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Annika Hocke & Ruben Blommaert

Jan 24, 2006
Annika Hocke and Ruben Blommaert are German Pair skaters.

Annika was born on 16 July 2000 in Berlin and Ruben on 5 March 1992 in Bruges, Belgium.

Annika started as a single skater and her first pairs partner was Juri Gnilozoubov.
Ruben previously skated with Annabelle Prölß and Mari Vartmann.

For more information about Ruben and Annabelle look here.
For more information about Ruben and Mari's partnership look here.

Annika and Ruben won silver medals at the 2017 CS Minsk-Arena Ice Star and 2017 International Cup of Nice and represented Germany at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang where they finished 16th.

In April 2019 Ruben announced the split of the couple. Both announced intention to continue skating. Shortly after, Ruben teamed up with Elena Pavlova and Annika with Robert Kunkel since both Annika and Robert are still junior eligible, in the 2019/20 season they will represent Germany on the JGP circuit).

They were coached by Knut Schubert and Alexander Koenig and their choreographers were Mark Pillay and Aljona Savchenko, 2018 Olympic Champion in pairs with Bruno Massot.

Last updated on 26 August 2019


Annika -
Ruben -

Social Media
Annika's Instagram -
Ruben's Instagram -

Personal Best Scores starting from 2018/2019
SP: 59.34 (ISU CS Golden Spin of Zagreb 2018)
FS: 113.20 (ISU World Championships 2019)
TS: 166.36 (ISU World Championships 2019)

Personal Best Scores pre 2018/2019
SP: 63.26 (ISU World Championships 2018)
FS: 123.61 (ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2017)
TS: 184.83 (ISU World Championships 2018)

Programs and Videos
SP: "Malaguena" by Ernesto Lecuona performed by Stanley Black Orchestra
FS: "Land of All" by Woodkid

2019 World Championships2019 Challenge Cup The Hague2019 Bavarian Open2018 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb2018 GP NHK Trophy
2018 GP Skate America
SP: "Big Spender" performed by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields
FS: "Romeo and Juliet" (soundtrack) by Abel Korzeniowski

2018 World Championships Milan (ITA)XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang (KOR)
FS: no video found​
2018 European Championships2018 German Nationals2017 CS Warsaw Cup2017 CS Minsk-Arena Ice Star2017 Cup of Nice2017 Nebelhorn Trophy
2019 World Championships - 14 (166.36)
SP: 16 (53.16)
FS: 13 (113.20)
2019 Challenge Cup The Hague - 3 (167.13)
SP: 3 (58.67)
FS: 3 (108.46)​
2019 Bavarian Open - 2 (164.26)
SP: 2 (55.34)
FS: 1 (108.92)​
2019 German Nationals - 2 (169.37)
SP: 2 (57.03)
FS: 1 (112.34)​
2018 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb - TBD
SP: 6 (59.34)
2018 GP NHK Trophy - WD
2018 GP Skate America - 7 (144.53)
SP: 6 (53.36)
FS: 7 (91.17)​

2018 World Championships Milan (ITA)- 13 (184.83)
SP: 16 (63.26)
FS: 13 (121.57)​
XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang (KOR) - 16 (171.98)
SP: 16 (63.04)
FS: 16 (108.94)​
2018 European Championships - 8 (170.21)
SP: 9 (57.05)
FS: 8 (113.16)​
2018 German Nationals - 3 (164.66)
SP: 3 (57.19)
FS: 3 (107.47)​
2017 CS Warsaw Cup - 4 (161.95)
SP: 3 (58.84)
FS: 4 (103.11)​
2017 CS Minsk-Arena Ice Star - 2 (172.64)
SP: 2 (59.58)
FS: 2 (113.06)​
2017 Cup of Nice - 2 (172.70)
SP: 2 (55.86)
FS: 2 (116.84)​
2017 Nebelhorn Trophy - 5 (108.37)
SP: 8 (56.76)
FS: 4 (123.61)​
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Jan 24, 2006
Since Annika and Ruben have been assigned two GP events (Skate America and NHK Trophy) I considered it worth initiating their own thread. It's still a new couple although Ruben is a very experienced skater (Annika is his third partner). I hope they will improve this season and move at least in the European rankings. Their internal competition with Hase and Seegert will also be interesting to follow (they will compete together in Skate America).


Oct 14, 2018
Especially the FS program of Annika and Ruben at the World Championships (Milan 2018) is in my best memory - in view of the training circumstances you don't have to say much about it: Really great! (the words of coach Alexander König) Since then, I've been very excited about the couple's progress. And to what extent both can follow in the huge footsteps of Aljona and Bruno - the very thought of it is quite daring. But who knows ... Unfortunately the Nebelhorn Trophy had to take place without the two skaters, allegedly because of a foot injury to Ruben. More detailed information was not available, as there were no reports about the couple at all - but that's how the young hopefuls are treated in this country. For the 50th anniversary in Oberstdorf this could have been an attractive appearance from a German point of view, so I'm all the more excited about Skate America now.


Oct 14, 2018
Ruben Blommaert after the SP: "We missed a lot of points today because we made some minor mistakes. We didn't have ideal preparation because I was injured."

Nevertheless, I found the performance of both successful and somewhat underrated (however, the fact that the Knierims could reach 57.31 points with their clear mistakes is not easy for me to accept).


Oct 14, 2018
Annika dutifully after the FS: "There is still a lot to improve and a lot of work to do - but because of Ruben's injury we had a very short preparation for the season."

However, from my personal point of view as a spectator and fan of the two, I think that this could not have been the only reason for this sudden relapse after their truly enchanting freestyle at the world championships in Milan.

After listening to the new music for the first time, I was slightly shocked. I remembered Katharina Witt, who once said, that the most important thing was to touch the hearts of the audience - and that starts with the music, which has to be interpreted in this sense. To follow this maxim was also one of the decisive reasons for Aljonas and Brunos place in the history of figure skating. Has this been forgotten, is it no longer contemporary, owed to competitors and a disturbing reorientation? Did Annika and Ruben want this music and this freestyle at all? It was simply impossible to harmonize this with their usual charisma as well as with the skating elements - Annikas accustomed liveliness and charming smile, as last seen during the freestyle to Romeo and Juliet, was literally suffocated by this terrible music. Her desperate attempts to be herself ended in insecurity ... it was just depressing, I don't remember ever seeing her so helpless and disappointed.

I think that the development of this pair needs to be approached more cautiously in order not to deprive them of their joy. For me, this freestyle offers little pleasant prospects for her next GP in Hiroshima (NHK Tropy, Nov. 9-11), especially as the training deficit can hardly be made up. Hope dies last, although I can't imagine that this season will be a happy one with such a program.

Of course, the two are very talented and move in an upper field, despite training deficits and little more than a year of cooperation. Their 7th place deserves all respect.



Oct 14, 2018
The fact that this season is not a positive one for Annika and Ruben seems to be finally confirmed: After Rubens foot injury, the couple's participation in the NHK Tropy in Hiroshima was canceled due to a cold from Annika. However, one does not have to be a prophet to be able to imagine more, perhaps decisive reasons.

Changed participant list

Okay, get both well soon and keep yours ambitions and good mood with all the drudgery! For the next time the audience will probably not see much of you together, unfortunately. Maybe you can use the time to get on the right track together with Mr. König, the choreographers, the DEU, the sponsors, Annika's school etc. (despite poor public relations, it does not go unnoticed that the events behind the arena are not running properly).

Oh, and maybe Aljona will take care of the couple, please - for the next attempt for at least ten golden years!
(hope dies last, as you know ...)

However, at the moment the situation with the hopeful couple is anything but good. To that no communication, nothing gets out, for the fans a bitter disappointment.
Jan 24, 2006
It was already announced in April in the Splits and Retirements thread, but I will repeat it in Annika and Ruben's FF: they split, but fortunately both already have partners with whom we'll shortly see them compete.

Ruben teamed up with Elena Pavlova and Annika with Robert Kunkel (since both Annika and Robert are still junior eligible, in the 2019/20 season they will represent Germany on the JGP circuit).