and the Lombardia Trophy and a win at Nizza show that also after the retirement of the current Champions Aljona & Robin Germany has set sail for Pyeongchang 2018.

Get in touch:

Annabelle and Ruben do have a Website which they update quite frequently themselves. You will be able to find Videos, Photos and a lot more there.

You can also write them directly on FB,



They sadly had to pull out of the Lombardia and Nebelhorn Trophy.


Nominated for Skate America and Cup of Russia (GP Series).


Annabelle and Ruben are working on a new FS based on the move soundtrack from"The Artist",- they do this together with Lori Nichol. The Canadian has worked with Carolina Kostner, Michelle Kwan and Maxim and Tatjana in the past. I don't know about you, but based on the talent by Annabelle and Ruben - this could become big ;)

Their SP will be an improved and more stable version of their 2013 performance (Oh mio Babbino Caro/Giacomo Puccini) - right now their thoughts go about adding Vocal or not.

Ruben is now also officially a German Citizen, which will allow them to compete together at all Figure Skating events.

Confirmed Events:

12 - 14 December 2014 German Nationals Stuttgart Germany

Past Events

24 - 26 October 2014 ISU Grand Prix Skate America Chicago IL USA
14 - 16 November 2014 ISU Grand Prix Rostelecom Cup Moscow Russia
29 November 2014 Show on Ice Widnau Switzerland
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Sep 23, 2013
Its a bit older already, yet not less interesting.

Ruben and Annabelle about their Skate America GP where they scored 136.35 points and came seventh.

Although we had a lot of difficulties for the last couple of weeks, we decided to let the season start with Skate America.

Therefore we are quite satisfied with the result. Of course we will work as hard as possible to regain our best form as soon as possible. We are happy, that we met so many nice people and are absolutely thrilled about how beautiful Chicago is! Really a fabulous city!

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our coach, Karel Fajfr for his patience and to our lovely and extraordinaire choreographer, Lori Nichol for her attention and affection and all of you for accompanying and supporting us on our way.

And about their Grand Prix Rostelecom Cup where they came 6th with 145.16 points.

As we are leaving Moscow, we want to thank everybody who crossed their fingers for us & supported us!

It was a great Event and we really enjoyed skating here ! Moscow is a beautiful place !We hope to be back soon!

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Sep 23, 2013
Split on 5th of December

I have very sad news for everyone,

Annabelle & Ruben are no longer skating together and wont compete at the German Nationals next week.

Überraschenderweise hat sich das hoffnungsvolle Paar Annabelle Prölß / Ruben Blommaert kurz vor den Deutschen Meisterschaften getrennt. Persönliche Gründe gaben den Ausschlag, dass das Paar die gemeinsame sportliche Laufbahn nicht mehr fortsetzen will. Die DEU hat damit ein perspektiv-reiches Paar verloren.

Beide Sportler halten allerdings an ihrer Zielstellung fest, Deutschland bei den Olympischen Spielen 2018 zu vertreten.

Personal reasons are responsible for this as both explained. Both skaters however mentioned, that they still want to compete at the Olympics in 2018, just not together anymore. :(

Its very sad for German FS, if both will look for a new partner or maybe compete in singles is yet to be seen.
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Sep 23, 2013
This is from Annabelle & Rubens FB,

Dear friends,
maybe you already know from the media, that we are no longer skating together....
We achieved a lot in the last years.... These were good, exciting times.
Now our journey will lead to separate ways...
We've always appreciated your attention and support! Maybe you will keep on following our ways?
A warm thank you to all of you!

Alex D

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Sep 23, 2013
This is from Annabelle & Rubens FB,

Dear friends,
maybe you already know from the media, that we are no longer skating together....
We achieved a lot in the last years.... These were good, exciting times.
Now our journey will lead to separate ways...
We've always appreciated your attention and support! Maybe you will keep on following our ways?
A warm thank you to all of you!

Update 2015:

Ruben has found a new partner and is already competing quite successful with Mari Vartmann. You can read more about them, here.
Annabelle is still looking for someone to lift her up on the ice.
Jan 24, 2006
Although they split some time ago, I've decided to make a post-split career summary update of this partnership. I've added all the details regarding 2014/15 season, videos and some additional bio. This concludes the update of Ruben's three partnerships present in the Pairs Fan Fest. I hope you'll like it. And maybe someone knows what's happened with Annabelle. Is she still skating? Or maybe she's already retired?


Oct 14, 2018
"At the two appearances in this year's Grand Prix series, the pair had lagged well behind the sporting expectations of the German Ice Skating Union (DEU)". (a press release from December 5, 2014)

The more or less officially stated reason: a sudden growth spurt of the 15-year-old Anabelle Prölß, which would have made all previous training courses impossible.
Since then, their tracks have been lost in nowhere.

Anabelle was highly gifted with a sweet charisma, her ascent very promising. The couple were already described as a new dream team, shortly before Savchenko/Massot began to skate (whose common career was still in the stars). Were Anabelle and Ruben possibly "sacrificed", were there no capacities for a second top pair? Or were there problems with their coach Karel Fajfr? (in my opinion this unspeakable person should never have become a coach again because of sexual and violent attacks on young athletes - a dark and disgusting chapter in the German federation). The loss of this pair is perhaps one of the saddest phenomena in German pair running lately. (When I aktually think of Annika Hocke/Ruben Blommaert, a bad feeling gradually comes up in me, hopefully I'm wrong ...)

A small reminder of the bright young star that had suddenly disappeared into the sky of figure skating: (2012 NRW Trophy / FS)

All the best for Anabelle, her fans will remember her for a long time.